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October Newsletter

Blair has posted the October/Halloween Tool Newsletter, which mainly outlines his and Danny‘s trip to the Guitar Hero World Tour party in LA.  A somewhat interesting read, but I’m sure most Tool finds will find the following statement much more interesting:

Oh, one more thing: “No”, GHWT wasn’t “the big thing” (your words) alluded to in earlier posts. I believe that’s still a go. In the meantime, keep on rocking in the irised spotlight!..

Adam Jones talks Guitar Hero

Haven’t watched this yet, but apparently this Rolling Stone video interview features Adam talking about his involvement in Guitar Hero. Thanks to Nathan for the tip!

Note: The video doesn’t seem to work in Firefox. IE and Google Chrome seem to handle it fine. Could be Adblock or something interfering. Who knows….

More Guitar Hero videos

Justin mailed me links to a couple of videos from the upcoming Guitar Hero: World Tour release. They feature two players in a drum-off to the Tool songs Parabola and Vicarious. Enjoy!

Vicarious Guitar Hero Video

Justin emailed me a link to a video on Gamespy showing some of the Vicarious track being played. Enjoy!

Guitar Hero Pics, Collide

I’ve been away in Perth this week, so have been a bit slow with the news.

A whole stack of readers wrote to me to tell me that there are a couple of official Guitar Hero pictures now available featuring the Tool artwork.  Previously leaked artwork can be found here.

Also in the news is that Danny features on the new Collide album Two Headed Monster.  Autographed posters (not by Danny though) are available for the first 200 pre-orders here.

Guitar Hero 4 Confirmed

It’s been confirmed in many places, including Toolband that Tool will be featuring in the next edition of Guitar Hero:

“Hugely popular alternative metal band Tool, known for their epic, intense musical arrangements and killer visual arts, will also soon be known for their contribution to the upcoming Guitar Hero® World Tour. Guitar Hero fans from all over the world will be able to rock out to “Parabola” and Grammy-award winning “Schism” from Tool’s critically-acclaimed 2001 album Lateralus in addition to “Vicarious” from their 2006 Grammy-award winning album 10,000 Days. The game will also feature an all-new venue designed in collaboration with the band and highlighting the art style that has become a staple in their music videos, live shows and album artwork.”

Guitar Hero: World Tour will be available on the 12th of November in Australia, and can be purchased in the following packages:

The Super Bundle (game, drums, guitar and mic) will retail for $329 AUD on PS3 and Xbox 360, $319 AUD on Wii and $299 AUD on PS2. The Guitar Bundle (game and guitar) will retail for $169 AUD on PS3 and Xbox 360, $159 AUD on Wii and $149 AUD on PS2. The game by itself will retail for $89 AUD on PS3 and Xbox 360, $79 AUD on Wii and $69 AUD on PS2.

Thanks to Chris, Jon, G, Tim, Inbred Love Child and Travis for the tips.

Tool related Guitar Hero Pics

The Tool Hotline has posted some pics showing some of the alleged Tool content from Guitar Hero World Tour.  Enjoy!

GH4 tracklist fake

Neversoft have confirmed that the track list posted the other day is a fake.  The company said that while Van Halen’s Hot For Teacher is included (which is great news) the rest of the list is “pure speculation”.  I guess we’ll have to wait for further confirmation.

Guitar Hero tracks – Undertow Tour?

Prez2044 from Toolarmy pointed us to an alleged leaked tracklisting reveals that Guitar Hero 4 will include an Undertow Tour including the following:

Undertow Tour:
“Stinkfist” by Tool
“Lateralus” by Tool
“Schism” by Tool

There’s no indication as to how legitimate this list is, however it’s suggested that it will be officially confirmed in the next few days.

Undertow Tour seems like an odd name considering there are no Undertow tracks included.  Also, it appears to include Stinkfist and Lateralus, while other leaks suggested Vicarious and Parabola.  Not that I’d be bothered if this was the case, I’d prefer Stinkfist and Lateralus and Parabola is one of my least favorite Tool tracks.

I’ve posted the complete tracklist as a comment for those interested.

GH4 Removed? Maynard’s movie

As pointed out on The Tool Hotline, the reference to Guitar Hero 4 on Alan Jones‘ website has been removed. I guess maybe Tool (or Neversoft) aren’t ready to reveal this snippet yet. Despite the removal of this info, I consider the Guitar Hero rumours fact rather than speculation.

Also, according to this article on IMDB, Maynard is appearing as the Hippie/Chauffeur/Pilot/Bartender/Butler/Bait Shop Clerk in the upcoming David Michaels movie The Other Side. Thanks to Henry for the tip there.

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