Xmas is here I guess, and as seems to be increasingly the case these days, there are some merchandise items available for purchase on Toolband. These include some Xmas ornaments, a lighter and some furry hat thing. If any of this stuff excites you, then head on over and spend some money.

Personally, I’d like to purchase:

  • A live Tool DVD
  • Some kind of Opiate re-recording
  • 10,000 Days vinyl
  • For that matter a reissue of most of Tool’s other vinyl, in particular Aenima
  • Some figurines from Tool videos
  • A coffee table book featuring live photos and other Tool related artworks
  • A Danny Carey drumming instruction (or just performance) DVD
  • Blu-ray HD versions of the Tool videos
  • 5.1 remasters of Tool’s albums
  • A version of Toolarmy where Tool fans get genuine pre-sales, and not just $500 VIP tickets.

For any of those things, I would happily open my wallet. For Xmas ornaments, I shall not.

Some stuff you can buy