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Alternative Nation and Junior reckon the tour is set

An article on Alternative Nation, as well as a comment Junior made on Fourtheye suggest that the 2016 Tool tour is pretty much set and that there won’t be many, if any, more dates to be added. This is despite rumours (and that’s all they were) that Failure were to join Tool on a second half of the run across the USA. Looks like those of you in the northern half will be missing out once more!

From Alternative Nation:

In a direct quote from our source, “This is it, these tour dates are what we have and as of this moment there isn’t any new plans to release more tour dates.”

From Junior:

I would lean more towards the first announcement containing “half the total shows” than there being a “second half”.
ie: some of the empty dates will fill in, rather than there being a longer tour. I think it will end at January’s end.

Also, the announced lineup (with Primus and 3teeth) is likely the only lineup you will see on this round.

The good news is that Alternative Nation have listed that New Orleans show, show there seems to be some weight behind that one being added to the tour (albeit on a different date to what Ticketmaster leaked).

2016 Tool Tour Dates

January 9 San Diego—Viejas Arena
January 10 San Diego, CA—Viejas Arena
January 13 San Antonio, TX—AT&T Center
January 16 Tulsa, OK—BOK Center
January 17 Grand Prairie, TX—Verizon Theatre
January 19 Southaven, MS—Landers Center
January 23 Nashville, TN—Bridgestone Arena
January 25 Atlanta, GA—Infinite Energy Center
January 26 Charlotte, NC—Bojangles Coliseum
January 30 New Orleans, LA—Smoothie King Center

Negative Tool Fans, the pattern is full!

Ticketmaster leak Tool New Orleans show?

Ticketmaster apparently posted a new Tool date, this time for January 31 in New Orleans, LA at the Smoothie King Center. The page has since been removed, so we don’t know for sure if this show will actually happen though I’d say there’s a good chance it will. Don’t go booking holidays just yet though! There is also some speculation on Reddit that there might be a second Charlotte show on the 27th of January, so keep your eyes peeled.

Enjoy the smoothest smoothie of your life while taking in the prog stylings of Tool!

Adam speaks with Rolling Stone about Tour and New Album

Adam Jones from Tool has recently talked with Rolling Stone about the Tool tour coming up in January, and progress on the new album. It’s a great interview, and while it doesn’t give us any real indication on how far away the album actually is, it does seem very positive. Interestingly it doesn’t seem to mention the Opiate video, which may or may not be out later this year.

Here are a couple of excerpts:

Speaking of, you played a new song called “Descending” in Tempe.
Yeah, it’s a working title. We have a song that’s probably about 13 or 14 minutes long, so what we’ve done with it is … I don’t want to call it a “best of,” but it’s a shortened, different approach to it. It is a new song. It’s like a vague movie trailer to the real movie [laughs]. Sometimes we do jamming between songs or some kind of segues, and it’s usually involved in some kind of new material. But that one’s just a little taste of things to come.


Has Maynard heard the music?
Yeah. We have an FTP and a Dropbox and we’re in communication. He’s got other stuff he does, so we keep him in the loop, and he has written lyrics, but he’s still working on that and he’ll commit. The best thing for all of us is when the song is done. I don’t write leads until the song is done. You want to get a vibe. And Maynard can work on lyrics, but until the song’s done and he knows how the end is, he’s still figuring out the flow.

The thing with Tool is you have four critical thinkers who like different stuff, so our process is not an easy one but it’s a very rewarding one. So yes, he is exposed to new music. It’s always been this way and it probably will always be this way and it’s just how people work.

He goes on to add that Maynard is probably joking around when talking about not having any music from Tool.

Second Tool San Diego data added

Just in case you missed it (I’ve only just got back from a couple of days away, so apologies for the delay) a second Tool San Diego show has been announced. The first show sold out in seconds it seems, which is no real surprise since it’s the only CA show on the tour so far. Sadly, it looks like tickets for this second show have already sold out, so I hope some of you had some success with this one!

No idea yet if and when the rumoured second half of the tour might be announced. We’ll just have to wait and see!

I don't always see Tool in San Diego, but when I do I pay shitloads of money for a ticket!

Toolarmy members get VIP tickets for Tool Tour 2016

Announced not long ago on Toolband is that VIP tickets for the Tool USA Tour will be made available for Toolarmy members this Thursday. Here are the details:

Note: The details (in particular the onsale times) have changed from the original post a few hours ago!

As a salute to our distinguished Collective, there will be a VIP TICKET SALE available EXCLUSIVELY to TOOLARMY MEMBERS on this THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 19 at 2:00 PM PST. Please keep in mind that there are VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES of these much in demand VIP PACKS, so be ready to REAP THE BENEFITS of your MEMBERSHIP at 2:00 PM (PST) tomorrow (THURSDAY, NOV. 19).

(NOTE: Purchase LIMIT of 2 TICKETS per person.)

– One (1) VIP ticket for admission to concert show (to be distributed at the VIP event)
– Admission for one (1) to the VIP event in the venue
– Early entry into the venue
– Live Q+A session with Adam Jones*
– One (1) VIP merchandise pack (to be picked up at the VIP event)
– Tool’s tour merchandise available for early purchase and at a discount at the VIP event
– Photo opportunity
– Light refreshments
*Live Q+A session is subject to change with another band member or band members.

DISCLAIMER/RESTRICTION terms will be posted in the webstore, along with purchase details and other related information.

I reckon there is a good chance these will also be available to the general public after the Toolarmy sale, so plan appropriately.

Still no word on further Tool dates yet, but as the come to hand I will post them! A summary of Tool Tour 2016 details can be found here. Happy ticket hunting!

Some of the booty from the VIP Event in Tempe (thanks to Tool Army Members!)

Tool Tour 2016 dates announced

As promised a few days ago, Tool are touring in the US in January 2016 and the first set of dates have been released. Tickets will go on sale this Friday the 20th of November

Also revealed is the support act, who will be Primus! Not sure why that didn’t appear on Toolband, but it is confirmed on the Primus website.

Here we go:

Saturday, January 9 – San Diego, CA @ Viejas Arena

Wednesday, January 13 – San Antonio, TX @ AT&T Center

Saturday, January 16 – Tulsa, OK @ BOK Center

Sunday, January 17 – Grand Prairie, TX (Dallas) @ Verizon Theatre

Tuesday, January 19 – Southaven, MS (Memphis) @ Landers Center

Saturday, January 23 – Nashville, TN @ Bridgestone Arena

Monday, January 25 – Atlanta, GA @ Infinite Energy Center

Tuesday, January 26 – Charlotte, NC @ Bojangles Coliseum

More dates to come – if you guys hear of any then let me know! In the meantime, feel free to check out to Tool USA Tour 2016 page for all the info in one place!

Tool Tour 2016 dates announced

Tool Tour Visions

A post from Blair today reveals that a Tool US Tour is on the cards for early 2016:

For those of you who only like NEWS about TOOL, here’s something that should be of great interest. The impenetrable veil of my dark scrying mirror FINALLY CLEARED today – enough so, in fact – that I could perceive a large heptagram on a complexly lit stage where four performers were dwarfed by dramatic video projections. Evidently the sonic and visual extravaganza that I was receiving is a rare glimpse of future TOOL U.S.A. TOUR DATES in the month of JANUARY, 2016 e.v. However, with some of the images in the depths of the black glass not being clearly distinct… YET, fans will have to keep checking back (SOON) on the Tool websites and Tool facebook page for an official announcement containing a list of the SHOW DATES, CITIES and VENUES, as well as for info about a tour support act(s). Regarding an opening band(s), what I was able to discern through the ever-shifting veil will in all likeliness be exciting to many Tool enthusiasts. STAY TUNED, FOLKS… as my trusty SCRYING MIRROR CONTINUES TO CLEAR…

I have no particular intel on this coming tour, so don’t have much to add! This is good news for Tool fans who are in need of their Tool live fix, and hopefully will be a good chance to hear recently introduced songs such as The Grudge and No Quarter.

Blair hints at a support band being one to excite Tool enthusiasts. We can rule out Failure as they are playing Soundwave down in Australia during January. The Melvins could be a contender. Maybe King Crimson, which I know would excite many! Yob could also be on the cards as well. Perhaps something from the Mike Patton stable – Tomahawk or Fantomas?

Of course, it means that the album is probably not going to happen anytime soon either, so let the complaining commence!

Tool US Tour

Meta-Review: Tool – Monster Mash Festival, Tempe AZ October 31st, 2015

On Saturday the 31st of October, Tool played a show as part of the Monster Mash Festival in Tempe, Arizona. This post is a meta-review collecting information from a range of sources. Tool fans who attended the show are welcome to post their thoughts and reviews in the comment section below!

Tool stage shot during Parabola

The show featured a slightly revised set with a large video screen behind the band with a heptagram in the centre. The stage also feature two large screens either side which showed a set of mirror images. No lasers were used for this show, but this was at the request of the local city council rather than an omission from the lighting rig.

The VIP Event the previous day suggested we might hear The Grudge, and we did. It’s the first time the band has played the track since 2002, and I’m sure many would agree is a welcome addition to the Tool set. They also opened the set with Led Zeppelin cover No Quarter. All four members of Tool were dressed as their respective member of Zep, and Adam played on a twin neck Gibson SG. Maynard and Danny stayed in theme for the whole night.

Also into the setlist was Parabol and Parabola. These have been played sporadically in recent years, and it’s nice to see them once more included. Variety is the spice of life they say, so it’s good to see Tool deviate somewhat from the usual setlist. Some may have been disappointed with Lateralus being left out of the setlist – personally I love Lateralus so I hope it’s not a regular thing!

Included on the official setlist was the named of a new track Descending. Before getting too carried away, I expect the title is just a working one, as it’s a revision of a jam we’ve heard in the past

Monster Mash Setlist

From all reports the crowd and venue were pretty hit and miss. The usual festival problems occured – shitty sound when far from the stage, overly drunk and pushy crowds, expensive beer. Word is the venue was quite full, with around 20,000 tickets sold. This made getting a decent spot for the Tool show difficult, especially if you weren’t interested in standing in front of the stage all day.


  • No Quarter
  • The Grudge
  • Parabol
  • Parabola
  • Opiate (extended)
  • Schism (extended)
  • Aenema
  • Descending*
  • Jambi
  • Forty-Six & 2
  • Drum Solo
  • Vicarious
  • Stinkfist

*Descending is most likely just a working title for this jam.

Other stuff:

Tool stage short during No Quarter

Tool VIP Event round-up

The Tool VIP Event has come and gone, and as expected it included a rehearsal and a Q & A session. A warning for those wanting to stay spoiler free for the show – rehearsal included a couple of surprises, which may or may not bne reflected in the setlist, so I’d avoid reading much further.

At the session where Adam Jones, Danny Carey and Justin Chancellor. Maynard wasn’t in attendance, which probably shouldn’t surprise anyone. There were numerous crowd size estimates, some say 300, others say 500. Regardless, due to the size getting in was slow and the Q & A was reportedly a little tedious.

The rehearsal was a mini-set of sorts and included Vicarious, Opiate (new extended version), Parabol, Parabola, Aenema, The Grudge and a new jam that was described as sounding similar to one we’ve already heard before. It was noted on the Tool Army Members Facebook page that Adam mentioned this was part of a 15 minute song.

Following the rehearsal there was a Q & A session, and some of the highlights were:

  • Adam spoke in regards to the new Tool album that there has been good progress since the lawsuit was done. They wouldn’t be drawn into saying much more about it. Adam was reportedly a little emotional when discussing it.
  • They’re hoping to have the Opiate video out by the end of the year and it’s directed by Dominic Hailstone.
  • It sounds like the Opiate video will be the new version of the track, and not the original. Presumably it’s been re-recorded, and I’d speculate it’s probably what they were doing when the were in the studio with Motorhead earlier this year.
  • It seems as though they are waiting for their record contract to be finished before doing a live DVD.

For those who haven’t been keeping notes, there were a few hints earlier this year from Danny that the Opiate video might be the much discussed curveball. There’s only a few months left this year, so I expect we’ll see some solid news on this in the not to distant future!

Thanks to lachrymologist for the details on the VIP Event.

As to the show tomorrow night, here’s a shot of the stage that ajreeb sent to me:

Tool Monster Mash stage rig

Maynard & Danny – still in love after all these years

It’s true! Despite rumours to the contrary, Maynard is full of love, at least for his fellow bandmates that aren’t Adam and Justin! Actually, I image Maynard enjoys their company too, and I think he has no problem with the majority of non-insufferable Tool fans as well.

Maynard and Danny are pictured via Instagram below, rehearsing for the Tool show happening this weekend. Despite being “conned into it”, I expect Maynard will put on a good show, as will the rest of the band. There’s a few from Fourtheye who are attending the show, and being a festival it’s going to be much easier for them to tweet and flood social media with by the second updates on the show. Keep your eyes peeled, especially if you’re unable to enjoy the show in person.

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