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Danny & Blair chat on Children of Saturn

As promised, Danny and Blair had a chat on Rynne’s Children of Saturn show, discussing their trip to France as well as a small update on Tool. They also took a few questions from Facebook, one of which was from yours truly! Here’s a summary of the bits I imagine most of you are interested in:

  • Songwriting is progressing well, especially on the 20 minute epic they’ve mentioned numerous times. Danny mentioned that Justin in particular is quite happy with a recent version of the song. No mention of Maynard at all.
  • Adam didn’t go on his annual trip to the UK this November, which means that the band seem to have found some extra time to work together.
  • No tours or other distractions are on the cards
  • There are no plans for other Tool (non-album) releases or reissues at this stage, however Danny did suggest that the curveball was a video for Opiate that was presumably supposed to be part of that reissue. This may get a proper release soon
  • A working title for one of the new songs is Bouncing Arab.
  • Danny named Rosetta Stoned as the most difficult Tool song to play live.
  • Blair gave the hint “REAL2REEL” in regards to Problem 8. Danny mentioned that there may be such a thing, but didn’t go as far as to validate what Blair was talking about.
  • Danny talked about both Pigmy Love Circus and ZAUM and in particular the likelihood of either releasing something new. He didn’t discount the idea, nor are there any current plans.

That’s about it for now. Nothing to groundbreaking, but a good listen regardless. When a link for the full podcast becomes available I’ll try and remember to post it..

Here’s the link to the podcast.

Danny to appear on Children of Saturn

Danny is set to appear with Blair on the Children of Saturn radio show where, according the blurb below we may get an update on Tool songwriting:


DANNY and I will be Rynne’s guests on her “CHILDREN OF SATURN” internet RADIO program on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 17 (6 PM – 8 PM PST). Among other topics involving the strange and unusual, we will be reminiscing about our adventures at Rennes-le-Chateau in the south of France that we somehow managed to survive back in the mid 1990s. We will also play some select tunes, and YES!, I will ask Danny (or ask Rynne to ask Danny) how things are proceeding with the writing of the next TOOL album.

Should be an interesting show – Rynne normally plays some good tunes,so get on line for what should hopefully be a good Tool update.

Danny on Children of Saturn tonight

Tonight’s Xmas Eve edition of Children of Saturn will feature Danny (who may well give us some form of Xmas update) as well as a debut from Butterscotch Bonnet (not exactly who that is, but I suspect it’s some kind of collaboration between Danny, Rynne and Julie Slick). Tune in here at 6pm Pacific time.

I won’t be listening since I’ll be balls deep in Xmas celebrations, so if Danny does say something of interest to Fourtheye readers, make sure you let me know either by commenting or sending me an email! Merry Xmas*

DC & Julie Slick

*or holiday of choice!

Children of Saturn Podcast now online

The Children of Saturn podcast from the other day is now online, and can be downloaded here. There’s some great music played right the way through, but for people with less time on their hands, the Volto! track is at the 60 minute mark, and Danny talks briefly about Tool right at the end.

Danny’s guest spot on Children of Saturn

It was at short notice, but Danny was the guest on today’s Children of Saturn radio show, which I was lucky enough to hear most of today. The show has been on a break for a couple of months, but started up again this morning and should be back to normal, hopefully with some interesting guests in the coming weeks.

Danny played a range of cool tunes, and spoke about a bunch of things which may interest you guys, even though none of them are huge revelations:

  • He played us a track off the new Volto! album – which was fantastic in my opinion
  • Mentioned that Volto! are playing another show at the Baked Potato this weekend
  • Just waiting on artwork for the new Volto! album. Vinyl lovers will be happy to hear that their format of choice should be available.
  • Pigmy Love Circus are having a reunion show in August.
  • On Tool – “Me, Adam, and Justin are banging away. Trying to get Maynard in there, but you know, no wine before its time.”
  • Bill Bruford from King Crimson recently sent him a miniature snare drum

So there you have it, it was a pretty cool show, plenty of prog rock was played and the chatroom was fun. Looking forward to tuning in again next week provided I’m not working in the office.

Rynne mentioned that a podcast of the show should become available soon, so stay tuned to their Facebook page for details on that.

Danny on Children of Saturn

I’ve been meaning to mention the last few days that Danny is this weeks guest on the Children of Saturn radio show hosted by Rynne. You can tune in via Radio 23. I can’t remember what time the show starts, but I’m pretty sure it’s sometime in the next hour!

Update: Bob has provided me with a link to a recording of the show: Thanks Bob!

Justin on Children of Saturn today

Rynne has confirmed this morning that Justin should be making an appearance on her Children of Saturn show today which starts at 6pm US Pacific time (11am AEST).  I’m sure Justin will talk about a range of stuff, and you can chat with them and other listeners via the chatroom which you can access here.

Justin NOT on Children of Saturn today!

Update: I just read on Facebook this is no longer happening!  Will be rescheduled for July if possible.  Radio show will still be going ahead without him I presume!

Just a gentle reminder that Justin will be the special guest on Rynne’s Children of Saturn radio show today, due to start in about 90 minutes.  Who knows what will happen!  More details can be found here.

Rajas, Puscifer, Yow, Saturn

A bunch of small non-Tool updates for you all this morning. 

Firstly Blair advised us via Toolband that Tool tour mates Rajas will be playing a handful of shows in June:

June 15th – Portland @ Rotture
June 16th – Seattle @ The Comet
June 18th – Vancouver B.C. @ Funky Winkerbeans
June 23rd – Calgary, Sled Island Fest @ Royal Canadian Legion #1
June 24th – Edmonton @ The Starlite Room
June 25th – Vancouver B.C. @ The Railway Club
June 27th – Portland @ East End

And a nicely done video:


Next up is a short Puscifer update which appeared on the Perfect Circle Facebook page:

Interested in Maynard’s latest project, Puscifer? Big news coming soon; join theFacebook page to be one of thefirst to know.

Nothing has appeared on the Puscifer Facebook page as yet, which can be found here.

Lastly, todays Children of Saturn show features The Jesus Lizard/Qui singer and Schism commentator David Yow.  You can find more details on how to tune in here.

Evil Joe on Children of Saturn tonight!

Children of Saturn is a radio show run by Rynne (Danny’s girlfriend) every Monday night (US time) or Tuesday morning (11am AEST) and features a range of special guests and cool tunes.  This weeks show, which starts in a couple of hours features Evil Joe Barresi, who you may recall worked with Tool on 10,000 Days.

While I have no idea what he’s going to talk about tonight, there’s a good chance he might talk about his experiences with our favorite band, and perhaps field a few questions from the chat room.  That and play some kick ass songs!  Details on the radio stream and access to the official chat room can be found here.

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