NZ Tour Rumours

Dan emailed me today that he read in a recent copy of the New Zealand music Magazine Rip It Up:

I was reading in the latest Rip It Up (NZ music mag) that reporter David Farrier happened to be on the same flight as Tool when he went to one of their shows in the States towards the end of the touring. He asked them the obvious question: “When will you come back to NZ?” The answer (from Adam) was “Spring, but don’t quote me on that.” So he quoted him and put it in a magazine. I imagine if they will play NZ again then they will play Oz too.

I guess the reporter didn’t pay too much attention to the “don’t quote me on that” part!

Obviously this is far from any kind of confirmation, but certainly gives some hope to seeing them again.  I presume Spring means our Autumn, so I guess we can expect to see dates for sometime in April or May, if at all.  As a general rule of thumb, concert dates for big bands have at least to months notice, so I’d rule out any chance of them being here in March or early April.  I’d say if anything, a May tour is most likely.

Anyone else catch this article, or hear anything else?

365 Days ago

I was basking in the Sydney sun at the Big Day Out preparing for the second of two Tool shows. It seems so long ago…

Last 10,000 Days show?

Both the Tool Hotline and a couple of reviews on Toolnavy are saying that Maynard announced at the last Las Vegas show that it would be the last one for the 10,000 Days tour.  Looks like we may not get another Tool tour down under after all, unless he was just talking about the US.

On a brighter note, here’s another one of those posters courtesy of CP:

DVD via CoSM, Tour Rumours

Just a couple of quickies for you. Firstly PlayingNaked showed me this piece of hidden (from my Gmail account anyway) info in the latest CoSM newsletter:

Limited quantities of the TOOL VICARIOUS DVD signed by Alex Grey will be available as soon as we get them and will have the option to be shipped by FedEX in time for Christmas delivery. Please keep checking the websites for details.

Secondly dickleiper tells us that Tool are pencilled in to play at the TSB Arena in Wellington, New Zealand sometime in March 2008  The way things are going I’d expect a Aus/NZ tour announcement sometime before Xmas.

Vicarious DVD, Aussie Tour…

Indridcold on Toolarmy posted this today. Not sure how legit it is, but is fucking hope it’s true…


– VICARIOUS – Extended 8 minute version
– The startlingly creative music video for Vicarious, the massive first single from 2006’s 10,000 days, is presented for the first time in this short form DVD.
– The DVD includes a documentary that takes you through the history of Adam Jones’ visual effects work, and the process and people involved in the creation of the all CGI video.
– Audio commentary on the DVD by comedian David Cross.
– A tour of Alex Grey’s COSM.

Unique tri-fold soft pack with stereoscopic lenses and CGI stereoscopic images from the Vicarious video.


Sounds pretty good to me. The contents of the DVD sound pretty much like I expected.

Tool in Australia/NZ in March?

There’s been much discussion of Tool‘s recently announced US West Coast tour on Fourtheye, and in particular what this means for the promised Australian and New Zealand tour.  According to Cognizant:

I was logging in today to see what had been heard about the place as my mate who does some work for the Events Centre here in Wellington (and has been keeping me in the loop) sent me an email yesterday and this is what she had to say :

“So we were skimming through all of the upcoming events and noticed that the November Tool concert date has miraculously shifted into March next year. What the?!
That said; they have (again) only put it in as a first pencil so there’s no guarantee that they’ll actually go ahead with it but hey…
The cool thing is that they’re trying to book the 19th until the 21st, which tells me that if they did go ahead with it, there’s the possibility of two concerts…”

So – everybody keep their fingers crossed I guess


Although having said that I can’t see Wellys getting 2 concerts so maybe they’re just pencilling a ‘window’

This sounds reasonably legit to me, and works well with another comment that I read which suggested that due to Danny’s injury earlier this year, all tours except the European one have been delayed, which would explain the sudden US tour announcement, and the movement of the Aust/NZ tour to 2008.

We’ll just have to wait and see I guess.

Poll Results: Your plans for the upcoming Australian Tour?

Last week I asked what you guys planned on doing for the next Australian tour.  I know that in January many of you saw more than on show, some travelled around Australia, while others saw both the Big Day Out show and a sideshow.  Given that Tool are reportedly going to tour second time this year, how many shows do you plan on catching this time around?

Well, most of you responded it was too expensive or too far away, and I suspect too far away is the most likely answer here, given that many Fourtheye readers aren’t Aussies at all!  The rest of the poll items were reasonably close, with most of you preferring to see only shows in your own state, or only one show.

Personally I’ll be seeing them only once, since I doubt there would be more than one show in Adelaide.  However, if Adelaide wasn’t included in the itenerary (and I doubt Maynard would let that happen) I’d try and get tickets to see them in Melbourne or Sydney.

Here’s the results :

  1. It’ll be too expensive or too far away from me 120 Votes
  2. Just one show 49 Votes
  3. I’ll see every show in my town/state 39 Votes
  4. I’m going to do a road trip and see 3+ shows 29 Votes
  5. I plan on seeing every show in every state 28 Votes
  6. I hated 10,000 Days so won’t be going 16 Votes

New poll coming soon!

New Poll: Your plans for the upcoming Australian Tour?

This week I ask what you plan on doing for the rumoured Australian tour later this year.  Considering that Tool were last here less than 12 months ago, and are touring on the back of an album some of you consider to be sub-standard, how many shows do you plan on seeing?

Aussie dates coming soon?

Auroboros from Toolarmy emailed me today, to tell me that his Mum tells him that Tool have been booked by Frontier Touring and will be playing in Melbourne on the 9th or 10th of December.  The dates sound about right based on Maynard‘s comments earlier this year, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see as to how accurate this rumour is…..

Danny Drumskin on Trademe

Spongebob from Toolnavy pointed out that there is a Danny Carey drumskin from the New Zealand Big Day Out on Trade Me.  The current bidding price is $100 (New Zealand I presume).

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