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Adam Jones and King Buzzo project emerges

Found in a toilet at the recent show in Houston was a CD claiming to be from an Adam Jones and King Buzzo project called Bleeder. It seems to be related to the Instagram video Adam posted back in February.

Here’s what is published on the Tool Army Members Facebook page (thanks to Kat for the tip):

This little gem was found in a bathroom at Toyota Centre Houston at the Tool concert.

The Silver.
The ‘Y’ Incision’, part of the Cal McDonald series, is experimenting with an audio accompaniment to enhance the reading experience. Jones will be composing and producing, whilst it’s up to Buzzo to perform the musical segments. Bloody Pulp Books are publishing the effort.

It comes with a photo of the CD as well:

And a clip of the track can be found on Youtube:

It was King Buzzo’s 50th birthday on the 25th of March, so could be a birthday present of sorts…

Adam reported as saying the new album is 100% finished?

In news just at hand, it’s being reported on some sites that Adam has mentioned at VIP sessions that the album is 100% finished, and will be released later this year. From an article from Aussie site Crave Online:

At a pre-show VIP meet & greet in Portland, OR on Thursday afternoon on the band’s current tour, guitarist Adam Jones confirmed to our exclusive source that the alien-prog rock maestros’ new album is “100% done” and should arrive later this year. Aside from a mention of different time signatures than their previous work, there is no other information to report at the moment. The confirmation is certainly enough to get pulses racing, however.

Potentially very exciting news for impatient Tool fans, but let’s wait for something a little more official for now…

Update: for now this sounds like it’s 100% bs…

Adam donates doodled Tool posters to Clive Barker Kickstarter

It appears Adam is a big fan of Clive Barker‘s work, and when Clive recently used Kickstarter to fund a new project of his, Adam was on hand to help out:

Adam is a collector of Clive’s work- and even better, an incredibly nice guy. He’s a rare blend of talent, brilliance, enthusiasm, and gentle insight, and hearing him talk about art reveals why his own success as an artist isn’t an accident.

Adam is a massive creative force himself, and in addition to his musical talents is a gifted artist in multiple mediums.

These tour posters were illustrated and designed by Adam, and to make them even more special they were autographed by all four band members.

And is if that wasn’t enough, Adam took some time yesterday to draw on each poster to make it something absolutely unique to this campaign to raise funds for archiving and sharing Clive’s inspirational artwork.

The four posters are available as single tiers on the Kickstarter project, each one having it’s own price starting at $700 with a special double poster going for $1500. At time of writing none of these have yet sold.

Update: It appears that they have all sold!

Adam posts something…

Adam posted a video on Instagram and Facebook this morning hinting at some kind of remix with King Buzzo:

King Buzz & jones remix while monitoring infrared oscillating robot cradle baby’ness #KingBuzzo #kingBuzz #BleedeR

It sounds like something Tool may have played around with between songs, and also has some ambient noise which may or may not be the sound of an audience. Is this part of the curveball? Some kind of Live DVD? Salival 2?

Adam posts 3D printing video

Adam posted an interesting video on Facebook today. It seems to show some form of 3D printing, and includes the caption “A hail stone storm ~ New Pre Production ~ thank you #Ultimaker3dPrinter“.

Not sure if this is in any way Tool related, but the video does seem to show the subject of the printing, and while it’s quite vague, it could well be the head of some type of figure. Perhaps Tool are looking at releasing some replica’s of character from their videos?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see if and when they get around to announcing this “curveball”…

Tool to release anniversary editions of Sober figures?

Adam posted a couple of hours on Instagram:

Original head that I sculpted 20yrs ago for our ‘Sober’ video. *We are talking about a possible anniversary limited run of this character..? #Tool #sober @barry_mccockener @puscifer #JustinChancellor

Could the curveball be some kind of Sober Re-issue? There’s been plenty of speculation that the curveball could be some kind of Salival type package containing HD versions of their videos. Perhaps a limited edition of this could also include a replica of the Sober character?

Why can we not be Soooooberrrrrrrr!