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Alex Grey at Burning Man

Alex Grey fans should take a look at this link on the CoSM site, which has a couple of slideshows from the recent Burning Man FestivalTool fans should check it out, since some of the banners from the Lateralus tour were on display.  Those whole like looking at men in sarongs should also check it out…

Alex Grey’s Tool Book

Blksun from Toolarmy shared with me today an email from Amazon, saying that they delayed book Tool by Alex Grey has been published, and will be available in 4-6 Weeks.  Good news for those out there looking forward to this.  There are many rumours that the live DVD will accompany this book, however given Tool’s recent statements about the live DVD not being done, it would seem this is unlikely

CoSM, Drum Magazine

According the the recent CoSM Newsletter I received, Alex Grey will be at the Burning Man festival this year.  One of the features of his display will be the Sacred Mirror banners that Tool used on their Lateralus tour.

Bastardometer from Toolarmy tells me that Danny will be featured in the new Drum Magazine.  The magazine will also feature tabs(?) for Vicarious on drums.

Alex Grey Video?

Just got an announcement from the COSM webmaster saying that there’s a couple of previews of a video that Adam and Alex Grey have been working on in an undisclosed location in LA.  Check out these videos here:

Vicarious perhaps?

Entheocentric Salon

According to the latest Chapel of Sacred Mirrors email, there will be an Entheocentric Salon after the Himalayan voices show on May the 20th. What the hell is an Entheocentric Salon you ask?

I have no idea, but according to the program Alex Grey will be doing a Tool talk at 1AM. Entry costs $20 and includes both Audio and Video presentations and music.

Alex Grey & Adam Jones interview

Jonathon submitted this link to me this morning, which contains a very interesting interview with both Alex Grey and Adam Jones in relation to the Tool’s 10,000 Days artwork. The article also contains a few audio and visual samples for you all to enjoy.

One important thing mentioned is that the Vicarious video, which features Grey’s artwork should be out early July.

Alex Grey Listening Party Pictures

End Eye Quote from Toolarmy has posted some awesome pictures of the 10,000 Days listening party held at Alex Grey’s Chapel of Sacred Mirrors last Friday. Check them out here.

COSM 10,000 Days Listening Party

Blair mentioned on Toolband/Army today that there will be a listening party at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in New York City on Friday May the 5th from 10pm-Midnight. Feel free to head over there and hobnob with Alex Grey and his mates. More details to come…..

Tool Interview with Beat

James sent me the link to this interview with Tool today from the Australian Beat website. Quite an interesting interview. Suggests that Alex Grey is working with Adam on the new video, which was something I was unaware of, though not particularly surprising either.

Also talks about an Australian tour, and while nothing has been booked, they’d like to be here this year, but if not will definitely be here in the next 12 months.

Alex Grey Comments, 10,000 Days Review?

Smoothcriminal from Toolarmy visited the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors this weekend, and had the opportunity to watch a presentation from Alex Grey. In regards to the new Tool CD Alex said:

He is very happy to be working with Tool again, He said the new album is “fucking incredible”, and regarding the CD packaging; “the unit itself is like nothing anyone has ever done before”….

Copro also from Toolarmy posted this review of 10,000 Days he found in UK’s Rock Sound Magazine:

10,000 Days
The expectations built up from the five year absence would be too much for most bands to bear, but as 10,000 Days reminds us, TOOL are not like most bands. From the outset, it is clear that the LA prog-metal pioneers have found another notch on their guitar amps, but the increase in volume and power has not been made at the expense of their usual complexity. Although never a cheery soul at the best of times, Maynard James Keenans lyrical tack has not been this bleak since their earliest days, but bad times and horrible thoughts have again led TOOL to some great music. Another triumph conjured with adversity rather than against it.
Hardeep Phull

No idea how legitimate this interview is, but it reveals nothing we don’t already know. In fact, I bet any of you out there could write a better review without even hearing the CD. Feel free to do so below….

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