Sip Wine announce Caduceus and Merkin wine sales for Aussies

Matt from Sip Wine emailed me this evening letting me know that bottles of Caduceus and Merkin Vineyards wine are now available to Australian customers. From the press release:

Only 300 bottles of Caduceus Cellars and 300 bottles of Merkin Vineyards 2012’s have ever left North America, and Australia has them.

Delivery Australia Wide, Free shipping for orders over $350

VISA, Mastercard and Amercan Express Accepted

Only Available at

These are the same guys who made some Merkin and Arizona Stronghold Wine available to Australians in the last couple of years. The wine is expensive, and I’m sure there will be some debate as to their value for money, but for those that want o support Maynard in his wine-making this is a good chance. Make sure you let them know Fourtheye sent you!

Maynard and Eric part ways on Arizona Stronghold

Citing “Artistic differences”, it appears Maynard and Eric Glomski have ended their partnership with Arizona Stronghold:

Maynard James Keenan, the lead singer of Tool, has ended his association with Arizona Stronghold, leaving the state’s best-selling and highest-volume winery without an asset that led to its initial popularity.

Under the deal, Keenan will take possession of Arizona Stronghold’s southern Arizona vineyard, which he will rename. Eric Glomski, the other co-founder, will keep the winery in Camp Verde and rights to the Arizona Stronghold brand.

More details can be found on the full article on Arizona Central.

Maynard’s work with Eric was outlined in the documentary Blood Into Wine.

Volto! and Caduceus update

John Z from Volto! has given us an update on the coming album via Facebook, posting the back cover of an advance CD, as well as hinting at the date 23rd of July. It’s probably a safe assumption that the date mentioned is the release date for their new album, which according to the cover will be distributed by the Concord Music Group:

It’s also been revealed that Maynard‘s Caduceus winery is contributing to a combined wine called Kindred. From the article:

It was wine used as conversation starter. Four Arizona winemakers figured they could use the collaboration as an excuse to get together and talk regularly.

The resulting wine, Kindred, might also spark conversation among Arizona oenophiles.

Kindred is a project of winemakers from Arizona Stronghold Vineyards, Dos Cabezas WineWorks, Caduceus Cellars and Callaghan Vineyards. Each winery donated a barrel of wine to the project, the contents of which were poured into a tank.


Keenan embraced the idea, not only to work with other winemakers, but also to show the buying public that the region had matured.

“It drives home the idea … that the state is valid when you see the winemakers kind of standing together,” Keenan said. “Up until now, it’s a new region, so everybody’s been fighting for their space on the playground a little bit. Once we get over those growing pains a bit, we can show that it’s better if we’re marching forward, arms locked.”

Sounds interesting.

Sip & Listen pre-Tool wine tasting events

I had a chat with my mate Matt from Sip & Listen Wines this afternoon, and I asked him to summarise for me the wine tasting events prior to each Australia Tool show. For your convenience, here is his response:

All tastings are FREE. You will be able to purchase the wines and they will be sent to your home or office in the coming days. So you don’t need to take them to the concert.

All tastings except Brisbane are within walking distance of the concert. These tastings will be busy so be early & most venues have food on-site or close by that can be purchased to munch on before the concert

Melbourne – Post Office Hotel – 90 Swan St, Richmond – 4-7pm Saturday 27th April & Sunday 28th April

Adelaide – Lady Daly Hotel -126 Port Rd Hindmarsh 4-7pm Tuesday 30th April

Sydney – Quest Hotel Sydney Olympic Park 6 Edwin Flack Ave, Sydney Olympic Park – 4-7pm Friday 3rd May & Saturday 4th May

Brisbane – Wine Experience – 3 Day Tasting 150 Baroona Rd in Rosalie Village. 10am-8pm on Saturday 4th, Sunday 5th & Monday 6th 10am-8pm.

I’ll be there for the Adelaide one, so feel free to swing by and taste some wine with me!

Fancy dinner with Maynard?

Want to hob nob with Maynard in a fancy Beverly Hills restaurant while enjoying some fine food paired expertly with his wine? Scarpetta in Beverly Hills are offering you that opportunity on Saturday the 23rd of March for the low, low price of $200 per head:

Sadly Die Eier Von Satan didn’t make the menu, but I’m sure it will be a great night – just don’t ask Maynard about Tool!

Caduceus Cellars and Merkin Vineyards win a bunch of awards

According to a recent post on Toolband, it appears Maynard‘s hard work has been paying off with several of his wines recieving a bunch of awards. Here’s the list:

Festival at the Farm/Arizona Wine Growers Association Competition:
2010 Caduceus Cellars Nagual de la NAGA SILVER medal
2010 Caduceus Cellars Anubis BRONZE medal
2011 Caduceus Cellars Lei Li Nebbiolo Rose’ SILVER medal
2011 Merkin Vineyards Chupacabra Blanca BRONZE medal

Judges Favorites:
2011 Merkin Vineyards The Diddler
2011 Caduceus Cellars Velvet Slippers Club Chenin Blanc
2011 Merkin Vineyards Shinola

Wines of Distinction:

2011 Caduceus Cellars Dos ladrones
2010 Caduceus Cellars Primer Paso
2011 Merkin Vineyards Shinola
2011 Merkin Vineyards The Diddler

The San Francisco International Wine Competition:

2011 Caduceus Cellars Dos ladrones GOLD Medal
2010 Caduceus Cellars Anubis SILVER medal

Jefferson Cup 2012:

2010 Caduceus Cellars Nagual del MARZO GOLD Medal (Medal of Excellence)
2010 Caduceus Cellars Kitsune SILVER Medal (Medal of Merit)
2010 Caduceus Cellars Anubis SILVER Medal (Medal of Merit)
2010 Caduceus Cellars Le Cortigiane ONESTE SILVER Medal (Medal of Merit)
2010 Caduceus Cellars Primer Paso SILVER Medal (Medal of Merit)

Congratulations to Maynard and the whole Arizona crew.

Tool pillows and other money spending opportunities

Looks like the Tool pillows Blair mentioned are now available for purchase via the Toolband store just in time for Xmas. Turns out they are made from old band shirts, so if you’ve put on weight while waiting for the new Tool album, perhaps you could drag out some of your old shirts and make your own! If you’re not so inclinded to sew, then they can be purchased for $35 each (plus postage). Here’s a pic of the Da’ath Interbeing one (there’s also a Net of Being one):

Aussies who like wine and spending money may be interested in some of the MJK wine and DVD packages being offered by Cracka Wines. There are two packages you can go for:

For those feeling especially generous, you could always consider making a donation or subscribing to Fourtheye!

Blood Into Wine screenings Down Under

Sip & Listen are presenting three special Blood Into Wine screenings on the East Coast of Australia next month. For $30 you can enjoy a screening of the movie, as well as a glass of Maynard’s Caduceus wine:

  • 3rd October 2012 – The Gasometer (Melbourne)
  • 4th October 2012 – The Oak Barrel (Sydney)
  • 5th October 2012 – October & Blue Room Cinebar (Brisbane)

For tickets please send an email to

Arizona Stronghold wines reach Australia

Some of you Aussies ordered some of the Merkin Vineyards 2006 Chuapacabra earlier this year. Matt from the Wine Experience emailed me this evening to give me the exclusive on the next shipment of Maynard’s wines, due this weekend. He says:

The Arizona Stronghold wines have arrived early and will be released this weekend online through Wine Experience. We could only get 20 cases (240 bottles) of Arizona Stronghold Nachise 2010 to Australia. Also available in very limited quantities will be the Arizona Stronghold Tazi White 2010 & Dayden Rose 2010, This is the first time Arizona Wines have ever left North America and the only time the 2010 vintage will be available of any Arziona Stronghold Wines. I doubt we will see anymore Nachise for a long time as their 2011 vintage was descimated by frost and weather and only very small quantities were produced.

These wines should go on sale via the Wine Experience site on either Friday or Saturday. The price should be approximately $55 for the Nachise, $40 for the Tazi and $30 for the Dayden Rose, and I expect postage is extra on top of that.

There will be no reservation system this time around, it will be first in best dressed on their website, however those who signed up to reserve the Chuapacabra will get prior warning via email, so keep an eye on your inbox if you’re keen.

Anyone tried these wines before? If so let us know by commenting below.

Caduceus to be featured on Hollywood and Vines TV show

I was doing my usual Tool news trawling this morning, and came across this article today, which hinted at Maynard being featured on a TV show called Hollywood and Vines.  After a bit of searching I discovered this was indeed the case and Maynard’s Caduceus Cellars should feature in the first episode of Season Three:

Year Three starts with a big bang. Michael Buble headlines an intimate outdoor concert at Beringer Vineyards in Napa we also talk to winemaker Laurie Hook and visit downtown Napa with Executive Chef Ken Frank at La Toque after a walk through the sensational The Westin Verasa Napa! Then it’s off to Phoenix Arizona and the Hollywood and Wine friendly Arizona Biltmore. We throw some food around with the chefs at Frank and Alberts.

This is stunning Cochise Territory where Maynard and his team are making big reds and very drinkable whites. They’re truly on to something special. Maynard’s not just giving us new wines to chase but he’s shining a spotlight on Arizona wines.

Sounds like interesting viewing for those interested in Maynard’s winemaking exploits!

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