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Justin Chancellor joins Death Grips on next album

Justin Chancellor is a busy guy – while preparing to record a new Tool album and DJing at Legend of the Seagullmen record launches, he’s also recording with experimental hip hop band Death Grips:

Perhaps he just got lost on the way to the Tool studio?  Who knows – either way having been a Death Grips fan for quite a while now, I’m looking forward to hearing the collaboration.

Justin’s custom pedal & A Perfect Circle tickets

There’s no real Tool news at the moment (nor will there be for some time I suspect) so we have to make do with some news that is only kinda interesting, depending on what floats your boat.

Anyway, what floats my boat are guitar pedals, and Justin Chancellorr has a fancy custom version of one by boutique pedal vendor KHDK Electronics.  It’s based on their overdrive pedal called Abyss, and has some cool art as you can see below.  Nothing to suggest this is going to turn into something you can buy, but seems cool none the less.

Did you guys remember that A Perfect Circle are touring later this year?  Well they are, with dates across the US.  If you’re too tight to pay for your own ticket, you could try entering the competition at Metal Sucks, who are giving away a few tickets for every non-Festival show on the tour.  The price is being spammed endlessly by Metal Sucks and A Perfect Circle.  Good luck!

Justin Chancellor talks about basses and cooking

Justin Chancellor was at the Warwick Bass Camp recently, and took some time to speak with Jakub Milszewski from Top Guitar about Basses, M.T.void, football as well as a sneaky Tool update:

For those not interested in watching the video, and just want the Tool “news”:

just trust me that it’s gonna be awesome…’s gonna happen – it’s in the oven, it’s in the oven…’s cooking, it’s cooking

Hopefully some kind of solid update from the band isn’t far around the corner.

String Theory – Justin Chancellor

Here’s a fantastic video from Ernie Ball where Justin Chancellor talks about Bass, Strings, Tool and life in general.  Well worth the watch!

Signed Salival DVD’s Sold Out

To no ones surprise the Signed Salival DVD‘s sold on on Toolarmy for US$200 at around 4:00 PST in less than a minute.  Vuduchild (who was lucky enough to score one) sent me this pic which was posted on Toolarmy:

Signed Salival

Let the bitching about the price of an item you weren’t forced to buy commence…

Happy Birthday Justin, More Puscifer Rumblings

According to my calendar it’s Justin‘s Birthday today (the 19th of November), so if you’re reading – have a good one!

Also, Blabbermouth (and a couple of other sources) are still reporting that Maynard is planning a series of Puscifer gigs at the Palms in Las Vegas in February next year.

Charlie and Lobal Orning

A new post on Toolband/Army shows off Justin‘s nephew Charlie, who has just entered the world. The accompanying picture which I’ve included below shows Charlie, and possibly Justin, though without the beard I can’t tell!
Also noted in the post is that Justin’s store Lobal Orning has shut down, though the do plan on revamping the website with lots of “cool stuff” in August.

Autographed Justin Pic on Ebay

I spotted an framed and autographed picture of Justin on Ebay just this morning, going for AU$199 or a buy me now price of AU$299.  Comes with a certificate of authenticity (authenticated by whom is always my first thought with these) but looks legit enough.

Isis Holy Tears Single

According to a recent post on Toolband/Army, Isis will shortly be releasing a single for the track Holy Tears from the In The Absence Of Truth album.  The single will contain a live version of track featuring Justin Chancellor recorded at the Continental Airlines Arena.

Blair also tells us an anecdote of some of the pranks playing during the joint tour last year:

That night when Justin joined Isis on stage, Danny’s drum tech Joe Paul (and a few members of Tool who shall remain anonymous played some pranks on their opening act – one being to put Johnson and Johnson’s baby powder in Aaron Harris’s hi hat so that he received steady puffs of fragrant ‘smoke’ during the first song, with the other being the condition of the dressing room after the band returned to it, “sweaty and thirsty” after their set. As it turned out, the dressing room had been ‘magically’ transformed into a Christmas scene, with all of the band’s belongings gift wrapped and placed under a Christmas tree amid a floor of white peanuts ‘snow.’ Good times!

Tool on Holidays

In the last few days we’ve had some news on Toolband/Army showing us what Justin and Danny have been doing on their time off.  Justin and Shelee have been visiting famous gravestones in Seattle, while Danny and Rynne have been whale watching in Hawaii.  More photos can be found on Toolarmy.

No word on what Adam and Maynard are up to though.  Presumably Maynard is busying himself at his winery, and possibly doing some Puscifer stuff.  Maybe Adam is working on the The Pot video, or maybe finishing off his side project with Robert Fripp.

I guess the million dollar question is what will Tool do once they’ve finished taking a break?

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