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Justin interviewed in Rolling Stone Australia Magazine

Justin was interviewed by Rolling Stones Robyn Doreian during the recent interview frenzy, and it’s just appeared on the shelves this month. Here’s a snippet:

“It’s never taken us this long,” he says. “If it’s not happening, then it’s just not happening. We will not put out something we are not satisfied with. We are a bit slower this time. We are older, we are different and our situations are different. We are just accepting of the fact that it’s going to take a lot more patience.”

He mentions it’s unlikely the album will be out in 2013. Justin also talks about maturing as a person, M.T.void and how he expects the coming tour to draw from old and newer material during a “sensory overload” spanning several hours. Over all a relatively short interview, but full of interesting snippets.

For those wanting a copy, I purchased mine for just over $5 via the Google Play store. Here’s a link, though I’m not sure if it will be available to non-Australians.

Thanks to Calfium Jay for the tip.

M.T.void available tomorrow

Finally! After what feels like years, Justin’s project M.T.void will be available for purchase via Toolband tomorrow:

HEADS UP! JUSTIN’s musical project (with PETER MOHAMED), “NOTHING’S MATTER” by MTVOID will be AVAILABLE FOR SALE in the STORE on TOOLBAND tomorrow (FEBRUARY 14). More details and a direct link once listed.

I’ll be purchasing – quite interested to see how this project pans out. Hopefully there’s vinyl!

Happy Birthday Justin

Living on a round planet, it can be tricky when to know to wish people happy birthday. However now that most of the world is November the 19th or more, it’s time to wish Justin a happy 41st birthday. Justin will no doubt be spending the day swigging beers in a tractor while Chelsea play in the background.

To celebrate, here’s the bass track from Parabola as yanked out of Guitar Hero:

Into the M.T.void

It’s hard to get answers these days about any kind of Tool related release, with The Pot videos, Volto! albums and M.T.void albums all on the horizon, it can be frustrating to hear about all these projects and then never know when they will see the light of day.

Luckily for us though we have an answer for one of these, with M.T.void today posting on Facebook an update on their album:

Justin is navigating the release himself :) We’re aiming at january. 2013 looks like Void year?

Great news that this is finally happening, perhaps not so good if you subscribe to the rumour that Tool will be recording in January.

October 2012 Tool Newsletter published

Blair has published his October 2012 Tool Newsletter. His usual dense prose seems to largely cover Justin’s recent escapades in Houston, and not a whole bunch of Tool specific info (or any from my quick read).

Only thing of interest I can find for Tool fans is the line “By the way, whatever happened to your friends playing those big shows in South America in the Fall?” Good question. My sources have suggested that Tool were offered a range of tours this year (including Australia) but have knocked them all back in order to concentrate on the next album.

Finger crossed that Tool revisit the South American tour though, as I know there are a large number much neglected fans in the area.

Rumblings of a One White Onion show?

Just posted on Facebook is the news that one of Justin’s side projects One White Onion may be playing a show sometime soon. They also updated their cover photo:

Also added to their Facebook page was this photo of a recording type setup. I’m guessing it’s a studio on Justin’s property?

Hopefully we may get some M.T.void news soon as well!

One White Onion play benefit gig

According to Facebook, One White Onion, a band featuring Justin from Tool will make a rare appearance this weekend at the Gabriel and Mary Grace benefit show this week in Topanga.  Tickets for this benefit are $75 and include food and drinks and goes to a good cause.

There will also be a silent auction on the night which includes:

a one week vacation rental in Baja, drumsticks signed by Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins, a signed copy of The Secret, a Topanga Art Tile mosaic and much more…

If you’re in Topanga this weekend, and have some cash floating around that hasn’t already been spent on Tool or Puscifer tickets, then there would be much worse ways to spend it…

Tool & Justin feature in meaningless polls

Here at Fourtheye we love robust debates, and nothing triggers mass debates like internet polls.  In this weeks edition we have two polls.

The first is from Music Radar where readers have voted on the Top 25 bass lines of all timeJustin’s work in Schism comes in at 10th position.  Here’s the whole list:

  1. Hysteria – Muse (Chris Wolstenholme)
  2. YYZ – Rush (Geddy Lee)
  3. Another One Bites The Dust – Queen (John Deacon)
  4. Under Pressure – Queen & David Bowie (John Deacon)
  5. Money – Pink Floyd (Roger Waters)
  6. Orion – Metallica (Cliff Burton)
  7. Billie Jean – Michael Jackson (Louis Johnson)
  8. Roundabout – Yes (Chris Squire)
  9. My Generation – The Who (John Entwistle)
  10. Schism – Tool (Justin Chancellor)
  11. Give It Away – Red Hot Chili Peppers (Flea)
  12. The Lemon Song – Led Zeppelin (John Paul Jones)
  13. Taxman – The Beatles (Paul McCartney)
  14. Good Times – Chic (Bernard Edwards)
  15. The Chicken – Jaco Pastorius
  16. Walk On The Wild Side – Lou Reed (Herbie Flowers)
  17. What’s Going On – Marvin Gaye (James Jamerson)
  18. Stand By Me – Ben E King (Wendell Marshall)
  19. The Guns Of Brixton – The Clash (Paul Simonon)
  20. Sweet Emotion – Aerosmith (Tom Hamilton)
  21. Super Freak – Rick James (Oscar Alston)
  22. Pusherman – Curtis Mayfield (Joseph ‘Lucky’ Scott)
  23. These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ – Nancy Sinatra (Carol Kaye)
  24. In The Midnight Hour – Wilson Pickett (Donald ‘Duck’ Dunn)
  25. Make It Funky – James Brown (Fred Thomas)

Some excellent basslines there.  I’m sure #1 will cause lots angst amongst you readers, so lets get it out in the open.

Tool feature in the next poll, which happens to be Rolling Stone’s readers Top 10 Metal Bands of All Time.  While I’m not sure Tool are a metal band strictly speaking, they managed to take the 10th position:

  1. Metallica
  2. Dream Theatre
  3. Black Sabbath
  4. Iron Maiden
  5. Slayer
  6. Megadeth
  7. Judas Priest
  8. Led Zeppelin
  9. Pantera
  10. Tool

Dream Theatre must have a lot of Rolling Stone reading fans, but at least RS readers have the good taste not to include Slipknot.