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Fourth Eye is primarily a RSS feed for Tool related information. It was inspired by the excellent (and now defunct) Living Colour Blog, and my interest in RSS as a means of transmitting information. Very little original news is generated by me, all I really provide is a handy single location to read news compiled from multiple sources, including Toolband, Toolarmy and Navy, Toolshed, Google, Reddit and the many helpful Tool communities out there. If you ever have anything to contribute, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

As for me, well I’m just a Tool fan based in Adelaide, South Australia, hence the Aussie slant on the site. I’m a Programmer, Musician, Caver, Rogainer and Father. I’m also a Toolarmy member – hellboy.

For those of you who enjoy heavy music, feel free to download this MP3 of my old band Undertone. In case you’re interested, I played the bass guitar in the band:

17 thoughts on “About Me

  1. james

    hi there,

    i just saw what you posted about loving Tool, Living Colour, and Faith No More. my band is heavily influenced by all three of those (and many more), so i thought i’d send you a link to our myspace page for a listen.

    hope you don’t hate it!


  2. hellboy1975hellboy Post author

    I have actually, and I’ve even burnt a copy of Lateralus in this order as well. It works pretty well, but most of the time I listen to Tool on Shuffle, so listening things in some sort of order rarely happens.

  3. Memphis_DJ

    I love your site/blog. I use it to relay information to my RSS readers via my blog, TOOLesque. I’d feel very honored to get an email from you!

    Cheers from Hot & Humid South Mississippi, USA,


  4. hellboy1975hellboy Post author

    [quote comment=”32660″]
    im seeing tonight dirty three , are they worth ?
    their are from asutralia !
    They sure are Australian, though from what I’ve noticed they spend far more time overseas these days.

    I’ve seen them once at a Big Day Out many years ago, and I remember them being ok, but they’re not really my kinda thing, so wouldn’t rush out to see them again….

  5. fodasse

    i saw them in a room (cant call that concert hal)
    with 40 persons .. the band where only 3 guys .
    Violinist , guitarrist and drums .
    Fully improve show and amazing sense of humor ..
    money well spent , stand up music !

  6. cornchop

    Dude bad news check ::: Puscifer::: web page. NOT maynards myspace. After the page loads theres a track that loads as “FallADV,” The song that loads sounds like Boys to Men and then Maynard cuts in and gives a little us a little plug. Either way, whatever that was playing in the background sucked.



  7. hellboy1975hellboy Post author

    [quote comment=””]Hellboy – Im sure your on facebook or myspace….can I add you?[/quote]

    You can try, but I normally don’t accept friend requests from people I hardly know.

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