Happy Birthday Danny!

I don’t always wish band members Happy Birthday on here any more, but since I was sent a special photo by reader slaamri I have a nice photo of some signed merch to share.

From slaamri to Danny:

Happy birthday from France!

And I know the sentiment is expressed worldwide! Hopefully all those at the Tool show this evening will give him a solid rendition of Happy Birthday to You.

There’s also a few snaps of the great man from Blair on Facebook:

Adam’s Birthday, Isis’ Gift

Happy Birthday to Adam, who turned 44 on the 15th of January. Also revealed on Toolband/Army is the fact that Adam will be the guest on the upcoming Isis album, not Maynard as speculated…

Happy Birthday Justin, More Puscifer Rumblings

According to my calendar it’s Justin‘s Birthday today (the 19th of November), so if you’re reading – have a good one!

Also, Blabbermouth (and a couple of other sources) are still reporting that Maynard is planning a series of Puscifer gigs at the Palms in Las Vegas in February next year.

Maynard’s Birthday

….was yesterday. Having said that, it’s still his birthday in the US, so I’m sure he’s taking some time to enjoy a nice glass of wine. Have a good one!

Happy Birthday Danny

Seems that Danny’s birthday isn’t in my calendar for some reason, so I missed wishing him a good one in Australian time. Still better late that never. To celebrate, here’s compilation or all Danny’s “drum-cam” stuff from his website. 21 minutes of Tool drumming goodness starting off with my favorite of the lot – Triad:

Happy Birthday Maynard

As Maynard enjoys his 51st Birthday, so shall we all enjoy this video from CptCookies:

Adam Jones turns 50

Adam celebrates a big birthday this year as he hits the big 50. Hopefully birthday celebrations include writing some more tunes, and spending some quality time with his new family and friends.

To celebrate, Artist Direct have produced a list of Top 10 Adam Jones Leads. There’a few there I don’t necessarily agree with, but perhaps you guys do? Feel free to let us know in the comments.

Here he is with one of his buddies, Chet Zar:

Maynard hits 50

April is a popular month for birthdays it appears, and while other sites may be struggling to remember, here at Fourtheye we’d like to say Happy Birthday to Maynard on his 50th year. Maynard will be partying with a couple of Cinquanta shows in May featuring A Perfect Circle, Puscifer and Failure. Word is this won’t be your ordinary show and could feature a few collaborations and guests.

It is customary (when I remember) to post a video capturing some of the finest work of the birthday boy, and this year is no exception. In my opinion, the best recording of Maynard’s vocals is on Salival, in particular the Third Eye cut. For your listening pleasure:

Happy Birthday Danny

Danny was born waaaaaay back on May 10, 1961 (at least according to Wikipedia) and today, being the 52nd anniversary of his entry to this world, it is customary, at least on Fourtheye, to post a video of his finest work. Today’s video, is a version of Jambi from last weeks show in Adelaide. It features some nice work from Danny and his machinery. Those still waiting to see Tool in Japan may want to skip the video in order to avoid spoilers – you’ve been warned!

Happy Birthday Adam!

It’s Adam’s birthday in this part of the world, and as is tradition I shall post a Youtube video that contains some of his best work. The album 10,000 Days was pretty strong in regards to Adam’s guitar work, and while it’s easy to highlight Jambi as a defining solo, I actually think the solos in the 10,000 Days (Wings Part 2) track are the best on the album. Maynard may object, but here’s a decent recording of it live:

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