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Aloke Dutta and his band SWATI.

June 2008 Newsletter

As promised, Blair released the June 2008 newsletter, and this time it contains some “details” of what’s up in the Tool world. Head over to Toolband/Army to read it, but here’s my summary.

Adam is:

  • working on some undisclosed entertainment industry related project? Guitar Hero perhaps?
  • also involved in the construction of some future band-related endeavor. Building a recording studio perhaps?
  • Spending time playing Halo 3 and watching Baseball games with Buzz

Danny is:

  • spending lots of time in his loft studio gearing up for some music-related enterprise. Writing new material? Pigmy Love Circus record?
  • performing with Volto!
  • writing a book with Blair
  • other stuff including driving his lamborghini, painting his house, etc.

Justin is:

  • building a new house
  • working on new Tool riffs
  • possibly working on another musical project
  • revamping Lobal Orning at some point

Maynard is:

  • working on wine and Puscifer as outlined on his Myspace site
  • hopefully looking after his vocal chords

Tool are:

  • working to complete a couple of new projects
  • one of these is very close to becoming a reality

So there you have it. No detail really, but we didn’t expect that.

Aloke OK, Volto! coming soon

According to a recent post by Blair on Toolband/Army, Aloke is recovering well from his heart surgery in his home town of Shantiniketan, India. Good news…

Also, Volto! will be playing at the Knitting Factory in LA on March 15. Make sure you grab a ticket!  prepare yourself, here’s a cool drum solo courtesy of rnp2003 from Toolarmy.

Finally, for those that missed it, there’s a new NIN album out today.

Aloke Dutta in Hospital

According to a new post on Toolband/Army, Blair reports that Aloka Dutta has suffered a heart attack while in India and is now recovering from a grafting bypass procedure.  Here’s hoping that one of Tool‘s and Danny‘s biggest influences has a speedy recovery.

Aloke Dutto releases New CD

According to Perusha on Toolarmy, Aloka Dutta is about to release a new CD called Spondaic Oblation.  No more info than that for the moment, but I’m sure Blair will let us know more soon enough.

Slow News Week

Not much exciting happening in the world of Tool this week. Here’s a couple of items posted on Toolarmy/Band in the last week:

  • Volto are playing at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood on the 10th of November.
  • Aloke Dutta is accepting new students for Tabla lessons. These lessons are held in LA and are one-on-one lessions. Contact him at for more information.

If you’re still bored, check out this picture of my new puppy Harley!


Just a final couple of things on the Toolarmy Crowleymas chat.

It will start at 9pm PST (2pm AEST 13th Oct.) and the chat rooms should be back up sometime before then, though as I write this I seemed to be able to login, but not able to do anything.

Guests Include:

  • Adam, Maynard and & Danny. No Justin because he’s away.
  • Alex Grey
  • Aaron from Isis
  • kaRIN and Statik from Collide
  • Scott, Sasha, Jeff and Camella from Butcher
  • Hopefully Buzz and Dale from The Melvins
  • Maybe Aloke Dutta and John Zeigler
  • Maybe some others? Axl Rose?

See you all there and don’t forget to say hello to me (hellboy)!

TA Chat + Aloke + BDO

Toolband/Army are reporting that on the 12th of October the members of Tool, as well as some of the guys from Isis, Butcher, Collide, The Melvins, Pigmy Love Circus and Volto! Now that’s a line up. Will we hear anything new regarding the recordings? Who knows but it’s sure to be a lot of fun. It’s only open to Toolarmy members currently, so if you’re not a member, too bad, but I’m sure you’ll get the info precisley 0.616 seconds after we do. More details are to come.

Also mentioned is the fact that Aloke Dutta’s products are now available in Japan. These include his Books, CD’s and Videos. Go to for more details.

The first announcement for the Australian Big Day Out is tomorrow, and I’ve got to say at this stage I’d consider it pretty unlikely that Tool will get a mention. Current rumours suggest that Beck, The White Stripes, Frans Ferdinand (bleah!) and Iggy and the Stooges will be the main acts this year. I’ll let you all know tomorrow what actually happens…..

Vinyl, Aloke and Daily Grail Updates

Anohter update on Toolband and Toolarmy indicates that:

  • The Autographed Lateralus Vinyl is on it’s way to the printers. Now I’m not an expert on the vinyl printing industry, but I’d suggest that it’d be several weeks before this becomes available. ‘There will be plenty of advance warning’ Blair says (sort of).
  • Aloke Dutta is playing in Norman, Oklahoma on the 19th of August and in Dallas, Texas on the 20th. Put on your 10 gallon hat’s and party with the tabla master.
  • Daily Grail has some Google Earth coordinates for numerous places including Area 51 and Pine Gap. It even looks like Greg from the Daily Grail is an Aussie. Good onya mate! unfortunately no coordinates of Tool members houses. If you have any let me know!
  • For all you Google Earth (or NASA World Wind) fans out there, try and find me in Yeppoon, Queensland!

Aloke + Vinyl Pics

Another day, another new post on Toolband about something other than Tool……

This time it’s about their Tabla playing mate Aloke Dutta, who’s got three shows on in August, the first of which will be in Santa Barbara at the Mercury Lounge. Apparently the other shows will be in Oklahoma and Texas. Yeehaw!

For those Laterauls Vinyl lovers, and those that just missed out in the recent sale, heres a pic I grabbed from the website of the in demand item.

Prying Open

About two years ago, I discovered RSS feeds. As simple method of streaming information and news from a correctly set up website.

Shortly after that I discovered a Blog, the Living Colour Blog, which outlined the news and events of the band Living Colour. It included an RSS feed, which I find makes life very easy to collect the kind of information I wanted about the band.

Today, as I searched for some information on my favorite band, Tool, I found that there was no such equivalent website/RSS feed. So here it is.

The goals of this Blog include not only collecting Tool news and events, but also the various side projects and other goings on involving the four members of Tool. This will include, but is not restricted to A Perfect Circle, Pigmy Love Circus, etc.

This site is not meant to override any of the other great Tool recources out there, this is simply to provide an RSS link to the information, as well as some possible commentry on the events.

Thanks for joining me on this ride, and feel free to comment at any time, as well as submitting any information that I and any other Tool finds may find useful.


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