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Post by Moridin » Tue Jun 25, 2019 6:41 pm

Couldn't find a thread for them, so here you go...

They, apparently, recently finished recording their 9th album, should be out late this year, or maybe early next year. It will be entirely instrumental.

Being known as "that band that covers Metallica on cellos" I think has been both a blessing and a curse for these guys. Because, sure, a lot of people will check out those covers, but a lot of them won't delve much deeper than that. Even then the next layer you get to is the songs will guest vocalists, and in my opinion almost all of those songs are just formulaic, radio-friendly rock/metal played on cellos.

Unfortunate, as I think unfiltered, instrumental Apocalyptica is, by and large, phenomenal. Albums like Cult, Reflections & 7th Symphony (minus songs with vocals, and with bonus instrumentals added back in) are some of my all time favourite albums.

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