Danny celebrates birthday in style at Cinquanta

The first reviews of Cinquanta (featuring Puscifer, A Perfect Circle, Failure and more) are dribbling in, but I won’t spoil it for those attending the second show. I will reveal the worst kept secret of the show, which is that Danny is playing in part of it. It’s a pretty special performance, that shouldn’t be missed – and here’s a video of part of it (SPOILER WARNING!).

Get along to the show if you’re able, I don’t think we’ll see anything like this again.

Maynard and Eric part ways on Arizona Stronghold

Citing “Artistic differences”, it appears Maynard and Eric Glomski have ended their partnership with Arizona Stronghold:

Maynard James Keenan, the lead singer of Tool, has ended his association with Arizona Stronghold, leaving the state’s best-selling and highest-volume winery without an asset that led to its initial popularity.

Under the deal, Keenan will take possession of Arizona Stronghold’s southern Arizona vineyard, which he will rename. Eric Glomski, the other co-founder, will keep the winery in Camp Verde and rights to the Arizona Stronghold brand.

More details can be found on the full article on Arizona Central.

Maynard’s work with Eric was outlined in the documentary Blood Into Wine.

Maynard touches on Tool at Manhunter screening

A story from the Facebook Tool Army group in regards to the recent Manhunter Screening with Maynard:

So I saw “Manhunter” last night followed by an interview / Q&A with Maynard. He mostly talked about the film specifically, but did talk about his various music projects including Tool briefly, but only when someone would ask a specific question. No new information other than him seeming increasingly frustrated with the slow process of making the new Tool album. When someone asked if Tool would consider making a concert video similar to Floyds “The Wall” he answered with “Well, if we could maybe finish the new album first then…yeah, we would consider it.” Also with regards to the new album, he asked the audience “Do I seem like a lazy person? Than stop blaming me.”

He gave some fascinating insights into his music making process and how it relates to the visuals in his live performances. Basically summarized – he pays a lot of attention to the pacing of things, not giving away too much too soon. He really lets Adam run the show when it comes to the music (something we already knew) and comes in after they have things composed to lay down vocals. He unabashedly called Adam a “control freak” when it comes to the process.

People asked a lot of questions about his favorite films and things like that. “Manhunter” was his first choice for the screening and is one of his favorites. He mentioned “The Exorcist”, as well as film I’ve never heard of called “Bliss,” and “Wings of Desire” among his favorites.
The interview was pretty cool, but from a Tool fans perspective there wasn’t a whole lot of new information. I enjoyed the show and was glad I was there to see the man in person.

I expect the quotes there are paraphrased, so don’t take them verbatim. Not entirely sure why he was answering Tool questions on the night (though I guess it’s kinda inevitable that he was asked). I doesn’t really add anything new to the equation, though it certainly appears that optomism regarding Maynard having started his part on the album are unfounded for now. I think it’s pretty safe to put a line through a 2014 release date at this point in time.

Tool April 2014 Newsletter out now!

Blair’s April 2014 Tool newsletter is now online, and while it doesn’t feature any Tool news, it does have a lengthy interview with the Tool Merch guy (name unknown). There’s also a promise of new old merch items:

To go along with his interview in the newsletter, “Merch” will be adding a very limited number of some rare, discontinued items in the Tool stores. This will include vintage shirts such as “Pillhead” and “Holy Reality” to name a couple. Also there will be a few Salival box sets, signed Lateralus vinyl, old tour posters, autographed drumheads, and anything else that he might dig up in the storehouse. So be sure to check back from time to time to see what he has added. And don’t forget to include an emoticon of a smiley face…

At time of writing there is no sign of these, so keep your eyes peeled!

Maynard hits 50

April is a popular month for birthdays it appears, and while other sites may be struggling to remember, here at Fourtheye we’d like to say Happy Birthday to Maynard on his 50th year. Maynard will be partying with a couple of Cinquanta shows in May featuring A Perfect Circle, Puscifer and Failure. Word is this won’t be your ordinary show and could feature a few collaborations and guests.

It is customary (when I remember) to post a video capturing some of the finest work of the birthday boy, and this year is no exception. In my opinion, the best recording of Maynard’s vocals is on Salival, in particular the Third Eye cut. For your listening pleasure:

Exorcise your demons with Maynard

Update: Looks like The Exorcist is no longer being screened, however it will be replaced by Manhunter. Maynard will still be appearing:

Our previously announced screening of THE EXORCIST has been replaced with Michael Mann’s MANHUNTER. Tickets purchased for the original program will still be honored, or, you can request a refund by May 5, 2014 at 5:00 PM. Please contact fandango via http://fandango.custhelp.com/ to request a refund. If you purchased tickets at the box office you may get a refund in person when you present your un-used ticket or you can e-mail us for further information. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The Egyptian Theatre in LA will be hosting a special screening of The Exorcist on Tuesday May 6th which will feature a discussion of the film with Maynard and director William Friedkin:

The Modern School of Film’s FILM: MASTERS series screens movies hand-picked by renown cultural figures, followed by in-depth discussions with them.
A favorite film of Maynard Keenan from the band Tool, who joins us for a discussion following the screening with William Friedkin, moderated by Modern School of Film founder Robert Milazzo.

1973, Warner Brothers, 121 min, Dir: William Friedkin
Friedkin adapted William Peter Blatty’s bone-chilling best-seller into the classic American horror film in which Catholic priests Jason Miller and Max von Sydow go head-to-head with the unholy one, inhabiting the body of young Linda Blair. “I auditioned 500 girls and went with Linda because I felt she was the most intelligent, most pulled-together youngster I had ever met.” – Friedkin. With Ellen Burstyn.

Special Ticket Prices: $10 Member, $12 Student/Senior and $15 General. No vouchers accepted for this or any other specially-priced program.

It’s a cool movie, so sounds like a pretty good night out. Grab your tickets here.

Tool Tour Posters now for sale on Toolband

Now that the tour has wound up, it seems that excess Tool tour posters are now available online via the Toolband shop (not the Toolarmy one!). Posters include San Diego, Fresno and the two San Francisco shows. You can also still grab posters from Brisbane and Florida on previous tours as well. No word on whether or not further show posters will be made available.

Here’s my pick of the bunch, the one from Fresno:

Speaking of posters Fourtheye Subscriber Tim managed to score a free copy of the San Francisco show courtesy of the most recent subscriber giveaway.

Paul releases Lesser Key

Former Tool bass player Paul D’Amour released his the first album from his band Lesser Key on April 1 on Sumerian Records. You can stream the whole album officially via Youtube, and if and when you’re ready, buy the thing via Amazon.

“Freedom is a double-edged sword…we are inspired to create from the ugly as well as the beautiful.” The Los Angeles based rock group, LESSER KEY represents an exploration into personal and artistic freedom. The group consists of Andrew Zamudio, Brett Fanger, Justin Hanson and Paul D’Amour (founding Tool bassist)

For the video of their debut single, “Intercession,” the band collaborated with director Brian Butler who they first met at his performance of “The Bartzabel Working” (Butler, Kenneth Anger and James Franco’s adaptation of an Aleister Crowley ritual)

The group recently finished their debut EP with producer Sylvia Massy (System of a Down, Tool, Johnny Cash) seeing a street date on April 1st 2014 through Sumerian Records.

Sumerian Founder Ash Avildsen states:
“Lesser Key’s songwriting and passion for their craft immediately mesmerized me upon discovering them. Rock music needs a band like this right now: a hypnotic candle amidst neon lights.”

“It is exciting working with a label like Sumerian because they are willing to try new things. Most of the bands they choose to work with usually have a different flavor or progressive element to them that’s not typical of other bands. We are excited to add to the diversity of the roster with our artistry and music.”

Official Merch: http://bit.ly/1bTlnKZ


Here’s the track Intercession: