It’s December once more, and that time of year usually elicits Best of Lists from websites far and wide.  Fourtheye is no different, except we do it collectively, and them publish at the end of the year rather than rush it out early (I’m not willing to rule out the new Graf Orlock album from my list just because it’s not released yet).

Rules are simple:

  • Must be an album or EP released in 2018.
  • Must be some kind of studio recording – no live albums, greatest hits or other compilations.
  • Each vote is worth one point, order doesn’t matter.
  • Don’t bother voting for an album more than once.  This is the equivalent of drawing a dick and balls on your ballot.

I’m looking forward to reading your suggestions, in particular the ones that aren’t Slipknot or Korn.  Want some ideas?  Head over to the forum!