March Tool Newsletter, Other Stuff!

I had a busy day yesterday ingesting more beer than my body can safely hand.  Fitting then that Blair releases the March 2011 Newsletter on Toolband that get the collection nuts of Fourtheye abuzz with excitement.  Here’s an excerpt:

In the spirit of this newsletter about Tool memorabilia, "Merch" is going to be putting some nice stuff in the store tomorrow (consider this a head’s up). These items will include vintage tee-shirts (those now out of circulation), tour posters (maybe even a couple of signed ones), and at least one real gem that will have some fans salivating. In the meantime, keep hunting for those Tool rarities. They would sure look good next to that souvenir tour poster that you purchased at the last show.

Well all love a bit of Tool merch, and I know many of you have been hitting up Toolarmy in readiness for this sale, however as I write this tomorrow has yet to arrive and there are no goodies on the site.  Perhaps tomorrow tomorrow… Looks like stuff is there – check the Collectibles section!

In other news, A Perfect Circle will be announcing on-sale details for their summer tour on the 4th of April.  Presumably this will be the times that tickets go on sale and at what outlets.  There doesn’t seem to be any sign of further dates, however there is plenty of speculation (and a gap in the schedule) suggesting that A Perfect Circle could be one of the acts on Lollapallooza this year.

Speaking of APC, drummer Josh Freese has released another range of unique purchase options for his latest EP My New Friends.  The $75k package which included a ride in Danny’s Lamborghini was offered, and as I write this appears to have finally sold to someone!  Presumably it was purchased for me as a gift for my birthday later this month – thanks in advance!

Tool merch is cool and all, but nothing would beat owning a genuine piece of Melvins history!  Point your credit cards at this Ebay auction and buy King Buzzo’s old Hiwatt Cabinet.  Current bidding puts it at US$405.  Bargain!

Tool Big Day Out Posters

I’ve dropped a few hints in the forums in regards to Tool Big Day Out Posters possibly being available online following the tour, and tonight I received the news that this is indeed the case.  Melbourne printers Beyond The Pale printed all of the posters for the 2011 tour (excluding Hawaii I think) and the leftovers, all unsigned are available from their website.

Limited quantities from the Melbourne side show, Melbourne Big Day Out and Auckland Big Day Out are all available, and each of them cost AU$35 plus postage.  There’s also a range of other bands posters on the website, the artwork and printing that these guys to are top quality, and they do frame poster as well, so make sure you check it out!

I was lucky enough to visit their gallery when I was in Melbourne, and though not advertised on the website, I reckon there were several other Tool posters available in the store, including the Gold Coast Big Day Out poster, and a range of other US ones I reckon I’ve seen around the place before.  If you’re down in St. Kilda one day, it’s definitely worth a visit!


And the winner is…..

The cut off for the Fourtheye Flood Appeal has been and gone, and this morning with the help of a random number generator (at which happened to pick #22), I selected the winner from 108 entries from a pool of 26 people in total.  Without further ado, the winner appears to be a guy called Steve, who on further inspection seems to be Kittaan.  Congratulations and I’ll be in touch in the next couple of days so you can tell me what size and style shirt you’d like!

In total we raised $541.66 for the Queensland Flood Appeal, and I shall be making that donation in the next couple of days!  Thank to everyone for their support!

Gold Coast Poster/Shirt

Jujano kindly shared with me a pic of the Gold Coast Big Day Out shirt he purchased.  Poster is the same:



Update 2: Just as I post this, the Big Day Out site has published this on and the Brisbane one, which I must say looks fucking awesome:


Update 2: And so Toolband doesn’t miss out on the action they just posted the Auckland poster:

A Perfect Circle track recorded? Newsletter + Tool goodies on Ebay

According to a recent tweet by Antiquiet (and also on Billy Howerdel’s Facebook so I hear):

Maynard and I just got done tracking some vocal for a new APC song

Hopefully this means we’ll see a new A Perfect Circle track sometime in the not too distant future.

As I posted a few days ago the December Newsletter was just released.  Now I’ve had a chance to read it, here’s a few things I’ve picked up:

  • Tool are still writing for the next album and we probably shouldn’t expect a release until late 2011
  • Adam has been in the UK doing stuff, and depending on how you read it, could have recorded with Robert Fripp, had something repaired (a guitar amp perhaps) or just had some beers.
  • Things are maybe happening as far as the various Tool websites are concerned.
  • Maynard is enjoying some more winemaking
  • Tool nearly supported Rush in Brazil (or may do so in the future).
  • Aaron Harris might post some notes from the road for us.

Feel free to add anything I missed below!

Finally hold your light from Toolarmy has had to reluctantly sell some of his Tool related goodies on Ebay.  Here are the links:

Happy Bidding!

Tool Porn

Ever wanted to see human beings making love in front of a Net of Being Tool poster?  Well now you can thanks to (link removed to satisfy Google!) !  That link is NSFW in case you haven’t guessed!


Fittingly, it features anal sex.  Thanks to BiteMark  who directed me to that video…

More Tour Posters

This time from Kenneth’s collection:




Tour Posters

Tour posters are flying at me thick and fast, both from readers and from NOMAD, the guys who print them.  Below is a selection of pics I’ve been sent so far!


Family Arena Missouri

Sprint Center Missouri 

Red Rocks!

Toyota Center Houston Texas

 Excel Center Minnesota

Click to embiggen!

Justin’s art on St Charles poster

According to Toolband, artwork by Justin will feature on the poster (and possibly shirt?) for the St Charles gig tonight.  It looks pretty cool:

What do you guys think?

Tool LA Dates confirmed

Toolband has confirmed the LA dates, listing only two of them: the 18th and 19th of July.  Tickets for these shows go on sale this Friday the 25th at 10am.  No word on what happens to tickets previously sold, my guess is that Ticketmaster will contact the fans who purchased them and let them know what will happen.  Also no mention of the date on the 21st.  Presumably this has either been cancelled or will be used as some kind of extra date to be announced after the other two sell out.  Who knows!

Also on Toolband was confirmation of the Limited Tool shirts, and it also looks as though there may be some Grey shits included as well as black ones.   Remember they don’t start selling them until the Cedar Park gig, and they won’t be on sale in normal stored (excluding ebay!).

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