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Motörhead guitarist Phil Campbell joined Tool on stage in Leipzig, Germany on Monday night. According to Blabbermouth, he playing Sober with the guys, and also allegedly also played with them in Cardiff, though this is the first I’ve heard of it. Here’s hoping Billy Thorpe doesn’t join Tool on stage Down Under…

Edit: According to the tour journal at Distortion Online, Phil played during Swamp Song in Cardiff, and on Sober in Leipzig.

Don’t miss the sleigh, Cam’s Picture

Blair tells us today, that if we expect to get Tool merchandise before Xmas, we had better get out orders in before the 13th of December if you’re in the US, or by the 7th of December if you’re else where. This excludes TA membership packages which I understand are shipped by Yak from an 18th century manufacturing plant in the Himalayas. Also, Blair didn’t define if he was talking about Xmas ’06 or ’07. I guess we’ll all know in about a months time.

TA Yak's in transit
TA Yaks in transit 

Also, Toolarmy members can see a picture taken by Camella from the recent Tool European tour. Hopefully we’ll see some more, since that photo was nice, but no better than many I’ve seen here. We want pictures take from places where normal people can’t go, not ones from the cheap seats.

Tool in Turin

J emailed me today telling me that he saw Tool playing in Turin last night, and that he had some pictures to share. Check them out here!

Cancelled Show, Isis

According to Blabbermouth Tool have cancelled their upcoming show in Barcelona due to “logistical” reasons.  What do they mean by “logistical”?  My guess is either the bands equipment won’t arrive in time, or someone forgot to book the bands First Class airline tickets.

Isis will be holding a launch party at the Cha-Cha Lounge in LA on the 30th of October.  According to Blair there will be give aways on the night, and entry is free.  Sounds like a good event to me, and there will even be cheap booze apparently.


Hi Everyone, the wedding went really well, and thanks to all of you for wishing us well.  I’ve got a few quiet days before I head off to the US on holidays.  A couple of things came across my desk while I wasn’t paying attention:

Ronnie from New Zealand has emailed me a link to the second part of the NZ TV3 interview with Danny and Adam.  Haven’t had a chance to watch it yet but Ronnie tells me it contains stuff about the album notes of 10,000 Days and Sacred Geometry.

Big Day Out tickets go on sale on Friday the 13th of October.  I’ll be out of the country so if anyone wants to offer to buy me a ticket for the Sydney show, let me know via email and we’ll sort something out.

It looks like Mastodon will be touring with Tool for pretty much all of the European tour, and not just a couple of dates like previously suggestion.  The ‘Don will also be playing on the Conan O’Brien Show on the 1st of November as well.  Thanks to mskintx for the tip.

That’s about it for now.  Looks like the voting is going well, so keep them coming.  Votes will remain open until I get back from honeymoon in a couple of weeks.  There have also been a couple of late entries which I may post shortly….

Mastodon to join Tool in Europe?

There’s rumours going around on Toolarmy, and also from this link sent to me by Mattias (unfortunately in Italian – translations would be appreciated) which suggest that Mastodon will be the support act for Tool on their European tour.  Personally I love Mastodon, so it sounds like a damn good idea to me, but there’s no real confirmation of this yet.

A couple of posts from Blair today, the first of which is a link to a an ABC news video about Tool, which turns out to be a somewhat uninteresting speech about Tool by some nerdy looking dude.  I have the volume on mute so I didn’t catch his name, so I’m not sure he’s anyone any particular importance.

Lustmord fans should check out his new release LUSTMORD: RISING (LIVE 06.06.06), which co-incidentally is a live recording done on the 6th of June, 2006.  If you dig that kind of stuff then check it out.  You can find more info on his website

Tour Rumours

Blair made a couple of posts today, one a Toolarmy exclusive which talk about the upcoming arena tour.

Firstly he suggests that Tool will be visiting the southern parts of the US not already mentioned, though this may not be until they get back from Europe/Australia.  I guess this means Tool down under immediately afther the Euro tour winds up in December?  Not too surprising i suppose, and a source (admittedly of a dubious background) suggests to me Tool will be playing the Big Day Out, and may well be joined by Mike Patton’s new band Peeping Tom and Audioslave.  This of course flies in the face of the other reliable source who insist Tool will be touring in January, though not with the Big Day Out but with Isis in tow.  We’ll wait and see I suppose.

The second bit Blair mentions is that the stage show for the arenas will be alot bigger than what we’ve seen in the warm-up shows, and that the set lists will be changing as well.  Personally, i can’t wait to see Tool delivered to the stage in a purple UFO, kinda like the lemon in the U2 Popmart tour….

Tool European Tour

Just looking at Toolarmy this morning, and it seems to me that there are a who load more European Dates posted on the Tour page.  Here they are:

2006    13 Dec    Zurich    SWITZERLAND    Hallenstadium    2006 Europe Winter
2006    12 Dec    Mannheim    GERMANY    Mainmarket-Halle    2006 Europe Winter
2006    10 Dec    Paris    FRANCE    Zenith    2006 Europe Winter
2006    08 Dec    Nantes    FRANCE    Zenith    2006 Europe Winter
2006    07 Dec    Lyon    FRANCE    Halle TG    2006 Europe Winter
2006    05 Dec    Stuttgart    GERMANY    Porsche Arena    2006 Europe Winter
2006    04 Dec    Leipzig    GERMANY    Arena    2006 Europe Winter
2006    03 Dec    Oberhausen    GERMANY    Arena    2006 Europe Winter
2006    01 Dec    Nottingham    UK    Arena    2006 Europe Winter
2006    30 Nov    Cardiff    UK    Arena    2006 Europe Winter
2006    28 Nov    Wembley    UK    Arena (option)    2006 Europe Winter
2006    27 Nov    Wembley    UK    Arena    2006 Europe Winter
2006    25 Nov    Glasgow    SCOTLAND    SE+CC    2006 Europe Winter
2006    24 Nov    Manchester    UK    Arena    2006 Europe Winter
2006    22 Nov    Dublin    IRELAND    Point    2006 Europe Winter
2006    19 Nov    Vienna    AUSTRIA    Stadthalle    2006 Europe Winter
2006    18 Nov    Munich    GERMANY    Zenith    2006 Europe Winter
2006    16 Nov    Jesolo (Venice)    ITALY    Palasport    2006 Europe Winter
2006    15 Nov    Rimini    ITALY    Palasport    2006 Europe Winter
2006    13 Nov    Florence    ITALY    Mandela Forum    2006 Europe Winter
2006    12 Nov    Torino    ITALY    Palaisozaki    2006 Europe Winter
2006    10 Nov    Brussels    BELGIUM    Forest National    2006 Europe Winter
2006    09 Nov    Rotterdam    HOLLAND    Ahoy    2006 Europe Winter
2006    08 Nov    Rotterdam    HOLLAND    or Hannover    2006 Europe Winter
2006    05 Nov    Lisbon    PORTUGAL    Atlantico Pavillion    2006 Europe Winter
2006    04 Nov    Madrid    SPAIN    Vistalegre    2006 Europe Winter
2006    03 Nov    Barcelona    SPAIN    Badalona    2006 Europe Winter

Wembly Stadium huh….anyone would think Tool are bigger than Jesus!

Tour Dates, Vicarious Video Update

Blair‘s posted plenty of new tour dates on Toolband, including some East Coast US Dates, and some more European dates. Also confirmed was that Tool will be playing in Athens in December, though the venue is TBA. Apollo has blessed you.

There’s been lots of interest in the Vicarious video, and when it would be released. In response to this, Chronographer on Toolarmy posted a link to an interview with Adam, where he says they needed to hire a new CGI Team, with the implication that the onld one was crap. Expect the video (and DVD?) later this year…..

More French Dates

Moon tells me that there’s now 3 French dates confirmed.  Check this site for details.  Here’s the dates:

  • 7 December 2006 – Halle Tony Garnier / Lyon
  • 8 December 2006 – Le Zénith / Nantes
  • 10 December 2006 – Le Zénith / Paris

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