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NZ Tour Rumours

Dan emailed me today that he read in a recent copy of the New Zealand music Magazine Rip It Up:

I was reading in the latest Rip It Up (NZ music mag) that reporter David Farrier happened to be on the same flight as Tool when he went to one of their shows in the States towards the end of the touring. He asked them the obvious question: “When will you come back to NZ?” The answer (from Adam) was “Spring, but don’t quote me on that.” So he quoted him and put it in a magazine. I imagine if they will play NZ again then they will play Oz too.

I guess the reporter didn’t pay too much attention to the “don’t quote me on that” part!

Obviously this is far from any kind of confirmation, but certainly gives some hope to seeing them again.  I presume Spring means our Autumn, so I guess we can expect to see dates for sometime in April or May, if at all.  As a general rule of thumb, concert dates for big bands have at least to months notice, so I’d rule out any chance of them being here in March or early April.  I’d say if anything, a May tour is most likely.

Anyone else catch this article, or hear anything else?

365 Days ago

I was basking in the Sydney sun at the Big Day Out preparing for the second of two Tool shows. It seems so long ago…

Tool Pre-Sales?

There’s a new (and cryptic) post on Toolband today, which talks about the speculated Missoula show, but not the San Antonio one. I’m not really able to decipher any useful information from this, except that there may be more in the January Newsletter. There were rumours that there was a brief Pre-Sale for Toolarmy members, but at this stage I can’t really see anything to confirm this actually happened, or that there has even been a show or two confirmed at this stage. I’ll file these rumours as “unlikely” for now.

We also get a picture of Danny holding a strange looking guitar in what could be the control booth of a recording studio. Anything going on there?? Perhaps working on a Live DVD?

Update: After looking at the photo properties, this picture was taken on the 10th of January, 2008 with an iPhone. I thought Tool were taking a break…

Danny with Guitar


Here’s several mini-updates for you, none of which are particularly exciting:

  • Happy Birthday Adam and Sasha
  • Danny & Rynne have a new dog Levi
  • The Vicarious lyrics are up on Toolband/Army
  • No update on possible Missoula or San Antonio dates as hinted to in the last newsletter.  No news of Australian tour dates either for that matter, nor has then been any confirmation officially as to whether or not Tool will tour again for 10,000 Days.
  • Billy Howerdel’s Ashes Divide project has a new track on their Myspace site (thanks James)
  • Meshuggah have a new track out called Bleed.
  • The Mark of Cain are recording a new album in February

Fourtheye Survey closes soon!

As I write this post, we’ve had 185 responses to the Fourtheye Survey, which I’m pretty happy with.  At this stage I’m planning on closing the survey when I get back from a trip I’m taking to the Blue Mountains this week.  That’s to say I’ll be closing off submissions sometime on Tuesday the 15th of January.

When closed, I’ll start compiling the information and release sections of it at a time.  Eventually the results of the entire survey will be revealed.  Should be interesting…

Since I’ll be away, there won’t be any more posts for a few days, not that I think we’re about to be blown away with news. Those of you in San Antonio and Missoula should keep an eye on Toolband just in case the hints dropped in the newsletter  are correct.  See you all next week.

Holiday in Cambodia

Scarlettletterman from Toolarmy posted a Xmas present this morning – a bootleg of Jello Biafra and Tool performing Holiday in Cambodia.  Enjoy!

Last 10,000 Days show?

Both the Tool Hotline and a couple of reviews on Toolnavy are saying that Maynard announced at the last Las Vegas show that it would be the last one for the 10,000 Days tour.  Looks like we may not get another Tool tour down under after all, unless he was just talking about the US.

On a brighter note, here’s another one of those posters courtesy of CP:

Yet another poster

CorpsegrindeR sent in a picture of the signed Tool poster he picked up in San Francisco the other night:

Let me know when you start getting sick of seeing these…

Tool Posters

Brian sent me an email last night with a couple of links to some posters made available at the recent Tool show in LA. According to him, poster weren’t selling for $1000, but a mere $500. The $500 ones were snapped up pretty quick, and there were only 5 of them. Signed copies of the other poster was $80 and there were heaps of those. The first one has some of Adam’s art while the send one is plain:

Holiday in San Francisco, 10000 DVDs?

According to Indacello, Jello Biafra joined Tool onstage last night in San Francisco for a version of Holiday in Cambodia.  Guests joining Tool this tour during lateralus include Sebastian from Trans Am, Dale from The Melvins, Cody from Big Business, Tim Alexander from Primus and Aaron from Isis.  Perhaps Tool should tour with The Mark of Cain while in Australia so John Stanier can join them on stage…

According to Marco, a website in the Netherlands is claiming that the Vicarious DVD will be limited to 10,000 copies.  I’m not so sure of that, but order yourself a copy just in case!

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