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Isis Wavering Radiant details released

The cover and tracklist for the new Isis album Wavering Radiant have been posted on Blabbermouth.  The album, which features Adam Jones on two tracks will be released on Ipecac on the 5th of May.

Isis - Wavering Radiant
Isis - Wavering Radiant

01. Hall Of The Dead
02. Ghost Key
03. Hand Of The Host
04. Wavering Radiant
05. Stone To Wake A Serpent
06. 20 Minutes / 40 Years
07. Threshold of Transformation

Salival on Ebay, Trujillo Loves Tool

Another copy of the Signed Salival DVD has worked it’s way onto Ebay.  Current bidding puts it at US$102.50, and I’d expect this to go up a reasonable amount over the next 9 days.

According to current Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo loves Tool:

“My four-year-old boy loves TOOL!” Trujillo told “When I take him to school, we’re playing TOOL all the time, so I definitely connect with them. There’s a lot of bass in that group which is nice. They’re a great band for a bass player to listen to. So believe it or not, my son and I are going through a big TOOL phase!”

He added, “I go through these real technical phases, and I listen to bands like MESHUGGAH and MNEMIC. It’s stuff that’s a little bit complex and takes a lot of patience. Lately, I’ve been jamming a lot to our music. I play through the new songs so I can keep fresh and keep them in my head. I can act crazier on stage if I can play them with proficiency.”

Robert Trujillo’s playlist

01. TOOL

Thanks to Oldesch from Toolarmy for the tip.

Melvins Live at Amoeba Records

Joel emailed me to let me know that the live performance by The Melvins recorded at Amoeba Records in Hollywood is now up on their site.  It includes a pretty good interview with the four of them (it’s the lineup featuring Big Business) and several live tracks, and in what seem to be reasonably high definition.  Enjoy!

Meshuggah Live DVD, Pigmy Love Circus

According to a recent post on Blabbermouth, Meshuggah will be releasing a live DVD later on this year, and will also be recording an album for release in 2010.

Danny’s other band, Pigmy Love Circus are playing a gig tonight with bands Sturgeon, Sextapes and Hectors Revenge at the Key Club in Hollywood.  Sounds like fun if you can make it!

Bill Hicks on Letterman

Bill Hicks‘ performance on the Late Show with Dave Letterman is finally being broadcast some 15 years after it was recorded.  Also appearing on tonight show is Hicks’ mother, and probably some shitty top 10 list.  Sorry about the late notice, the show has quite possibly already aired!  no doubt Youtube will save the day though…

Edit: Yay for Youtube! Couldn’t see the other 2 parts though!

The Mission Streaming on

The new track from Puscifer The Mission featuring Danny Lohner and Milla Jovovich can now be found streaming on

Maynard in Movies, Isis Album

Frostadamus tells me that Maynard is in two movies coming out this year. The first is The Other Side, where Maynard plays a series of roles (Hippie/Chauffeur/Pilot/Bartender/Butler/Bait Shop Clerk). The second is Crank 2: High Voltage where he plays an uncredited Dog Walker.

Isis have named their new album Wavering Radiant according to Blabbermouth.  This album, to be released on Ipecac Recordings on the 5th of May, will feature Adam Jones on two tracks.


Pigmy Love Circus Live!

Pigmy Love Circus play a rare live show in February with bands Sextapes (featuring Chris Pitman) and Sturgeon (featuring Kent Brisley), all of who apparently played in a band in Kansas called Ibizabar.  The gig will be held at the Keyclub Hollywood on February 4th.  First 50 through the door get a free Sturgeon CD!

Melvins Sydney Gig

According to the Melvins gig in Sydney will be held at the Annandale on the 22nd of January:

Almost 25 years, over 25 albums and still counting, the Melvins are considered one of the godfathers of sludge metal whom heavily influenced the Seattle grunge scene back in the 90’s. With a cult following across the globe, and including original members King Buzzo (Guitar/vocals) and Dale Crover (Drums/vocals), the band has recently released ANOTHER studio album, ‘Nude With Boots’.

And in the news that their Australian fans have been waiting for, this new release has inspired the boys to hit the road again! So on Thursday 22nd January, in a VERY special, VERY intimate show at Sydney’s Annandale Hotel – get ready to experience the Melvins performing their classic album ‘HOUDINI’ – in its entirety!! This will be their ONLY Sydney show, and with a line-up of the one ‘n only Buzz Osborne, Dale Crover & Trevor Dunn (Mr Bungle) on bass…Oh my goddddd!!

Word is that Mike Patton will be a special guest at the shows too.  Thanks to Adrian for the tip!

Melvins Melbourne Tickets on sale Tomorrow!

Tickets to the Melvins gig at the Ding Dong Lounge go on sale at Moshtix Friday morning 9:00am EST.  It is a small venue and I’d expect tickets to probably sell out, so if you’re planning on going, don’t delay!

According to the Ding Dong Lounge they will be performing Houdini in it’s entirety and Trevor Dunn from Fantomas will be on Bass.  That makes me ever more jealous of those that can go….

No word on the Sydney show at this stage except that it will be on the 22nd of January.

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