Fantômas and Clutch join Tool show in SoCal

Announced this morning are the two “special guests” promised for the Tool show in San Bernadino this June.  They are Fantômas and Clutch, who are both great additions to the lineup!

Anyway, this sounds like a great show.  Wish I could be there, but seems unlikely to happen!  Looking forward to hearing reports from all Fourtheye readers who attend!



“Clutch and Fantômas–in a very rare live performance–will join iconic band TOOL along with PRIMUS, MELVINS, and DJ sets by THE CRYSTAL METHOD at Glen Helen Amphitheater in Southern California on Saturday, June 24, 2017.

Clutch–known for pushing the boundaries that define heavy rock music–is one of the world’s most respected and influential hard rock bands. Clutch is touring in support of their 11th studio album Psychic Warfare, while laying the groundwork for their next studio album.

The brainchild of Mike Patton, Fantômas is an anti-hero from a series of pre-WWI French crime novels, sometimes dubbed the “lord of terror.” Rounding out the lineup are Buzz Osborne on guitar (Melvins), Trevor Dunn on bass (Mr. Bungle, Trevor Dunn’s Trio-Convulsant) and Dale Crover (Melvins) on drums. This will mark the band’s first U.S. show since 2008.

This is a unique opportunity to experience Tool’s unparalleled sonic and visual performance, along with live sets by some of the most highly acclaimed artists beneath the picturesque San Bernardino Mountains in Devore, CA, just outside Los Angeles.

Tickets for the show–which is produced by Danny Wimmer Presents and Live Nation Los Angeles-are on sale now at

Glen Helen Amphitheater is a short drive from Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tucson, San Diego, the San Joaquin Valley, and many more cities in the Southwestern U.S.”

Interestingly this doesn’t line up with the band reportedly mentioned by Danny at the Baked Potato recently.  That band was Killing Joke, who are in fact on tour in Europe while this show goes ahead.  Miscommunication perhaps, or just a killer joke?

Ipecac Records – UNKL Vinyl Figure Set

The Ipecac shop has the final remaining UNKL Figure sets for sale at the moment.  The set includes Tool favorites such as Isis, The Melvins, Tomahawk and Fantômas.  Get them before they’re all gone!

UNKL Figure Set
UNKL Figure Set

I’d love one for Christmas if anyone is feeling generous….

Fantomas for Big Day Out 09

Nick emailed me just a minute a go to let me know that the following Myspace page has tour dates for Fantomas in Australia/New Zealand next year including the 2009 Big Day Out:

16 Jan 2009 – Big Day Out Festival, Auckland, NZ
18 Jan 2009 – Big Day Out Festival, Gold Coast, Aus
21 Jan 2009 – TBA, Brisbane, Aus (opening for Serj Tankian)
23 Jan 2009  – Big Day Out Festival, Sydney, Aus
24 Jan 2009 – TBA, Sydney, Aus (opening for Serj Tankian)
25 Jan 2009 – TBA, Melbourne, Aus (opening for Serj Tankian)
26 Jan 2009 – Big Day Out Festival, Melbourne, Aus
30 Jan 2009 – Big Day Out Festival, Adelaide, Aus
01 Feb 2009 – Big Day Out Festival, Perth, Aus

Personally, if this does happen I’d be slightly pissed off, cause I don’t really fancy paying $130 just to see Fantomas, and the likelihood of an Adelaide sideshow are virtually nil.  If this was the case it’s likely I’d be missing out this time around.

Update: It would appear that Fantomas are definitely the support act for the Serj Tankian sideshows, so consider the Big Day Out announcement a mere formality.

Fantomas Melvins Big Band One Week Only!

The Fantomas Melvins Big Band DVD recently released is streaming in it’s entirety on PitchforkTV all this week. If you’d like to check out this great recording then make sure you check this out.

More details on the Nightmare Before Christmas

Usquan from Toolarmy has posted these further details on the upcoming Nightmare Before Christmas festival, curated by Mike Patton & The Melvins. As expected, Ipecac bands feature quite heavily:

All Tomorrow’s Parties takes great pleasure in announcing that the next
curators for the Nightmare Before Christmas this December 2008 will be
Mike Patton and Melvins. Both are hugely influential, innovative and
vital productive forces, and we’re very very pleased to be able to
present performances from both as well as a fantastic bill of artists
picked by them. The event will take place December 5, 6 and 7 at
Butlins Holiday Camp in Minehead.

The line up so far looks like this:

Curated by Melvins

Neil Hamburger
Big Business

Curated by Mike Patton

Fantômas perform The Director’s Cut
The Locust

Pretty awesome lineup I reckon. The Fantômas set should be pretty cool.

Ipecac Figurines

Sick of buying Tool T-Shirts? Then check out these cool figurines, available from Ipecac in January next year. Models include Tool favorites The Melvins, Tomahawk, Fantomas and Isis:

Ipecac Toys

Ipecac Store + Melvins Doll

Looks like Ipecac Recordings have opened an online store to sell stuff for their more popular bands. You can find a wide selection of shirts and stuff from all your favorites, including Tool tour mates Tomahawk, Fantomas, Isis and The Melvins. Some cool stuff there.

One thing you can purchase is this cool Melvins Doll. it could be yours for US$50!

Melvins Doll

The Melvins at The Troubadour

This Friday the 27th of July, the Melvins will be playing at The Troubadour in HollywoodTrevor Dunn from Fantomas will be taking care of bass playing this show, and they’re expecting to play the entire Lysol and Eggnog albums.  Blair tells us that some members of Tool might be there.  Adam playing with the guys perhaps?

Poll Results: Favorite Mike Patton Project?

Last weeks poll asked what was your favorite Mike Patton project?

Personally I’m a Tomahawk fan, but it came as no surprise to me to see that Faith No More won the poll.  Faith No More were pretty much a defining band for me as a teenager.  Without them, and particularly Angel Dust I probably would never got into Heavy Music at all, and would be stuck in the purgatory of Def Leppard and Bon Jovi.

Still, my love of The Jesus Lizard and Helmet make me love Tomahawk in a way only rivalled by Tool.

In reality tough, there are few Mike Patton projects I don’t like.  I’ve seen Mr Bungle live twice, and both times would be in my top 10 of live shows ever, especially the show from the California tour.

Here are the results:

  1. Faith No More 188 Votes
  2. Mr Bungle 70 Votes
  3. Fantomas 67 Votes
  4.  Tomahawk 58 Votes
  5. Red Hot Chilli Peppers 49 Votes
  6. Peeping Tom 18 Votes
  7. Lovage 8 Votes
  8. General Patton vs. The X-ecutioners 2 Votes
  9. Maldoror 1 Vote
  10. Various Solo Albums No Votes!

For the first time ever, one of the items received no votes!  I really didn’t thing the Mike Patton Solo stuff was that bad!

New poll coming soon!

Tour Poll Results

Last weeks poll asked who who you would prefer see Tool tour with again. This options ai gave were made up of artists Tool have toured with in the last couple of tours. I was somewhat surprised to see King Crimson win the poll. I knew they were popular amongst Tool fans but didn’t expect them to win the poll. I voted for Tomahawk based pretty much on the fact that they’re my favorite band on that list, but really I’d be happy seeing any of the bands on that list. Here are the results:

  1. King Crimson 108 Votes
  2. Isis 92 Votes
  3. Meshuggah 64 Votes
  4. The Melvins 53 Votes
  5. Tomahawk 37 Votes
  6. Fantomas 33 Votes
  7. Mastodon 31 Votes
  8. Tricky 29 Votes

This week the poll asks what Tool item you would rather see in your Xmas stocking on Monday morning. Vote away!!

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