Tool Smokebox Screensaver

I’ve had a few requests over the life of Fourtheye for a link to the Ænima Smokebox Screensaver.  Today I recieved another one, and decided that I’d finally upload it onto Fourtheye for anyone who wants it.  It can be downloaded here and is about 2.6MB in size.

According to the readme associated with the screensaver, it was created by KungFuJesus and isnieZot and was originally hosted one the now defunct Tool fansite  All credit goes to those guys for this, however a quick disclaimer – I take no responsability for any loss of data or damage to your PC directly or indirectly caused by the program.  It does work fine on any Windows PC I’ve tried it on though, including my current Vista PC.

DC Signed Aenima on Ebay

Rohan messaged me today to let me know he found a vinyl copy of Ænima signed by Danny on Ebay.  Bidding starts at US$300!

[17:05] <@heebsmagee> also

Yellow Aenima Vinyl on Ebay

An interesting Ebay item was brought to my attention by psychadelicfur on Toolarmy today.  It’s an Ænima vinyl, though unlike the normal one is pressed on yellow vinyl (pic below).  The article mentions that it’s a “Special Collectors Edition”.  It’s currently going for a relatively cheap price of £39.99.

Some have suggested this is a bootleg of some kind, which would come as no great surprise to me. Anyone got anything to say about this particular item?

Yellow Aenima
Yellow Aenima

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