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Maynard hits 50

April is a popular month for birthdays it appears, and while other sites may be struggling to remember, here at Fourtheye we’d like to say Happy Birthday to Maynard on his 50th year. Maynard will be partying with a couple of Cinquanta shows in May featuring A Perfect Circle, Puscifer and Failure. Word is this won’t be your ordinary show and could feature a few collaborations and guests.

It is customary (when I remember) to post a video capturing some of the finest work of the birthday boy, and this year is no exception. In my opinion, the best recording of Maynard’s vocals is on Salival, in particular the Third Eye cut. For your listening pleasure:

Exorcise your demons with Maynard

The Egyptian Theatre in LA will be hosting a special screening of The Exorcist on Tuesday May 6th which will feature a discussion of the film with Maynard and director William Friedkin:

The Modern School of Film’s FILM: MASTERS series screens movies hand-picked by renown cultural figures, followed by in-depth discussions with them.
A favorite film of Maynard Keenan from the band Tool, who joins us for a discussion following the screening with William Friedkin, moderated by Modern School of Film founder Robert Milazzo.

1973, Warner Brothers, 121 min, Dir: William Friedkin
Friedkin adapted William Peter Blatty’s bone-chilling best-seller into the classic American horror film in which Catholic priests Jason Miller and Max von Sydow go head-to-head with the unholy one, inhabiting the body of young Linda Blair. “I auditioned 500 girls and went with Linda because I felt she was the most intelligent, most pulled-together youngster I had ever met.” – Friedkin. With Ellen Burstyn.

Special Ticket Prices: $10 Member, $12 Student/Senior and $15 General. No vouchers accepted for this or any other specially-priced program.

It’s a cool movie, so sounds like a pretty good night out. Grab your tickets here.

Maynard adds to the family?

Maynard posted a picture on Instagram today that looks suspiciously like a ultrasound, suggestion he and his wife are expecting a baby sometime in the next 6 or so months. Congratulations to both of them!

Who will be next? Justin or Danny?

Best Xmas present ever. @licoricelust @doscabezas @matmitchell @jbonne @bobbystuckey @kentcallaghan @sandreckonervineyards

Maynard helps Mason Country Wrestlers

In a Monday morning feel good article, Maynard has returned to his home town wrestling team to support them getting ready for an upcoming tournament:

Most of the world knows Maynard James Keenan as a rock star. He is probably best known as the vocalist for the Grammy Award-winning band Tool along with the bands A Perfect Circle and Puscifer. Most recently, he has turned much of his interests towards his Arizona vineyards and wineries.

But, for many of us here in Mason County, he’s Jim Keenan, Mason County Central Class of ‘82, wrestler and all-state runner. That’s who he’s been this week. Keenan flew in Tuesday and since Wednesday has been practicing with the MCC wrestling team, getting them ready for Saturday’s Optimist Tournament in Scottville.

Keenan was at today’s tournament cheering on the team, along with his dad, former MCC teacher and wrestling coach Mike Keenan, who lives in Eden Township.

“I got involved with the team last year after I found out that Jim Allen was coaching,” Maynard said. “Jim and I wrestled together and I knew that he would give the kids the type of work ethic and pride that we grew up with. I knew they would have the drive under Jim’s leadership.”

Good to see Maynard giving something back to his community. For all the criticisms some seem to lay at Maynard’s feet regarding disrespect of Tool fans and such, his undertakings in the community, both in the article above and in his work with his local community in Arizona certainly paint a different picture.

Maynard’s Cinquanta

Those that pay close attention to the members of Tool birthdays you will surely have remembered that next year is Maynard’s 50th birthday. To celebrate he’s bringing together two of his bands, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer as well as one of his favorite other bands Failure. Details of this Cinquanta (Italian for 50) are below:

Puscifer, A Perfect Circle and Failure celebrate Maynard James Keenan’s 50th Birthday on May 10 at The Greek Theatre. Tickets for the special evening, known as Cinquanta, are on-sale this Friday, Dec. 6 at 10 am pacific. VIP packages with preferred seating and commemorative items are on-sale Dec. 5 at 10 am via

Tickets are sure to be limited, so I’d suggest you keep your finger on the trigger for this one!

Maynard talks Puscifer and APC with Artist Direct

There’s a new interview with Maynard online where he discusses the recent A Perfect Circle and coming Puscifer releases on Artist Direct. No huge revelations in the interview, but here’s a snippet anyway:

Did you get closer to the A Perfect Circle music by playing all of the songs live? Many artists don’t ever get that chance.

Well, you know your body changes as you age. To go back and re-look at those songs basically in a different skin definitely gives you perspective. I sing differently than I did when I recorded those songs. So, it was difficult to go back and try to re-shape my throat to make those sounds. It was definitely a learning experience, in terms of where I am with my vocal approaches, subject matter, and everything.

Maynard also hints that “there’s always music being written. You never know. All of that is happening.

Maynard on Joe Rogan Experience tonight!

In news just at hand, Maynard will be on the Joe Rogan Experience show tonight! Stream starts at 9pm Pacific Time which is just over 2 hours from now. You can watch the stream here.

It’s anyone’s guess what will be discussed, but if the last show in any indication it will be an interesting conversation regardless of if it ventures into Tool land.

Update: For those that missed it, music wasn’t discussed in any detail. Maynard mentioned he’d been writing (presumably for Tool) but that was about it. None the less it was an interesting interview.

Puscifer “What Is…” Trailer released

Puscifer are releasing a tour documentary of sorts on November 26th called What Is…, and they’ve just released a trailer for it:

According to Amazon this will be released on both Vinyl and CD, though it seems odd there’s no mention of a DVD version (which I expect is the main release). The tracklist for the album is:

1. The Green Valley
2. Tiny Monsters
3. Vagina Mine
4. Dozo
5. Toma
6. The Rapture
7. The Weaver
8. Rev 20:20
9. Momma Sed
10. Oceans
11. Monsoons
12. Horizons
13. Conditions of My Parole
14. Man Overboard
15. Telling Ghosts
16. Undertaker
17. Tumbleweed