Forum FAQ

How do I embed a Youtube video into a thread?
Youtube videos are automatically inserted into threads in forums, however various things can happen to the link to prevent this. You want to get a link that has as little crap in it as possible. The best way to do this is to visit Youtube, search for the video and then visit it’s page. In the URL window on your browser you should see something like
Any argument inside the string other than v={somecode} will potentially make the video embed as a link, rather than as embedded video.

I want to post spoilers for a movie/game/book/etc
Feel free, but don’t ruin things for anyone. Use the Spoiler tag instead, which hides the answer from people, as they have to choose to reveal it rather than accidentally stumbling upon it. Here’s an example:

[spoiler]Darth Vader is Luke's father[/spoiler]

Can I create a poll?
Yes you can, however you can only do it in the Department of Complaints and the Census forums. To create a poll, just create a new Topic, and then look for the Poll button at the bottom of the form. Click this, and you will be able to add questions for the poll, as well as a few other settings.

I want to call someone stupid/dickhead/dumbass etc.
Firstly, please consider acting like and adult. Secondly, don’t do so in one of the threads located in the Department of Information forum. Opinions are fine, name calling and so on is beneath you. It is possible to have an debate online without calling the oppositions mothers integrity into dispute.

If you do really feel the need to berate someone, please use either The Grudge thread (for Tool related arguments) or the Bicker Thread (for all other arguments). By keeping your flame wars to these threads, you help keep the other thread on topic.

I want to post a picture of someone naked!

I’m as happy to see nudity as the next guy/girl, however we need to respect the wishes of those who view Fourtheye from work. You may link to a nude image/video if you like, however embedded images/videos that are NSFW will be deleted without warning. It also violates the Google Adsense Terms & Services, and I love your money to much to see them get violated.

I’m not going to define NSFW, as this no doubt differs from person to person, however if you avoid posting stuff with exposed genitalia, nipples and graphic violence, then that would pretty much do it.

There is one exception – the Subscribers Only forum has a thread where some nudity is acceptable.

Note that the more extreme and illegal forms of pornography are not acceptable in any forum, will be removed without warning, and may result in a ban at my discretion.

Don’t be a dick

Just don’t be one. Repeat violations of this rule may result in a banning. I may or may not warn you, chances are you don’t need a warning though. If you insist on being a dick, don’t do it in a thread outside of the Infinity forum. Review threads, Tool threads and other threads with defined topics should remain on topic. Your views on sexuality, race and other controversial topics are neither asked nor desired.