In a recent Toolband update is seems Tool tour dates are coming soon!  Here’s the post:


I will be posting some NEW TOOL TOUR DATES next week, so be sure to keep checking the site for INFO ABOUT MORE SHOWS.

It’s not uncommon for festival dates to have embargoes on them, to try and promote ticket sales, and to make sure that other shows aren’t too close.  Based on this I probably wouldn’t expect other shows in Boston or NYC, but I’d hazard to guess than other shows will most likely be in the Northern parts of the US, rather than just the usual CA, AZ and TX type jaunt.  Maybe even some Canadian dates as well.

What I wouldn’t expect is a full tour – I think we’re talking a couple of weeks tops with maybe 6-8 shows.  I very much doubt this is some kind of new album related tour as some clickbait sites seem to suggest.

More details as the come!