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Tool demo on streaming services?

Greetings from Indonesia Fourtheye readers. A few days ago Tool’s first demo 72826 appeared on streaming services such as Google Play Music and Apple Music. In the meantime there have been reports of it disappearing from some sites too. It’s unclear at this point if it’s a formal release, or even a permanent one so your mileage may vary depending on things like your region and chakra alignment.

Other Tool new seems scarce at the moment, and there’s no real official confirmation of anything.

Tool June 2019 Newsletter

The latest iteration of the Tool newsletter is out, and this month Blair recounts the tale of the band visiting CERN in Switzerland whilst on tour in Europe:

Even though some of the CERN workers are Tool enthusiasts (and pose for photos while raising the horns) this doesn’t change my mind as to the true purpose of the LHC. And, besides, its currently down for maintenance (?), so no instantaneous deliveries of strawberry ice cream to the Orion Delta, opening the rusty gates to hell or any conCERNs whatsoever about accidently erasing the known universe with their Higgs-Boson “god” particle. At least until they ramp up again (pun not intended).

I know some where expecting Blair to come good on his “promise” for news “next month”, but personally I felt this was a little optimistic. New will come soon, I’m sure, now that the band has wound up it’s tour. Be patient!

Tool New Album Rumour File

There’s not much actual news around the new Tool album around at the moment, except for the announcement that it’s coming on August 30th. There is a bunch of rumours and speculation around the place, that in order to keep you guys (any myself) amused, I’m going to list, and then give some kind thoughts about whether I reckon it’s legit or not.

Note that some of below could be considered spoilers, so stop reading now if you don’t want to encounter them!

  • The next Tool album will be a double album. This has been suggested by many Tool fans on numerous occasions. Given that the band has spent 13 years writing, surely they must have enough material right? Maybe they do, but everything I’ve heard suggests that it will be a regular CD length album. Word is from a few of my sources are that we should expect less tracks than we think, but that they are all longer.
  • Descending and Invincible might not be on the album. This one’s a bit absurd actually. Some seem to think that these two tracks are just previews of sorts, and that they either won’t be on the album, or will exist in a significantly different form. I ain’t buying it!
  • The new album packaging will contain some kind of battery. This one was reportedly mention by Danny Carey at a Baked Potato show a month or so ago. I’m pretty confident at this time the reason the album is coming in August instead of July is likely to be packaging related, and while I have no insight as to whether it has a battery or not, it seems plausible that at the very least we’re going to see something out of the ordinary this time around.
  • Alex Grey will be providing the cover art once more. There was an Alex Grey interview with Metal Injection recently, in which there was a question asked regarding Tool that was avoided by Alex. Some took this to be a hint that Alex would be doing the cover art once more. I’m skeptical at this time – a reliable rumour I heard was that the artwork was an unseen piece of art, and that it wasn’t recognisably any particular artist. Given that Grey has a pretty strong artistic style, I take this to mean he’s unlikely to be the cover artist. That said, I would be a little surprised if there was none if his art in the packaging.
  • The first track will be released in July. There was a Reddit post recently in which a radio DJ announced he expected the new single in July. I’m unsure if he really has legit info to confirm this, but to me it seems a no brainer that we’ll see a more thorough album launch in July, including the album title, track list, packaging options and of course a “single”. Don’t expect this 10 minute plus track to be appearing on your typical radio station though. More interesting question is will there be a video?
  • Maynard doesn’t “scream” on the new album. A few sources that have reportedly heard the album, seem to confirm that Maynard’s vocals are a bit more laid back this time around, and that they heard no “screaming” on the album. Based on the two tracks performed so far, it’s easy to see how this could be a thing. Maynard is not an angry young man any more, and there are many songs he finds hard to perform live these days, the obvious one being Vicarious. I reckon Tool will be very keen to play most, if not all of the album live, so expect that Maynard’s vocals will be tempered with that in mind.
  • David Lynch will be making the first video. This is an odd rumour, based purely on a couple of band members “liking” his Twitter account around about the same time. Reportedly Lynch also mentioned listening to an unnamed 90s band recently. I guess Tool fits the bill. There’s nothing to rule this out, but I’ll be pretty surprised if he’s secretly filming some kind of Tool video for the new album.
  • The new album will be called Chöd. Yeah right…..

Any other questions?

Tool May 2019 Newsletter

Blair has released the latest issue of the Tool Newsletter today, dropping a couple of smallish hints for deciphering, but mostly reiterating how he came to be the Tool webmaster:

In the nineteen years of writing for my – er – I mean the band’s website, the hardest thing is knowing something that would constitute real band news – something positive to relay to eager fans – only being unable to post it for a variety of reasons due to the site’s official nature. I’m faced with the same dilemma today, but hopefully (keep your toes crossed) I can make an official announcement next month. Until then, in keeping with Adam’s “write about whatever you want” pep talk to me all those years ago, and knowing the guys probably have poor internet connections in Europe, there IS something that has been on my mind for a while now.

I think that most of us would agree that Crohn’s disease – a chronic disorder that causes inflammation in the digestive system – is nothing to joke about and any FDA-approved product that offers relief from the severity of the symptoms is to be applauded. With that said, from what I can hear, the band in the T.V. commercial for HUMIRA is really… really… really terrible (unless the studio track is entitled “TrainWreck.”).

Let’s hope Blair is able to communicate his news sooner rather than later, though personally I’m not expecting much more in the way of announcements until after the European tour winds up.

Speaking of which, the first date in Berlin is tomorrow night at the Mercedes Benz Arena. Wishing all the best to our Tool loving European comrades, for whom the tour drought is about to break!

Adi Granov selling original Tool artwork

You think you’re a Tool superfan? Sure you’ve dropped hundreds on VIP passes, Lateralus vinyls, limited edition First Editions of Danny’s book and even a Tool blanket – but do you own an original piece of Tool artwork? If you have a bunch of money and just don’t know what to do with it, then I have good news.

Artist Adi Granov is selling the originals of a couple of his art works done for Tool. From his Facebook post:

I have decided to start accepting offers on these two Tool paintings (via DM please, or via Both…

Posted by Adi Granov on Thursday, May 23, 2019

Pretty cool stuff, and certainly a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Tool confirm 30th August release date for new album

Hot off the presses – Tool have confirmed at the Birmingham show tonight that the album will be released on August 30th. No further details at this time, but stay tuned!

Tool debut new songs at Welcome to Rockville

Adam suggested that we’d get new Tool songs this tour, and they certainly delivered at Welcome to Rockville, with the band playing two tracks.

I’m hesitant to get too carried away with analysis over songs that have only appears in phone recording quality, but I’m largely happy with what I hear. Both a relatively slow burners, quite atmospheric with a strong emphasis on instrumental work.

First up was the complete version of Descending, which has been previewed many times over the last couple of years. It’s a reasonably dark and somber track, resembling both Jambi and The Grudge at times. Maynard sings along for the first half, but the final half is completely instrumental:

The other song played is reportedly called Invincible, is perhaps a bit more upbeat than Descending. Once again this has a riff what was previewed occasionally over the last few years. It’s got a bit more Maynard scattered throughout, and features a quite significant breakdown in the middle, with a nice chugging off-kilter riff.

A highlight for me of both songs are some really strong Adam Jones guitar solos – even though they sounded a bit rough live, I reckon they will be pretty epic when it comes to hearing the real thing.

I know many of you will want to comment on Maynard‘s vocals. I think they are quite interesting – it’s certainly not pushing the higher range of his voice (not entirely unexpected) but I did enjoy some of the vocal flourishes and effects used. Lyrically it’s interesting both songs seem to mine a similar vein – it could almost be taken as commentary on the bands journey over the last 13 years.

Get keen everyone! What do you all think? Are you feeling the hype? Or are you not satisfied with what you hear?

More updates leading into Rockville

A few other interesting tidbits of information come out overnight, mostly related to the Welcome to Rockville Tool show coming this Sunday.

A note regarding spoilers: I know some of you Fourtheye readers are keen to avoid spoilers, and I’m also keen to protect you, but the reality is that this is a news site. While I’m going to keep spoiler information out of the titles of posts here, if you delve past the first paragraph you may not like what you read.

First up is a shot of the merch booth, which contains a new tour shirt with are created who Adi Granov. It’s a cool looking shirt – some are quick to assume this is some kind of album cover, but I’m not sure this is the case. I suspect posters featuring this art will be available as well, but that didn’t appear to be the case at the festival merch booth (yet)

Adam also shared via Instagram some new additions to his Silverburst collection:

Everyone love a new axe, but possibly the most interesting part of this is the range of tunings we have going on here. We know the band us Drop D extensively, delving into C for song such as The Pot and Parabola. But the fact that we have a wide range of tuning presumably heading out on tour, suggests a couple of possibilities.

Will they play the aforementioned songs? That’d be nice, but probably not what many of us are especially excited about.

More likely that new music using some different tuning could be played. There has been a rumour floating around that suggests that many of the songs on the new album are tuned down so that they suit Maynard’s voice a little better. I guess we’ll find out soon enough!

Tool confirm they might play new music this tour

There was a new Tweet overnight from Tool’s account, which suggests that new material is definitely on the cards for this coming tour:

Most importantly, Maynard will have a new costume! What could it be?

Adam teases Descending in Instagram

Just as I was about to write a rant about Tool have let their fans down with a lack of communication, Adam posts a grab on Instagram which teases their often previewed live track Descending. All of a sudden my anger has subsided somewhat.

Many hoped that we’d see some new songs played at the upcoming shows (the first of which is on Sunday), with probably just as many expecting more of the same setlist. I have no real insight into what I think might actually happen, but this video gives me some hope that we might actually see the full version of Descending (or whatever it’s actual name is) played this tour.

What would really be cool? If Tool decided to debut both the live version of the song, and make the recorded version available at the same time. That way we can avoid resorting to hunting down the inevitable phone camera recordings.

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