Forum Update

As some of you have noticed already, there have been some changes to the Fourtheye forum lately. The shift was prompted by and influx of spam, and a lack of tools on the old forum for combating this properly. As a result I’ve changed the forums to the latest version of phpBB and they are now available for posting. The move to phpBB means we’re now using a free and open source solution, which has many more features, as well as a great community for all our support and plugin needs. More importantly for me, it means I’m not being fleeced for support money when things go wrong (as they did during the demise of the old forum).

There were however a few issues with the migration. All the posts were imported, however some users seem unable to log into their accounts. Unfortunately there is no easy fix for this problem,and if you are experiencing it, please check out this thread for details on how to resolve it.

There are still changes to come for the forum – at this stage I have not yet visually styled the forum, and there are still some features I plan to implement (such as subscriber only forums) so join the conversation and let me know what you’d like me to add to the new boards.

Forums upgrade

Just a quick post to let you all know the forums have been updated this morning. All seems to have gone relatively smoothly, though there are a few issues, mainly to do with style (which I’ll fix up over the coming week) and permissions (which should be fixed now). Feel free to log in to the forums, and if you have any problems let me know!

Update: disregard this post. The upgrade ruined everything….

Forums reopened

As the title of the post suggests, the Fourtheye forums are now re-opened.  Enjoy!

Temporary Forum Downtime

Hi Everyone,

You may or may not have noticed that the Fourtheye forums are down at the moment.  I need to collect some usage stats for my ISP, and the only way I can do this is to bring the forum down for a couple of days.  They will be back, so don’t worry!

In the meantime, the usual Fourtheye news will continue, and you can feel free to comment on the many exciting articles I’m sure to post (or not post) in the next couple of days.

I shall let you know when the forums are back in action!


Note regarding setlists

As with the last tour, in order to protect that who wish to be kept surprised by the set list, there will be a strict rule against posting them.  I have created and official thread for each show, and this thread is the only one that I will accept set lists be posted in.  Set lists posted elsewhere will be deleted without question, and repeat offenders face getting banned.

The thread for tonight’s show in Honolulu can be found here.

Thanks for your cooperation and enjoy the shows!

A Perfect Circle ticket sales wrap-up

Tickets for the November 2010 A Perfect Circle West Coast tour went on sale over the last 24 hours, and as expected there have been a few successes, as well as some failures.  The venues for all shows are quite small, and as a result getting tickets was hard work, but it appears to me that the majority of those who put in some time planning their attack managed to get tickets.

Still, there will be plenty of you who didn’t get them, and while I can’t help with tickets myself, I can offer the services of the Fourtheye forum to assist in your hunt.  MAGNUS has taken the liberty of starting a ticket trading forum, and I suggest you all use it.

Let’s all try and take this like adults and keep the grumbling to a minimum.  The venues were small, in some cases under 1000 seats, so as a result getting tickets were always going to be tough. Take it like a man/woman.  We all know scalpers suck, so posts like “goddamn scalpers lets kill them all” are unnecessary and won’t change anything. 

Some Fourtheye Updates…

I installed a couple of updates to Fourtheye this morning, mainly to do with comment formatting. You should notice now that both the Blog and Forum comment forms now have the ability to add code. In both areas bbCode is now supported (and recommended) however some html is allowed in both areas. For a quick guide on bbCode check here.

I’ve also tidied up the way Private Messaging works on the forum. Now rather than having to scroll all the way to the bottom, you can now see any outstanding messages (or terrible ones) at the top of the screen.

“What forum?” I hear you say! Well, there has been a forum on Fourtheye for a while now, and it’s getting along pretty well. If you’re interested in chatting with like-minded Tool fans, then head on over an say hi!

As the tour approaches…

The next Tool tour is almost upon us, and while some of us are still waiting to buy tickets, others deep in the south of the United States wait with baited breath for some kind of change to the setlist.  What will they play?  Will there be any cool lights?  Will Justin have a new guitar strap?  All these things and more we will find out shortly!

In celebration of this I have started a new Tour 2010 section in the forum.  I will create a thread for each show, and those of you that have anything to contribute (setlists, reviews, photo’s, whatever) feel free to do so.  Please refrain from creating new threads unless I’ve obviously missed a show, or it’s a topic tour related that really needs it’s own thread. 

This new forum will be more heavily moderated than the others in Fourtheye, mainly to make sure that they stay on topic.  Anyone willing to give me a hand in doing this, let me know (make sure you’re a Fourtheye regular though, I probably won’t consider making someone I don’t know a mod).

Also, I know some people are deliberately trying to avoid Tool forums so they don’t accidentally see setlists and such.  In order to make Fourtheye a safe location for these readers, from this point forward set lists can only be posted in the new Tour 2010 section. Any found in comments of normal Fourtheye posts will be deleted. 

Forum Update

Some of you have noticed that there is now an active community forming in the Fourtheye Forums.  Many Toolarmy readers, craving for a desire to communicate, have taken up residence. However Fourtheye readers of all types are welcome to join in the fun.

A feature I have just added this evening (indeed this post is designed to test it!) if post synchronisation.  In the News forum, you will find all the posts from the Fourtheye blog, and responses made to these posts will appear both in the forum, and on the blog.  Just another way to allow you to read Fourtheye whatever way tickles your fancy.  Don’t forget you can also access Fourtheye via RSS feeds and by Twitter.  Fourtheye was originally designed as a way to allow readers to access Tool related info in a manner they saw fit, so I’m happy to offer these options, and welcome any suggestions from readers.

Happy reading!

Forums Open

With the recent influx of Toolarmy, and the increase in off-topic comments that comes with it, I figured now might be as good a time as any to start a Fourtheye discussion forum.  Theoretically, your Fourtheye login should carry over into this new forum.  Please let me know if you have any problems related to this.

When I initially planned Fourtheye, I never expected to start a forum, and to a certain extent, I’m still not sure one is warranted (there are plenty of good Tool forums out there, with Toolnavy being an obvious example.  Anyway, it’s an experiment I’m willing to try.  If it works out, then great, I’m happy for there to be another tool on Fourtheye worth using.  If it gets very little use, then I’ll end up[ deleting it – no harm done.

So enjoy it while you can, the first few weeks of it’s use will shape it’s future…

Update 1: Most users seem to have problems replying to posts and creating topics.  Not sure what’s gone wrong but am looking into it…

Update 2: It may be working now.  Give it another try if you’ve had problems.

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