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Tool issue New Album update of sorts…

I take a week away from the world, and not only do bushfires come pretty close to my house, but Tool post some kinda-news about the new album. In their New Years message via Blair, they say:

Here we are ostensibly in a new year, and with it comes a clean slate to fill with not previously known noteworthy accounts and reports related to the band, TOOL. Having just returned from their individual holiday obligations, the band members will soon be entrenched at the Loft, diligently (as opposed to shoddily) writing and arranging new music for a much anticipated forthcoming recording.

It seems to suggest that the band are finally hitting their straps, which implies we may see some end to the ongoing “where is the new album?” saga.

Some of you will also remember that Danny played with Primus on New Years Eve. Here’s a nice video of Danny & Tim Alexander drumming-off in the time honored tradition:

December Tool Newsletter online

Blair has posted the December Tool Newsletter, and there’s not much to it (yet). It features a little info on Frank, Danny getting some new drum tech, and some embellishments on the recently sold framed Tool posters. Blair mentions there is more to come!

Update: Ravenpig from the forum pointed out that Blair could be hinting at the pitter patter of small drumkits for the Carey family in the newsletter. Stay tuned!

and on a more positive note, the Tool Family (in particular, the Carey family) might be adding a future band tech for some tour down the road… We’ll have to wait and see.

Tool Lawsuit Part 1

Sollus sent me an email today with details of the first hearing in regards to Tool‘s lawsuit. I’m no legal expert, but it appears they have got off to a good start with a minor victory:

Law360, Los Angeles (December 05, 2014, 7:47 PM ET) — A California judge has refused to find that Clarendon National Insurance Co. doesn’t have a duty to indemnify the rock band Tool in a graphic designer’s suit claiming copyright infringement and defamation, ruling that the insurer failed to show that any of the exclusions in its commercial general liability policy bar coverage.

In a ruling adopted Wednesday, Judge Deirdre Hill denied Clarendon’s motion for summary adjudication, concluding that factual disputes still exist in the insurer’s feud with Tool over coverage for graphic designer Cameron de Leon’s now-settled suit against the band. The judge also declined to rule that Clarendon is entitled to reimbursement for the $450,000 it paid to settle the de Leon action.

Judge Hill agreed with Tool that some of the arguments in Clarendon’s motion have already been rejected by the trial court or a state appellate court.

There’s plenty of water still to go under this bridge, and the trial is set to continue on January 22nd.

A full report of the court case can be found here, however you’ll need to pay for it.

Toolarmy Exclusive Custom Framed Wall Art Piece

There’s a new Toolarmy exclusive merch item availalbe for purchase for those with deep pockets:

ToolArmy members will be given the first chance to purchase a LIMITED EDITION custom FRAMED TOOL WALL ART PEICE. HAND NUMBERED and SIGNED by ALL FOUR MEMBERS of the band, these pine WOOD frames (measuring 18″ X 24″) come in your choice of a MATTE BLACK FINISH or GLOSS BLACK FINISH. Strictly LIMITED TO ONLY 50 PIECES each, the frames come READY TO HANG, thereby replacing more traditional forms of wall art. $250.00.
To purchase one (or more) now, go to the ToolArmy SHOPPING BAZAAR and CLICK on “TA SPECIALTY.”

Still available at time of writing by the looks of it, so if you want one, you’d better get it soon!

Tool November 2014 Newletter

Blair has published the Tool newsletter for November, and it’s in a Q&A format. Not a huge amount of Tool news, but there is a somewhat encouraging update on the song writing process:

Seeing how there’s not much going on with the band this month – other than a continuation of the writing/arranging sessions at the Loft (with things progressing nicely, I should add) – I’ve decided to respond to some recent email. The most asked about question came from those who listened to Danny and I recently having some fun on the “Children Of Saturn” radio program, with e-mailers wanting to know how the new Tool record was coming along? In responding to one listener, Danny said that the band was nearly finished in arranging a rather lengthy song. Now, I could be wrong, but I think that he was referring to a second long piece of music, and not the other “epic” song, which I believe has already been arranged. I also know that they have several other songs in various states of near completion (the instrumental parts, at least), but there is still quite a way to go before the actual studio recording process begins. I will try to get a better update next week, and, if so, will post it in the news section.

I found it to be an interesting newsletter, but your mileage may vary!

Danny & Blair chat on Children of Saturn

As promised, Danny and Blair had a chat on Rynne’s Children of Saturn show, discussing their trip to France as well as a small update on Tool. They also took a few questions from Facebook, one of which was from yours truly! Here’s a summary of the bits I imagine most of you are interested in:

  • Songwriting is progressing well, especially on the 20 minute epic they’ve mentioned numerous times. Danny mentioned that Justin in particular is quite happy with a recent version of the song. No mention of Maynard at all.
  • Adam didn’t go on his annual trip to the UK this November, which means that the band seem to have found some extra time to work together.
  • No tours or other distractions are on the cards
  • There are no plans for other Tool (non-album) releases or reissues at this stage, however Danny did suggest that the curveball was a video for Opiate that was presumably supposed to be part of that reissue. This may get a proper release soon
  • A working title for one of the new songs is Bouncing Arab.
  • Danny named Rosetta Stoned as the most difficult Tool song to play live.
  • Blair gave the hint “REAL2REEL” in regards to Problem 8. Danny mentioned that there may be such a thing, but didn’t go as far as to validate what Blair was talking about.
  • Danny talked about both Pigmy Love Circus and ZAUM and in particular the likelihood of either releasing something new. He didn’t discount the idea, nor are there any current plans.

That’s about it for now. Nothing to groundbreaking, but a good listen regardless. When a link for the full podcast becomes available I’ll try and remember to post it..

Here’s the link to the podcast.

Danny to appear on Children of Saturn

Danny is set to appear with Blair on the Children of Saturn radio show where, according the blurb below we may get an update on Tool songwriting:


DANNY and I will be Rynne’s guests on her “CHILDREN OF SATURN” internet RADIO program on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 17 (6 PM – 8 PM PST). Among other topics involving the strange and unusual, we will be reminiscing about our adventures at Rennes-le-Chateau in the south of France that we somehow managed to survive back in the mid 1990s. We will also play some select tunes, and YES!, I will ask Danny (or ask Rynne to ask Danny) how things are proceeding with the writing of the next TOOL album.

Should be an interesting show – Rynne normally plays some good tunes,so get on line for what should hopefully be a good Tool update.

Tool October 2014 Newsletter

Blair published the October 2014 Tool newsletter not long ago (after a short delay due to an overly “frightening” one being drafted earlier) in which he discusses Rance Q. Spartley and a cursed signed Tool drumhead. For those of you with little patience for Blair’s work, I urge you to not bother reading it and take your complaints elsewhere. There seems to be little if any Tool news (though Rance is quite often used as a metaphor for Tool touring – something I suspect is unlikely for a while yet).

There was also an interesting picture (below) and allegedly a 99c drumhead for sale (now out of stock!).