10,000 Days

More UK Shows, COSM, Coachella

Several posts from Blair on Toolband/Army this morning.  Most importantly, the tour dates for the UK have been confirmed, and apparently more European dates will be confirmed soon:


Blair also had the chance to watch Tool rehearse recently in an LA sound stage, and got to see, not only the news songs and set list, but also the visuals that will be coming with the show.  Fans going to see them at Coachella this weekend will NOT be dissappointed.  Damn, wish I was there…..

Finally, it looks like the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors is having a couple of sales, mainly of prints of the “Net of Being” artwork which is being used for the 10,000 Days cover.  Tool have also provided Alex with some 10,000 Days CD’s which he has autographed and is selling for $20.  The other thing Blair doesn’t mention, is that COSM are running a competition for some live tickets for Tool in New York.  Each $5 donation will give you one chance to win, so get your chequebooks out.

More Packaging Pictures on TA

blksun on Toolarmy has the CD, and has posted many more images on Toolarmy. Just in case you were wondering, there are stereoscopic images of all four members of the band. Looks like the booklet will be well worth the wait.

The Midnight Sales list has been updated, with a few more US and Canadian dates. If you have any sales I haven’t included on the list, let me know before it’s too late!

Triple J Feature, More NZ Midnight Sales

In the Triple J newsletter this it mentioned that 10,000 Days will be the feature album next week.

Gerard tells me that the Real Groovy stores in New Zealand will also be opening at midnight, and they are yet to advertise any kind of shortage.

438 Queen Street, Auckland Central

250 Cuba Street, Wellington Central

179 Tuam Street

59 Great King Street

10,000 Days Shortage saga continues…..

Looks like New Zealand may running out of 10,000 Days CD’s also. According to Sounds:


Hope those Kiwi NZ fans have pre-ordered…

Thanks to xpandnz on Toolnavy for the tip.

Midnight in New Zealand

Midnight Sales are coming thick and fast now.  No sooner do I post one lot, then I get email another!  Thanks to Jack_C this time for bring us up to date with sales in New Zealand.

Looks like the Sounds chain are having midnight sales on the 1st of May.  Even better, Jack tells me if you purchase the CD you go into the running to see Tool in Las Vegas!  Here are the locations:

  • Auckland:191 Queen Street
  • Hamilton: Ward Street
  • Wellington: 326 Lambton Quay
  • Christchurch: 107 Cashel Street
  • Dunedin: 254 George Street

More Midnight Sales

Big thanks to Jan for letting me know about a couple of midnight sales in Belgium/Europe. The midnight sales are also for the new Pearl Jam CD (bleah!). Buyers will receive a mousemat with the PJ CD, and a hat with the Tool CD.

Here are the addresses:

Bilbo Antwerpen
Oude Korenmarkt 58
2000 Antwerpen
03 / 226 84 80

Bilbo Brugge
Noordzandstraat 82
8000 Brugge
050 / 33 40 11

Overpoortstraat 57,
9000 Gent
09 / 222 63 65

Bilbo Leuven
H. Hooverplein 15,
3000 Leuven
016 / 29 44 72

Ottawa Midnight Sale, Artwork Leaked

Green Lantern has let me know that there will be a Midnight Sale in Ottawa, Canada in the HMV on Sparks Street.  If you want to see if there are any midnight sales in your area then check our list!

Looks like someone has gone to the trouble of photographing the entire 10,000 Days insert, and rev.natas was kind enough to privide me with several links.  Looks great to me:

More Packaging……

Ravenskull just sent me this link which has another picture of the 10,000 Days packaging. In respect to those wanting to hold out until the CD is released, I’ve posted just the link….

Looks pretty damn good to me. Was there ever any doubt?

Edit:  Old link broken, try here instead.

10,000 Days being played on Triple J

Turns out Triple J has started playing tracks off 10,000 Days on the radio.  Apparently Jambi was played this morning, and then The Pot was played later on this afternoon.  Those wanting to avoid hearing songs until buying the CD may want to tune out…..

Thanks to Elle for that tip!

10000 Days Stereoscopic Ark Hoax

Archival update: Sadly the website that contained these images is not closed. I don’t have a copy of them, but if anyone does, then let me know and I’ll host them on Fourtheye. hellboy – 14-Jul-2015

Mr. Beadle emailed me this morning with this long email outlining the Stereoscopic Ark hoax that he perpetrated in the leadup of the release of Tool‘s 10000 Days.

OK, seeing as the real thing is leaking now – and there is nothing I can do about that – I think its time I stepped up and owned up to this. Its been fun.

When the first tool scans leaked I saw an opportunity, it started as a game, a bit of fun because I didn’t for one second think anyone would buy what I was doing. But you did. Lots of you did, so I went further, I did more. Im flattered by all of you who debated my shit, whether you liked it or not. I’de like to apologize to all the people who may have been staring into computer screens believing the following images to be stereoscopic, they are not – but you know what they say; “lie to yourself enough and it becomes truth” – im flattered.

I’de also like to add that Tool are a fucking great band. I didn’t do this to rip them off. I did it out of curiosity, nothing more.

Right, now I know there will be the inevitable doubters out there, so I better set about proving myself, along with a bit of shameless self promotion.

The first image, the ark;

this is from a 3D model i did whilst at university, and haha yes it does look like a chevy, here is a freeze frame from the original animation i did,

infact you can see clips of this in motion here:


leak number two:

this is from two pictures that both come from the same ark animation, some stills

right the last one,

The original:

Thanks y’all its been fun. If anyone is interested;

have a gander, or ya can just peep this


If anyone wants to send hate –

Thanks everyone, fun was had.


Mr Beadle

So there you have it. Hope everyone had a good laugh. Presumably the rest of the stereoscopic pics we’re seeing are real, since it’s kinda hard to fake Maynard and Adam.

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