Blair has released the first Tool Newsletter of 2016, and in it makes a prediction that we might see some more action from Tool this year (and not in the touring sense):

As I’m sure some of you are aware, it’s now 2016 era vulgaris (or, if your pseudo-Latin is a bit rusty, 2016 in the common era), and as such, it’s a fair bet that at least a few Tool enthusiasts are wondering what might be in store for the band in the new calendar year. Well, the Criswell in me predicts that 2016 e.v. will be an exciting year (of course, Criswell once predicted that a beam from outer space would turn all the metal in Denver into carbon nanotube rubber!). However, before anyone reads too much into this (again), I have no time tables for anything, and that’s with a sequined tuxedo. As Tool finishes up the current mini-tour in those states where McDonalds first offered sweet tea, what I do have is e-mail traffic that suggests (nay, confirms) that the band making preparations for things to come besides a new record. And with regards to a new album, whether your pateience is waning thin, or if you are content to let the writing process proceed accordingly, perhaps you should check out the following article, as it just might put a smile on your face.

Bearing in mind of course that this is no guarantee that we will see anything. I think at the very least we should see something released in 2016, though I’m not so sure we’ll get an album until 2017 at best.

Adi Granov's Tool tour poster from the show tonight in Duluth