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Maynard on Same Sex Equality

With recent developments in the US over same sex equality in mind, Maynard had the following to say on the issue:

Where to begin? Maybe I’m missing some insider info. Maybe the religious zealots are in fact as omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent as their one true God. Maybe they have a working knowledge or understanding of his plan. And therefore our celebration of this glorious day will be met with eternal damnation, fire and brimstone, blah blah blah.
Or maybe circumstances have changed. Just like when it was supposedly necessary to write a Bible V2 aka The New Testament. Maybe we are in fact coming closer to a Revelation, a Rapture, or a Home Coming of sorts. Maybe there is a divine plan that no one could possibly comprehend. And the religious zealots are in fact NOT omniscient, omnipotent or omnipresent. Maybe this one God of pure light of which they speak put forth a test. And the test was to recognize pure LOVE. I’ll say it again in case you were speed reading. Maybe the entry level test was to recognize pure LOVE aka LIGHT, Infinite and without Judgement. And they all fucking blew it. (PLEASE PLEASE follow through with your threats to set yourselves on fire. Soooo many problems solved.)

Or maybe I’m wrong and we’ll all be smoking turds in hell.


Congratulations to LOVE winning over antiquated archaic judgement.

M J Keenan
World Class Multi Tasker,
Curmudgeon, Musician, Winemaker.

Bigoted trolls – feel free to keep your opinions to yourselves.

Tool Monster Mash show confirmed

Many of you would have noticed the post on Toolband already (and on other numerous social media sites) that the rumoured Tool show on October 31 at the Monster Mash Music Festival in AZ has been confirmed. Supporting will be Primus and another couple of bands.

Blair notes that there is some important ticket information:


The first thing that you will need to know is that you CANNOT get tickets for this show via Ticketmaster! Let me repeat this: You CANNOT buy tickets for this Tool performance at Ticketmaster. In order to PURCHASE TICKETS – which go ON SALE on FRIDAY, JUNE 26 at 10:00 AM PST – please click on

Again, tickets are AVAILABLE (on FRIDAY, JUNE 26 at 10:00 AM) at
(… and can ALSO be purchased at The Marquee Theatre Box Office, Bookman’s locations, Zia Records stores and Asylum Records in Mesa, Arizona)

Now that you know where to purchase tickets, the second thing that you will want to know is that there are NO 3-DAY INCLUSIVE TICKETS – meaning that if you want to see TOOL on Halloween night, you will NEED to purchase a ticket for SATURDAY, OCTOBER 31 (at

Make sure you get the right day or you’ll find yourself singing along to The Old Man Down The Road or In The End.

Blair contacted me not long after the announcement, and wanted you guys to know that this isn’t the curveball (which he contends is nearly finished after so long), and that it’s unlikely to delay the album as some may fear. As I pointed out in the forum at worst the album gets pushed back a month, which in the grand scheme of things isn’t really a big deal. He also hints that it could be just the one show – I’ll follow up with Blair to clarify this.

Update: Blair confirmed to me that there are no other shows planned at this stage. That’s not to say there won’t be, but it appears likely this is a one-off show.

Wait for it…

A mysterious post appeared on Toolband over the weekend with nothing other than “Wait for it…” and a small orange dot being posted. “Wait for what?” is the obvious question here, but it appears there are a couple of possibilities.

Rumours (I have no insight into the source except it comes from a Tool Army fan page on Facebook) suggest that Tool might be headlining the Monster Mash Music Festival in Tempe, Arizona in October. Given that the lineup announcement (rumoured to also include Primus) for this festival is due on Monday, it would appear this is a relatively likely scenario.

That said, we know that Blair has been dropping hints that the curveball is almost ready in recent newsletters. Could it be curveball related?

Regardless of which scenario eventuates on Monday, a few questions remain – will a festival date in October also come with a tour? History suggests that Tool don’t often play one off dates, so I’d expect a mini-tour to happen as well. Recent newsletter references to Rance Q. Spartley, who’s name being mentioned often correlates to tour announcements suggest this might happen.

Are Tool touring again before releasing an album? If the show happens then this would appear the most likely scenario, unless of course the curveball is that they’ve secretly recorded the album and will have it out in time. Tool members have suggested they won’t tour again until a new album comes out, but I think even the most optimistic among us see this as an unlikely scenario.

What do the Fourtheye collective think?

Tool May 2015 Newsletter

Blair has posted the May 2015 Tool Newsletter for your reading pleasure. It’s one that is unlikely to win many fans amongst Blair’s critics, however may drop a few cryptic hints as to what Tool are up to these days. The most interesting part I got from it was:

How about the rumors of the band playing some festival date, where they can finally unveil Junior’s drone-suspended lightning configuration? No… what if the show never happens, or happens so far in the future that many Tool fans – believing this to be the most important event to ever occur on our aqueous gem in the cosmos – will incessantly question whether or not it is really going to take place, with some even driven to a premature madness by the very thought of it… But what about my commenting on the reaction of those fortunate souls that heard a (very loud) sampling of some new Tool material during the after party of Rynne and Danny’s baby shower the other night? Certainly not, much better to wait until the vocals are added. Maybe… just maybe, I could update people on the so-called “curve ball” now that it has finally left the pitcher’s grasp, and is – as seen by our slow-mo camera – heading towards the awaiting batter. No way, Jose, that’s old news!

It suggests to me a couple of things:

  • That Tool are looking at playing in the festival season, presumably in 2016. This would suggest they expect the album to be done by then
  • Danny & Rynne’s baby is due very soon, and that the new Tool material is getting closer
  • The curveball should finally be revealed, presumably in the next month or so

There are also further parts of the newsletter that make me wonder if the curveball is a movie. I’ve always maintained that I think the “curveball” is some form of movie, possible integrated with live performances. We’ll see I guess!

Tool bring in “the closer” to get the job done

A cryptic message appeared on Toolband today courtesy of Blair:

The closer is brought in to get the job done… using everything in his arsenal.

There’s a couple of theories on what this could mean. Perhaps Maynard is finally getting into the newly refurbished Loft to lay down the vocals for the new Tool album? The chill on the forum also pointed out that “the closer” is a bit of a baselball term, so it could refer to the “curveball” being almost ready to appear.

Either way hopefully we get some solid information soon!

Tool talk about Undertow on it’s 22nd anniversary

Loudwire have a new article online today in which Maynard, Adam and Danny each talk about Undertow on it’s 22nd anniversary. They talk about the album, the motivation behind the band in those days, as well as some further insight into the difficulties they were having with Paul D’Amour at the time:

“Paul really wanted to be a guitar player early on,” Carey says. “Even before we started on Undertow, he wanted to get another bass player in the band so he could play guitar. And we were all just like, ‘There’s no way we’re getting another a–hole in this band to deal with.’ But he really wasn’t happy with things the way they were. And that became more and more apparent over time.”

It’s an interesting article and worth the read.

March Tool Newsletter describes new Loft dunny

Blair has revealed in this months Tool Newsletter that the Tool Loft is nearing the end of it’s recent refurbishments. It would appear that they have installed a toilet of the highest quality. Is this all a metaphor? It could be, either way, not much new news was revealed this month. Perhaps on April Fools day as a few fools have predicted!

In an exclusive interview granted by Adam to Yahoo Music this month, we learned how a major lawsuit had for years been negatively affecting the creative process when it came to writing material for the band’s next record. With the litigation finally settled and these distractions now behind them, it would appear that things are back on track. We also found out recently that Maynard has been working on adding vocals to the new arrangements from a special section in the loft that was constructed for this very purpose. As welcome as this news is, as of late, there is even a bigger reason for optimism, especially when it comes to getting one’s creative juices flowing. This something new and exciting in the world of Tool comes as a great relief to anyone connected with the band, and I anticipate it will enable things to proceed without further hindrance.
When I first saw this a week ago, I just stood there dumbfounded, trying to imagine what those who first saw it all those years ago must have thought. For them, the mere sight of such a thing must have resulted in sheer confusion – a kind of pathetic bewilderment as they struggled for some rational explanation. Here they were, high-ranking military officers, the country’s greatest scientists, and top government officials – the privileged few – gathered in some secret installation where it had been spirited away to as part of an even greater technological marvel. And now here it was at the Tool loft, having been recently added as part of an on-going face-lift.

Well, not actually IT, but an almost identical copy of IT that was reverse engineered with all its compact, streamlined features and advanced capabilities until some day when its fantastic realism could be shared with an unsuspecting public. Where there had previously been (for over 25 years, no less) a decrepit, rust-tinged commode in a tiny bathroom, whose dingy walls were covered with piss-bespattered platinum record award plaques, now appeared in all its undefiled magnificence an immaculate, defectiveless reminder of human shortcomings. While examining the striking lineaments before me, a pleasing voice introduced itself as NUMI. With the illuminated panes of its futuristic contours shifting tranquilly through a spectrum of soft pastel colors, it was hard not to think about blasting a dookie…

As impressed (or is intimidated the correct word?) as I initially was by Kohler’s most advanced toilet with integrated variable Bidet, when its motion-activated cover silently lifted, beckoning me forward like some siren’s song, I was informed by a band member that this particular unit was actually a modified version of the standard K-3901-0 model (list price: $6,338.50). Besides the various stock features, including Bidet functionality (temperature and pressure control), integrated air dryer, select deodorizer, self-sanitizing fixtures (meaning no ass gaskets needed!), heated seat/foot warmer, multiple flush modes and wireless Bluetooth – all activated by touch screen presets on a state-of-the-art remote digital display – its complex instrumentations had been fine tuned to meet personal preferences. Among the custom features, it offered the band members the ability to hear music playbacks – in this case, recent Tool jam sessions – so that little if no time is wasted when it comes to writing/arranging sessions.

Not only that, but having been programmed with the entire Tool oeuvre, NUMI’s ARTifical intelligence circuitry even offers suggestions as to any new arrangement – changes which, of course, the band members can either accept or reject. In fact, this aspect of NUMI is still a touchy subject, as no one wants to become dependent on what is essentially a toilet when it comes to making decisions about a particular musical arrangement. Personally, when it comes to writing songs (country, hip-hop, and pop withstanding), I would still choose the data storage abilities of the human brain over any advanced computer algorithm.

Looking down at NUMI’s “choosy cheeks prefer” flawless design, I was further informed that the ambient colored lights were programmed by the band’s lighting director, Junior, and that this included certain visual effects displayed on its elongated piezo-porcelain bowl.

But there was even more. While the silent whirlpool of sewer pickles goes virtually unnoticed, NUMI can offer informed advice on investing in the stock market (following the latest trends), suggest what sports teams to bet on, give reviews of what’s currently playing on the Pacific Cinerama Dome widescreens, make reservations at your favorite bistro, engage in philosophical ponderings or just offer a sympathetic ear (again, features designed to save precious time).

“Can NUMI tell my fortune?” I jokingly asked. The quick reply was that it actually can by using a high-tech stool analyzer that gives vital feedback on a color-coded graph with regards to one’s digestive system. If you’ve been eating too many greasy Tommy’s burgers and not enough fresh leafy greens, it lets you know, along with things like nutrient absorption (without using a freakin’ popcicle stick and magnifying glass), and how your body is reacting to the foods that you’ve been consuming. Fluoroscopic examinations aside, the digestive tract analysis features are quite impressive. Say you ate spaghetti for dinner last night. NUMI can tell if it was BOA or a can of Chef Boyardee!

As if all this wasn’t amazing enough, I was told that NUMI is fluent in 12 different languages. When I asked (in all seriousness) if this included its native Zeta Reticulan tongue, it was hinted at that this ‘throne of the gods’ didn’t really come from some crash/retrieval in the southwest desert, but, rather, from a secret exchange program.

Along with the addition of the customized Kohler K-3901-0, further improvements were also made to the back room in the Tool Loft as part of a series of renovations. This included new shelves and countertops (is that birdseye maple!). However, one thing that was not touched was the vintage Pepsi cooler that rattled against the far wall while keeping beers properly chilled as it has been doing so for over a quarter of a century. As an enduring feature of the Loft, and the not-so-silent witness to every Tool song ever written, hopefully it shall never be replaced. But getting back to NUMI. With its comfort and cleansing features, along with personal preferences all controlled by the touch of a screen, for the members of Tool, it’s now time to take care of business…

Adam discusses lawsuit and new album with Yahoo Music

In a new interview today, Adam has a chat with Yahoo Music about the lawsuit, and also gives us some further information on Tool’s new album:

“When you try to be ethical and sleep well at night and try to do the right thing, and people around you are not doing the right thing and trying to take advantage of you, it really affects your creativity and your sleep and your relationships with people and everything you do,” Jones reveals in an exclusive interview with Yahoo! Music. “We would have had an album out a long time ago, we would have been taking more tours. But we’ve been discouraged and distracted by this major lawsuit, which is the worst thing that’s ever happened to us. It reminds me of one of those ads you see on TV where a guy goes, ‘Have you been in a car wreck? Call us!’”

Think what you will in regards to the effect of the lawsuit in regards to the delay, but it’s good news to hear that Tool are now firmly back on track, hopefully to at least hit the studio this year.