Adam reported as saying the new album is 100% finished?

In news just at hand, it’s being reported on some sites that Adam has mentioned at VIP sessions that the album is 100% finished, and will be released later this year. From an article from Aussie site Crave Online:

At a pre-show VIP meet & greet in Portland, OR on Thursday afternoon on the band’s current tour, guitarist Adam Jones confirmed to our exclusive source that the alien-prog rock maestros’ new album is “100% done” and should arrive later this year. Aside from a mention of different time signatures than their previous work, there is no other information to report at the moment. The confirmation is certainly enough to get pulses racing, however.

Potentially very exciting news for impatient Tool fans, but let’s wait for something a little more official for now…

Update: for now this sounds like it’s 100% bs…

Yob confirmed as support for three Tool shows

As expected, Portland Doom band Yob have confirmed themselves as support act for the Tool shows in Spokane, Eugene and Portland:

We are pleased to announce that YOB will be opening for Tool March 4th, 6th, and the 7th in Spokane, Portland, and Eugene respectively. We are honored and stoked!

3/4 Spokane – Spokane Arena
3/6 Portland – Moda Center (aka Rose Garden)
3/7 Eugene – Matthew Knight Arena

They’re a little less well known that Failure, so here’s a video taster:

Failure confirmed as support for Tool tour

Failure have been confirmed as one of the support acts for the coming Tool tour in the US according to their Facebook page:

We’ll be joining Tool on their upcoming tour (U.S. dates between March 9 in Reno and March 27 in Phoenix), marking the first time Failure & Tool have toured together since 1996. “Looking forward to hanging with my old mates, but more importantly, it’s a chance for people to hear two bands that still really care about the long form album format and what you can do that amount of time artistically, versus three-and-a-half minute singles.” – Ken Andrews.

This was also confirmed on the Tool Facebook page (but not Toolband yet):

Our good friends Failure will join us for the upcoming U.S. dates between Reno and and Phoenix. This marks the first time TOOL and Failure will tour together since 1996. MJK said: “I was already excited to play with Failure at my 50th birthday party in May, with Puscifer and A Perfect Circle. Now I get to do a few more shows with them. Best birthday ever.”

Yob are also rumoured to be supporting, presumably for the Spokane, Eugene and Portland shows. I have no idea who, if anyone, will be supporting Tool in Mexico City.

Tool February 2014 Newsletter released

Blair has posted the February Tool newsletter, but this month is hidden away in the Newsletters section rather than posted on the main page. It doesn’t really contain much information, so here it is in full for you convenience!

Now that everyone has exchanged tokens of love and affection, and those hallmark e-cards, sushi hearts and power ballads are just a far distant memory (as are those pink marshmallows in her cocoa, and the terrible idea of that fuzzy Vermont Chupacabra), let’s see if there is any pressing Tool news. Ummmmmmm… Nope. Hang on, let’s check again just to be sure… Ummmmmmm… No. Not a lot, anyway.
If you’ve been reading my posts in the news section, you already know about the upcoming MINI-TOUR, including how to purchase VIP PACKS that come with enviable seats and other goodies, a concise description of which I listed in the informative January offering. As for the set-lists, no spoilers here! Also indelibly etched in your well-grooved cranial region is that PUSCIFER, APC, and FAILURE will be playing shows at the GREEK THEATER as part of Maynard’s 50th Birthday extravaganza. And if it’s a maple ham, corn and pineapple stuffed potato that you crave while listening to great ultra-fusion jazz on any given Monday night, you know where they’re baking.

So, what else?

Justin is back from his daring adventure involving the handling of a falcon… or a hawk… or a hawk-shaped military drone? Likewise, Danny has returned from Hawaii, where he is still trying to smuggle out enough curly koa wood to make a new drum (or nifty salad bowl, if I’m to believe an article in the current issue of VegNews magazine). And with Adam’s WWE wrestling buddies having exited the loft after an encore of golden hits – leaving the place no worse for wear, I might add – the fellows are back in the no picnic business of writing/arranging of new Tool material. So, if you saw Danny at Monday night’s Jayhawks game in Kansas, rest assure that this was his decoy-double getting in some much needed practice before the tour begins.

So, now that you are all caught up on any relevant Tool news (and you’ve come up with the brilliant idea to put cherry marshmallows in the hot Ghirardelli chocolate next year), if you are fortunate enough to be going to any of the upcoming Tool shows, have a great experience, but please remember to be respectful to the support act and courteous to fellow concert goers. Absolutely no laser pointers – be it Krypton, Inferno, or a Walmart “spot.” Also, no micro recorders, Creed hoodies, pocket shots and hopefully it goes without saying that ‘smiles’ is never a good idea whenever prog-metal with hypnotic visuals are involved!

“Extreme Couponing” is coming on, so I gotta go. Short month, short newsletter.

I hope all of you Americans and Mexicans are looking forward to the tour!

More SW Tool dates announced

Not long after I went to bed last night, a bunch of extra Tool dates were announced, mainly for regions in the South West USA. The dates are listed below:

- Friday, March 14: Fresno, CA @ Selland Arena

- Saturday, March 15: Las Vegas, NV @ Planet Hollywood

- Sunday, March 16: San Diego, CA @ Valley View Arena

- Monday, March 24: Austin, TX @ Cedar Park Center

- Tuesday, March 25: Houston, TX @ Toyota Center

- Thursday, March 27: Phoenix, AZ @ US Airways Center

Tickets will go on sale this Friday the 14th of February at 10am local time (except Houston which go on sale at 12). VIP tickets will also be available via Toolarmy/band on Thursday the 13th at 10am.

Toolband also advises that the Mexico City date has been changed from the 18th to the 19th of March. Tickets purchased for the old date are still valid for the new one, and there are still tickets available for the show via Ticketmaster.

Adam donates doodled Tool posters to Clive Barker Kickstarter

It appears Adam is a big fan of Clive Barker‘s work, and when Clive recently used Kickstarter to fund a new project of his, Adam was on hand to help out:

Adam is a collector of Clive’s work- and even better, an incredibly nice guy. He’s a rare blend of talent, brilliance, enthusiasm, and gentle insight, and hearing him talk about art reveals why his own success as an artist isn’t an accident.

Adam is a massive creative force himself, and in addition to his musical talents is a gifted artist in multiple mediums.

These tour posters were illustrated and designed by Adam, and to make them even more special they were autographed by all four band members.

And is if that wasn’t enough, Adam took some time yesterday to draw on each poster to make it something absolutely unique to this campaign to raise funds for archiving and sharing Clive’s inspirational artwork.

The four posters are available as single tiers on the Kickstarter project, each one having it’s own price starting at $700 with a special double poster going for $1500. At time of writing none of these have yet sold.

Update: It appears that they have all sold!

King Buzzo plans solo jaunt

King Buzzo seems to be doing some acoustic work:

Buzz heads out on his very first solo, acoustic dates this February & March:

Feb. 25 – Los Angeles – Scion A/V Metal Rock Show (free rsvp begins Feb. 5)

all dates below on-sale this Friday, Feb. 7:
Mar. 2 – Minneapolis, MN – Grumpy’s Bar & Grill
Mar. 6 – Omaha, NE – The Waiting Room
Mar. 8 – Kansas City, MO – The Riot Room
Mar. 10 – Norman, OK – Opolis Production LLC
Mar. 11 – Dallas, TX – Club Dada
Mar. 13 – Austin, TX – Record Label Rummage Sale
Mar. 16 – Little Rock, AR – Stickyz Rock N’ Roll Chicken Shack
Mar. 17 – Memphis, TN – Hi-Tone
Mar. 20 – Louisville, KY – Zanzabar
Mar. 21 – Indianapolis, IN – Radio Radio
Mar. 22 – Chicago, IL – Beat Kitchen
Mar. 23 – Madison, WI – High Noon Saloon

According to Ipecac he will have a solo album out this year as well.

Maybe it’ll be something like this:

Adam posts something…

Adam posted a video on Instagram and Facebook this morning hinting at some kind of remix with King Buzzo:

King Buzz & jones remix while monitoring infrared oscillating robot cradle baby’ness #KingBuzzo #kingBuzz #BleedeR

It sounds like something Tool may have played around with between songs, and also has some ambient noise which may or may not be the sound of an audience. Is this part of the curveball? Some kind of Live DVD? Salival 2?