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Discussion: album track length predictions

The wait for details on the new album is long, and so far unsatisfying, and it appears that even with a tour on the horizon only the most optimistic of us expect some kind of deliverance in the coming days. Even a much hyped website update seemed to reveal little.

Instead, we can turn to mindless speculation. Today I pose the following question – would you prefer:

  • An album containing only “normal” length Tool tracks (say around 5-8 minutes long each)
  • An album containing fewer, but longer songs (for example 5 tracks that are all ~15 minutes long)
  • A mix of track lengths, like most of their post-Undertow albums

Personally, I’m keen to see more longer songs on the album, and certainly much of the speculation so far seems to suggest that many, if not all of the tracks are lengthy in nature. Does this also suggest that a “single” is unlikely?

Tool included on Aftershock lineup

There was a leaked lineup for the Aftershock Festival that came out yesterday, will Tool claimed as the headliner. Today we have formal confirmation that Tool will indeed be the final act on Sunday night the 13th of October.

Joining them on the day are such excellent bands as Gojira, Architects, Fu Manchu, The Crystal Method and Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes. Not a bad lineup I gotta say, despite a few cringeworthy acts on the day.

At this point, I think it’s safe to assume that this will be the first of many dates to be announced across the US in the later half of the year. I’d be expecting a more extensive tour around September and October covering all the usual stops in the US and Canada.

Tool New Album rumour update April 2019

Us long suffering Tool fans are used to periods of near radio silence from the band, and while that’s ok when there’s not much happening, it becomes much harder when we know that something is imminent.

There are plenty of rumours flying around, but it’s pretty hard to discern what is true and what is false. They come from a range of sources – relatives, friends of the band, some dude who works at a radio station. None of these are easily verified. Some may have noticed something a little unusual about one of the fake tracks posted during April Fools.

Blair even comes in from time to time to drop us some hints:

I recently received my “Surrender Spirit Board” from the APC store and I must say that it’s quite talkative. However, I’m having a little trouble interpreting what I believe to be the first message from the other side as given by the octopus planchette: 


Some have taken this to be an anagram of sorts, and predicted an album release in early May. Some thing it might be lyrics from the album. Blair knows something I’m sure, but as to when he’s allowed to reveal – who knows?

What do I know? Bugger all actually. Quite often I get asked what insider news I have. The answer is very little. Sure, if I lived in LA I could probably rock up to the Loft, give the secret handshake and maybe chill with the band, but here in sunny Australia, I don’t quite have that access.

But here’s my educated guess as to what I think will go down:

  • When will we know something about the album? We’ll get an announcement in the next week or two, about the first track from the album, and possible further details of when we might see the album released
  • When will the first track come out? I’ll be surprised if we don’t have a track by early May, and expect to see this played live on the US dates
  • Will they play new material live in at the US shows? If you’re going to one of the festivals, it might be realistic to expect that it’s the single only. At their solo shows, where they can control phone recordings a bit better, we might see some more. I think there’s a pretty good chance the album will be out by the European tour.
  • Will there be a video with the first track? This is an interesting question. Maynard mentioned the possibility of a video in a semi-recent tweet. I don’t think this necessarily means there will be one so soon, but there’s no denying that Youtube is a powerful tool for promoting songs.
  • So when will the album actually get released? At this time, I don’t see the album out until late May at the earliest. I think we should expect ~6 weeks between announcement and release
  • Are you sure this isn’t just a big hoax and there is no album? “No” – Maynard

April Tools!

Ah, April Fools! In prior years I’ve been organised enough to do some fooling of my own, but this year instead I will reflect on what is increasingly becoming an irrelevant event. In these days of the internet, it takes a genuinely good post to fool anyone. Indeed many were predicting today would be the day Tool announce a new album.

While April 1 is not over, I personally think it’s unlikely Tool would announce and album, possibly their magnum opus, that they’ve worked on for over a decade in this manner. I don’t think that the myriad of fakes, both good and terrible are fooling anyone. People on the internet are generally to cynical and smart to be tricked this way

Of course, Tool did give us something:

Hopefully they will give us something more in the coming weeks….

Tool Drive Project gets updated!

Ettan on the forum let me know today that the Tool Drive Project has had a recent update. For those that don’t know, this project does a fantastic job of collecting, preserving and documenting Tool live recordings, and is a must visit for anyone interested in these things:

2019.03.19:  The site is live!  For those of you with rclone set up correctly, send us an email with a username for the site and we will get the ball rolling on setting up an account for you.  Poke around the site, which is now DB driven, searchable, more interactive, and far more comprehensive than the previous installment. This has been a long time coming, and thanks goes out to Taylor and Jon for moving the upgrade to the site.  It has been a needed improvement to the project for many years, and has finally come to fruition!  As will all new sites, please poke around and if you find any problems, let us know!

Congratulations to all the team members both past and present for getting this project happening!

Thanks to verapamil12 for the live shot!

Tool add further US dates to May tour

I’ve speculated for some time that there would be further dates added to the Tool USA tour in May, and this morning it seems like we have another batch:

Jacksonville, FL – May 5, 2019 – Welcome To Rockville –
(on Sale now)

Brimingham, AL – May 7, 2019 – Legacy Arena At The Bcc –
(on Sale 3/15/19 10 AM Local Time)

Louisville, KY – May 8, 2019 – KFC Yum! Center
(on Sale 3/15/19 10 AM Local Time)

Hampton, VA – May 10, 2019 – Hampton Coliseum
(on Sale 3/15/19 10AM Local Time)

St. Louis, MO – May 13, 2019 – Enterprise Center
(on Sale 3/15/19 10AM Local Time)

Rockingham NC – May 11, 2019 – Epicenter Festival

Kansas City, MO – May 14, 2019 – Sprint Center
(on Sale 3/15/19 11am Local)

Lincoln, NE – May 16, 2019 – Pinnacle Bank Arena
(on Sale 3/15/19 10am Local Time)

Des Moines, IA – May 17 – Wells Fargo Arena
(on Sale 3/15/19 10am Local Time)

Bridgeview, IL – May 19 – Chicago Open Air Festival
(on Sale Now)

Good news for Tool fans in those areas – I’m not expecting much more for now. Expect a proper US tour, probably later in 2019.

The obvious question is will the new album be out by then? My advice is – don’t get too excited. Perhaps we’ll have a single by the (which they might play live) but I’m not hopeful of an album release until late May at the earliest.

Anyway, here’s my suggestion for Tool in regards to this tour – make the VIP sessions listening parties for the new album.

Update: Mastering confirmed

Following up from yesterdays rumour of Tool entering the mastering phase, a few more bits of info have come to light to put this much closer to the “confirmed” category.

Firstly, electronic artist Of The Trees has tweeted some further detail on his meeting with Tool:

I imagine it was a chance encounter with the band at the airport or some other venue, rather than a planned thing.

Secondly, Adam has posted several photos on his Instagram story feed, one of Joe Barresi carrying what I imagine is a case containing the recordings, and another from the street out front of Gateway Mastering Studios.

What does this all mean? Well for those who don’t know, mastering is the final step in completing the recording. Once done, the only thing left for the band to sort is the release date and packaging. I’d expect that work is already underway regarding this.

For reference, 10,000 Days was mastered sometime in February 2006, and then released in May. Assuming we’re following a similar timeline, it looks like we’re on track for a new Tool album in June. Fingers crossed!

Are Tool mastering the new album?

I had a source of mine tell me today that Danny Carey missed an advertised show at the Baked Potato last night, because he was on a plane with the rest of the band headed to Maine for mastering the new Tool album – presumably with Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering Studios. The source was a new one to me, and one I considered unverified, so I posted with some caution in the forum and on Reddit.

Then an observant Redditor managed to spot a post from Maine electronic artist Of The Trees:

So it seems the rumour has some legs then! While we probably should get too excited just yet, hopefully there’s an announcement of an opulent and humanely euthanised lobster dinner sometime in the near future.

Tool February 2019 Newsletter

Another month has passed, and Blair shares with us another Tool newsletter. It’s a pretty dense newsletter, with a few veiled hints at a range of things, from release dates, to a possible Australian tour.

I’ve seen a few interpretations around the place, ranging from a April 19 release date, as well as some rumours suggestion Tool could town Down Under as soon as July, but nothing really solid enough to get too excited yet. I still think we can rule out April based on Maynard’s comments for example

Okay, that’s it for the short month of February. Those who still think that I should disregard my Non-disclosure agreement (perhaps not realizing that getting stung on the face by those wingless wasps is something that I’d rather not experience – and not just because of Spartley’s sting pain index!), how about showing some resourcefulness and getting your own new album information.  For instance, maybe take a closer look to see what ‘Evil’ Joe might have written on a piece of masking tape stuck on the recording console in those photos available on the Internet.  Show your initiative, friends.  All one needs to do is gain access to a computer with some serious computing speed. Magnification at 200 PetaFLOPS ought to do the trick.

In other somewhat interesting news, Peter Grenader, who created Danny‘s synth for him had the following to say on Facebook recently:

While I was installing it, DC was tearing apart Vlad’s demo videos – he’s totally stoked about having it. Very good things are coming in the late Spring when Tool resumes a humungous touring schedule to support the new record, due out in April, and btw – I’ve heard parts of it and it is a paradigm shift…

It doesn’t change my mind on the April thing, but the “humungous tour” and “paradigm shift” sound interesting….

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Nostalgia: 10,000 Days Andy King Review

With a new Tool album on the way, I thought it would be fun to review some of the posts that came out around the time of their last album 10,000 Days release. One review that sticks in mind is the infamous review from Andy King, who I believe was a radio DJ who attended a listening party.

From memory he didn’t realise there was a non-disclosure agreement, and published a review of sorts online. It was reasonably quickly taken down, but the internet did what the internet does, and preserved it for prosterity.

Here it is!

Track 1- “Vicarious” (7min 3sec). 
Mesmeric start. Hypnotic beat. Jagged, angular off beats.  Familiar trancey passages punctuated by a guitar part reminiscent of an older Tool track. Tribal drum beats fuck with a lovely melody and climax with Maynard’s vocals.

Track 2 “Jambi” (7min 12sec) 
Melodic intro with almost balladic vocals from Maynard.  Lighter feel (almost, dare I say it, APC-tinged) but not for long. Danny gets stronger – Baresi releases our tubthumper and the feel gets much heavier into ‘chugga chugga’ off beats. Then – here’s some unusual guitar work.  Man, it’salmost Hendix-like! Then back into a heavy tribal groove

Track 3 “Wings For Marie (Pt 1)” (6min 20sec) / Track 4 “10,000 Days (Wings Pt 2)” (10min 26sec) 
Starting with Buddhist temple-flavoured gong tweaking the collective nipples of Kraftwerk, a deep sphincter-rumbling bass and om chanting might recall ‘Parabol’. After 3 minutes of this nerve-wracking niceness, all Hell breaks loose with mega-heavy riffdom before slipping back into spaciness after 30 seconds. Like an epileptic convulsion in a night of deep sleep. Hawkwind does Greensleeves whilst Pink Floyd look on. The Record Company people are starting to look nervous and uncomfortable as if they have seldom HEARD anything so strange and worrying.  What the fuck is this? Let me outta here! I need to go snuggle the Radio One Playlist! Suddenly it’s a crazed sea shanty for whacked-out space travelers.  ‘You’re the only one who can hold your head up high. It’s my time now… my time now… give me my… give me my…’ duets Maynard with himself. Danny fights free of the evil clutches of Dr Baresi and goes off on one. Adam’s guitar recalls something off Lateralus again. It’s Triad, I think, but it’s almost impossible to identify one riff whilst another song goes on. The musical equivalent of rubbing one’s head and tummy simultaneously in different directions. They’re doing this on purpose to fuck with our heads. Bastards! Returns to full-on rhythmic Toolishness to end. No it isn’t the end. It doesn’t end like any other song ends.

Track 5 “The Pot” (Probably 6min 11 sec) 
Oooooooh. This is THE one. Ya know what, pluggers? Radio might even go for this! Maynard’s vocals at the start are quite extraordinary. Place equal parts of Chris De Burgh, Tiny Tim and Bilal The Muezzin in a blender and run for your life. Easily the most commercial track to date. In fact, easily the most commercial track Tool have EVER done. That guitar is waaay strong again. Did Adam bribe Baresi? This is still twisted. It’s hard but commercial. The end spells a relief as climactic as a boil bursting. I go ‘Yessssss’ and the whole room of cool jouros looks round at me as if I’m a Bateman cartoon ‘The Man Who Ordered A Pork Sandwich In Blooms’. This is a SERIOUSLY awesome track. Just you mark my words.

Track 6 “Lipan Conjuring” (1min) 
In which Maynard becomes a Native American for no good reason. Strange, but we like a bit of strangeness.

Track 7 “Lost Keys (Blame Hofmann)”/ “Rosetta Stoned” (14min 45sec)
(Could be two medium length tracks and a terribly short one, too.  I’m now losing the will to live with the stopwatch. It’s 14min 45sec of music, whatever)  Guitars to the fore again. One long note with almost blues-like, overlaid note progressions. f@!# me, it’s House Of The Rising Sun cut with Ketamine. There are unsettling whispers and talking. Is this a bad trip or a psychiatry session? Come to think of it, is there a difference? ‘How Are You Today?’… ‘Tell Me Everything’ then THWACK! Into such a breathtakingly slappy, powerful riff kick that I’m actually physically winded for a nanosecond. Demonic, growling, rap noise over rhythmic heavy heavy groove. Forget the Were Rabbit jibe. This is a f@!# full-on, nasty, shaven headed WEREWOLF. A lightbulb goes mental in the room. The Record Company almost lose all cool and run for it. I damn nearly join them but now I AM crying. I am gulping back wracking sobs at the sheer Toolishness of this monstrous, magnificent track. This is the real deal. Again snippets from Lateralus. You ARE playing with us. You ARE! This is Tool’s equivalent of ‘spot the Hitchcock in the Hitchcock film’! But I don’t care. It’s like The Best Of Tool in one song. The Bomb. It ends like the violent end of a violent life. And then it ends again. Unless that’s another track, of course….

Track 9 “Intension” (6min 44sec). 
Odd noises. Sea shore meets ironworks. Ever see the cartoon meisterwerk ‘Spirited Away’? You MUST! In it there is a character called Kamajii The Boiler Keeper who has 6 arms and an army of small black coals. This sound is similar. Soon joined by elastic bass and drum twangling over multi-layered Maynard whisperings and chanted vox. Shades of Pink Floyd again.  Shades of the more ‘moody’ Lateralus tracks again. Reflection. Disposition. Tribal and hypnotic.

Track 10 Right In Two (9min 04sec. I think)
Melodic, slow, hypnotic. Almost balladic. Wall of Sound build-up. Danny does some Bamboo pole-type drumming into big rif***e. Big, big sound. Tool at their weightiest. It’s almost Chinese at the end.

Track 11 “Viginti Tres” 
The walk out track (their description not mine). Oddness. The Noodles of Satan.

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