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Note regarding setlists

As with the last tour, in order to protect that who wish to be kept surprised by the set list, there will be a strict rule against posting them.  I have created and official thread for each show, and this thread is the only one that I will accept set lists be posted in.  Set lists posted elsewhere will be deleted without question, and repeat offenders face getting banned.

The thread for tonight’s show in Honolulu can be found here.

Thanks for your cooperation and enjoy the shows!

Justin talks about Facebook and Album writing

A short interview with Justin has appeared on the Honolulu Pulse in the lead up to tonight’s show, in which Justin talks about Facebook and the new album:

As for what’s in store for Tool in 2011, he said, “we were asked to do some dates in Europe later this year, but we’re not going to do them; we’re really deep in the middle of getting music together for the album. It’s a really cool thing to be in the middle of this process, and it’s my hope we can capture something special in the studio.”

Bad luck for the European readers, but probably a good thing for the rest of us in that we might get to see a new album sometime this year!

Queensland Floods…

As some of you know, many residents of the state of Queensland are being bombarded with record levels of rain and flooding.  In the last few weeks there have been 29 deaths associated with the flooding, including at least 12 in the recent flash flooding in the Lockyer Valley, and there are many more missing.  On top of this is the infrastructure damage that comes with such widespread water, and as a result there is a large call for donations to help those in need at these tough times.  In order to help out, all donations received to Fourtheye for the remainder of January will be forwarded directly to the Premiers Flood Relief Appeal.

On top of that, for every $5 a reader donates they will go in the running to receive an Australian Tool Tour shirt (size and design of their choice including postage to wherever you live), which I shall endeavour to get signed by as many of the Tool crew as possible when I’m down in Melbourne.  The donation form using Paypal is at the top right of the page, so get onto it and help out Australians in need. Update: Those of you reading this in the forum can find the Paypal form at the top right of this page.

I know there are plenty of Tool fans in Queensland who are concerned about the Tool shows that are planned for later this month.  The good news is that at this stage the Big Day Out organisers have confirmed that the Gold Coast Big Day Out will go ahead unchanged, as the area has be left largely untouched by the flooding.  Staff at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre have also confirmed that the aren’t expecting any damage to the venue, and that the Tool show there should go as planned.  Thanks to vuduuu for that information.

Update 1: Over $200 in under 24 hours.! Thanks to all our reader for their support!  Keep on giving though.  Anyone who would like to donate through the official site rather than using Paypal can feel free, just send me a copy of your receipt and I’ll enter you in the competition.

Update 2: Now up to $466.66.  Great work everyone!

Tool Tour Update

Not long now until Tool hit the road for the first time in 2011 (and hopefully the last time before recording!).  As we all know, Tool are playing the Big Day Out tour here in Australia in New Zealand, which also includes a couple of sideshows in Melbourne and Brisbane.  As an added bonus Tool will be playing a show in Hawaii the week before this tour.  Support band for the tour are Kiwi post-rockers Jakob, who play with Tool on the Aussie sideshow dates.  Not sure if these guys join them in Hawaii as well…

For those still considering checking out the band, tickets are still available for a range of these gigs.

The Hawaii show at the Neal S Blaisdell Arena still has tickets available via Ticketmaster.  There also seems to be a massive bunch of readers in attendance, so join the tropical party!

The Melbourne show at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl was sold out, but has recently had some further GA tickets released.  These are also available via the Aussie version of Ticketmaster.  Having said that, there are plenty of Fourtheye readers looking to sell tickets in the forum, so rather than using Ticketmaster, consider helping out one of your Fourtheye comrades first.  Prior to the Melbourne show there will be an official Fourtheye BBQ, details of which are still being nutted out here.

In Brisbane tickets were on sale for a while, but a quick check this morning shows that it’s now sold out!  As with the Melbourne show though there are Fourtheye readers with tickets to sell, so check out the tickets thread for details.

The remaining dates are all Big Day Out shows.  Of these the Gold Coast, Melbourne and 1st Sydney dates are sold out, with tickets available for the rest.  Get them from the usual ticketing outlets.  There are a few BDO tickets for sale in the ticketing thread, so make sure you check them out if you’re in the market.  Note that day 2 of the Sydney Big Day Out is now a 2 for 1 type deal, which is pretty good value if you ask me!

No word yet if there will be any special merchandise or posters for the tour.  Presumably there will be some kind of tour shirt available, but I know there are several Fourtheye readers keen to get their hands on an autographed poster should they become available…

Over the next couple of days I will be creating threads in this forum for each of the shows.  In order to retain the element of surprise for some Fourtheye readers (including myself) set lists from gigs will only be allowed to be posted in these threads.  Setlists posted outside of the official thread (including in blog comments) will not be looked upon kindly.

Second Sydney Big Day Out tickets “2 for 1”

It looks like the second Sydney Big Day Out isn’t selling as strongly as expected.  An announcement from Big Day Out organisers today tell us that all tickets for the event on the 27th of January can now be used to get an extra guest in for free:

The Big Day Out has announced a very special Christmas gift for punters in Sydney – all ticket holders for the Sydney Thursday, 27 January Big Day Out 2011 event will be allowed to bring a friend for free; no tricks, no gimmicks.

The announcement explains that “The high demand for the 26 January Australia Day show, combined with the overwhelming number of international tours and events this summer has necessitated a choice to be made for the good of the event. Because our audience is such a valued part of the show, we felt you deserved a reward for 18 years of support. For those with tickets to the first show on Australia Day, please accept this as a plus, not a minus: You and a friend have a chance to catch the acts you missed the 1st day. For half price!”

There are no forms to fill in to take advantage of this special offer. All you need to do is arrive with your guest at the ticket trip point on the day. All the same conditions of sale and admission apply to you and your guest, so please check your ticket or the Big Day Out website for further details.

To help with general queries, Big Day Out has issued some basic Q & As:
Q: Do I need to have the person with me?
A: Yes, they will need to be with you at the ticket trip point at entry.
Q: Can I meet them later to let them in?
A: Not if you are already in. Once your ticket is scanned, the offer is void.
Q: Can I swap my Australia Day ticket for the 27 January show?
A: No.
Q: Will there be tickets available on the day?
A: Not if it sells out in advance.
Q: Is there a meeting point outside the entry?
A: Best choose a location away from the main entry to meet up.
Q: Are there any pass outs?
A: No.

Sounds like a cheap way to catch an extra Tool show if you and a mate live in or can get to the Harbour City…

Big Day Out timetables released

The timetables for the 2011 Big Day Out has been released, and it looks like Tool are only getting 75 minutes this year, unlike 90 minutes that headliners get in previous years.  Not sure what’s up with that, but I imagine there’s plenty of disappointed Tool fans out there.

Hopefully the sideshows many of us are going to have no such restriction…

A Perfect Circle track recorded? Newsletter + Tool goodies on Ebay

According to a recent tweet by Antiquiet (and also on Billy Howerdel’s Facebook so I hear):

Maynard and I just got done tracking some vocal for a new APC song

Hopefully this means we’ll see a new A Perfect Circle track sometime in the not too distant future.

As I posted a few days ago the December Newsletter was just released.  Now I’ve had a chance to read it, here’s a few things I’ve picked up:

  • Tool are still writing for the next album and we probably shouldn’t expect a release until late 2011
  • Adam has been in the UK doing stuff, and depending on how you read it, could have recorded with Robert Fripp, had something repaired (a guitar amp perhaps) or just had some beers.
  • Things are maybe happening as far as the various Tool websites are concerned.
  • Maynard is enjoying some more winemaking
  • Tool nearly supported Rush in Brazil (or may do so in the future).
  • Aaron Harris might post some notes from the road for us.

Feel free to add anything I missed below!

Finally hold your light from Toolarmy has had to reluctantly sell some of his Tool related goodies on Ebay.  Here are the links:

Happy Bidding!

Tool ticket updates, A Perfect Circle winding up

I was at work on Friday so wasn’t able to update you guys about an extra release of tickets for the Brisbane Tool side show.  Luckily for us all though, Gold Standing tickets are still available as I write this!  If you missed out the first time then make sure you get on top of this pretty quick, since I imagine there aren’t many left!

Hawaii ticket sales seem to have gone well for most of you. My understanding is there’s still tickets available for that too.

As far as other Tool shows go, the Melbourne sideshow is sold out, and there’s a thread you can use to get tickets hereBig Day Outs in Melbourne and the Gold Coast are sold out, as is the first Sydney Big Day Out, however you can still get tickets to the New Zealand, 2nd Sydney, Adelaide and Perth Big Day Outs.  I expect that the NZ, Perth and Adelaide Big Day Outs will all sell out sometime prior to the show, so don’t leave your tickets too late.

A Perfect Circle play their last tour date today in Las Vegas, ending their short West Coast mini tour.  Reports from Fourtheye readers indicate the shows have been great.  Billy has been dropping hints that they’ll be back in February.  If this is true it’d be late February as Tool will be in Australia until the 6th and I’m sure Maynard would like a little time to visit his vineyards before he heads out on the road again.

Tool hit Hawaii

As was hinted in several newsletters, Blair has confirmed that Tool will be hitting Hawaii in 2011:

TOOL will be performing at BLAISDELL ARENA in HONOLULU, HI (OAHU) on JANUARY 14, 2011. The public on-sale date for TICKETS is SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 20 at 9AM (HST – 2 HOURS behind Pacific Time).

Seems like a nice way to start the year and get warmed up for the Australian and New Zealand shows.  Enjoy Hawaiians!

Tool sales wrap-up, APC do Arizona

Ticket sales for the two side shows have now pretty much wrapped up, with Melbourne sold out, and Brisbane being close to it – at time of writing there were some silver tickets only left, all single seats.  Ticketek sales for the Brisbane show went pretty smoothly, and Ticketmaster for Melbourne not so.  My experience this morning with Ticketmaster was that at about 9:00:15 there were only GA tickets left, and by 9:03:00 they were all gone. 

No point going again into the debacle that was the Ticketmaster/Toolarmy Pre-sale, but I hope everyone has been able to get a ticket to the show they desire, even if it wasn’t in the seating position of their liking.  As usual, scalpers will be making a killing, with GA Melbourne tickets at around $250 online, and Gold tickets anywhere between $350-$900.  Take care if you are planning on heading down this route, and be aware that any tickets you try to buy and sell on Fourtheye must be at face value plus reasonable postage costs.  Leave the scalping for Ebay.  If you are looking at trading tickets, then please use the trading thread I’ve just created.

A Perfect Circle have kicked off their West Coast US Tour with the first three dates in Arizona.  Talking to people who attended the shows, it was a great, although short experience, as the band played their nominated album on the night, and not much else.  Don’t go expecting a two hour (or even 90 minute) set and you won’t be disappointed.  Here’s a review plus a couple of photos for those interested.

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