Tool talk about Undertow on it’s 22nd anniversary

Loudwire have a new article online today in which Maynard, Adam and Danny each talk about Undertow on it’s 22nd anniversary. They talk about the album, the motivation behind the band in those days, as well as some further insight into the difficulties they were having with Paul D’Amour at the time:

“Paul really wanted to be a guitar player early on,” Carey says. “Even before we started on Undertow, he wanted to get another bass player in the band so he could play guitar. And we were all just like, ‘There’s no way we’re getting another a–hole in this band to deal with.’ But he really wasn’t happy with things the way they were. And that became more and more apparent over time.”

It’s an interesting article and worth the read.

Paul D’Amour speaks to Bass Player Magazine

Paul D’Amour speaks in the latest issue of Bass Player magazine, mostly discussing his work with Lesser Key, however he does touch on his time with Tool and his reasons for leaving:

How did your time in Tool affect you as a musician?
That experience changed my DNA. To go from 0 to 100 miles an hour in the span of a year was incredible. All of a sudden, we were playing in front of huge crowds, and we had a ton of success. It gave me a lot of confidence to do anything I wanted to.

Do you have any regrets about leaving Tool?
I wish it had been a better vehicle for me to create in, but it just wasn’t. Their creative process is excruciating and tedious, and I guess I never felt the desire to play a riff 500 times before I can confirm that it’s good; that’s why it takes them eight years to write an album. I always wanted to do other things, and it felt like I was too much in a box with that band. They’re set up where the bass player does the bass part and the guitar player does the guitar part and so on. I couldn’t be stuck in that paradigm—it’s too stifling. I’m not just a bass player; I’m a creator, I wanted to have a bigger role, and it just wasn’t happening in that situation. In the end, I knew leaving was the right decision.

Go and buy a copy if you want to read the whole thing! Thanks to coreyisonreddit for the tip!

Adam talks Tool with Metal Hammer

Metal Hammer asked Adam a few questions about the legal issues facing Tool, as well as an update of sorts on the new album:

Speaking of writing music, how is the new material coming along and what kind of direction is it taking?

“We’re always on an experimental path. We never think about what worked on the last record or what’s good on the radio right now. It’s a selfish process, we just go in there with some riffs. We experiment and the riffs start to take a different path and over time, this riff from last week might go really well with this riff from two years ago. We piece stuff together, almost like a film soundtrack, you know? But I’ll tell you this – there’s a lot of stuff in 7/4. Breaking up 7 can sound like an even number to the listener even though it’s an odd number, that’s really exciting. Rosetta Stoned had some elements of that where we had a middle break and the end rhythm of 7 against 5. It kinda opens up a whole can of worms! There’s some really light stuff going on but there’s also a lot of heavy stuff in there too.”

If there’s one thing that can be said about Tool records, it’s that they’re always worth the wait… any idea on when it will be ready?

“Ah man, I really appreciate that. It’s refreshing to be interviewed by someone that loves music and actually knows about our band. Some of the journalists we’ve dealt with… it’s been insulting to be interviewed by people that don’t bother following music or even seem to like it at all – it’s just a gig for them to get a paycheck. This lawsuit has really gotten in the way, all we want to do is get it behind us so we can focus on what we do best. I don’t want to just get it out and worry about the next record, then look back and go, ‘Why did I do that? It’s a piece of crap.’ I want to sleep well at night, it’s my legacy you know? Some day, I’m gonna croak and I wanna look back on what I did and go, ‘I worked really hard, took the time and had integrity.’ I know our fans are frustrated and obviously want to hear new music. You gotta look at that in a good way and think, ‘Wow – they really like us and they want more!’ To be honest, you can’t beat that feeling at all.”

You can read the full interview here.

Maynard talks Puscifer and APC with Artist Direct

There’s a new interview with Maynard online where he discusses the recent A Perfect Circle and coming Puscifer releases on Artist Direct. No huge revelations in the interview, but here’s a snippet anyway:

Did you get closer to the A Perfect Circle music by playing all of the songs live? Many artists don’t ever get that chance.

Well, you know your body changes as you age. To go back and re-look at those songs basically in a different skin definitely gives you perspective. I sing differently than I did when I recorded those songs. So, it was difficult to go back and try to re-shape my throat to make those sounds. It was definitely a learning experience, in terms of where I am with my vocal approaches, subject matter, and everything.

Maynard also hints that “there’s always music being written. You never know. All of that is happening.

Waiting for new Tool music is as tedious for Maynard as it is Tool fans

As is the norm, Tool news arrived while I wasn’t able to post it (this time in transit between Indonesia and Australia), so I apologise for the slight delay getting this article online. Anyway, Maynard spoke with Rolling Stone recently (not sure how recently) where he talks about writing with his fellow Tool members as a tedious process:

“I don’t write the music. They write the music,” he says of his bandmates. “I wait for them to bring music to me. They tend to go back over and over stuff. It’s a long process. For a person like me, it can be a very tedious process.”

There’s a not a great deal of real information on actual progress on the album, but it is interested, and somewhat comforting to hear Maynard discussing the process that is behind creating a Tool album. Certainly it appears there is frustration there, but then again I don’t think any of the Tool albums have really been a walk in the park for the members of the band.

You can read the full interview on the Rolling Stone website.

Billy Howerdel chats with Alternative Nation

Fourtheye forum member Brett asked us for some questions for Billy a few days back, and he’s delivered some answers as part of his interview with the Perfect Circle guitar player. There are even a few Tool related ones:

My last question, I’ll admit a Tool question again, you mentioned in a recent interview again that Maynard is in full Tool mode and that’s why he can’t do [a new album for] A Perfect Circle right now. Do you mean he’s actually writing with them at this point?
I thought it was common knowledge that those guys are putting out a record next year, so he’s been writing for a bit.

That’s good to hear, because a lot of the news that was coming out that they were basically in the same position that you’ve been at with A Perfect Circle. Just writing the music and waiting for Maynard to come about
Yeah, he’s ‘in demand’ I should say.

A great interview well worth checking out!

Also another track, The Hollow from the Live DVD has been released on Loudwire.

Maynard with Joe Rogan next week

Riff messaged me today to tell me that when he was listening to the latest episode of the Joe Rogan Podcast he mentioned Maynard will be on next week. We’ve known Maynard will be back on the show for a while now, so it’s good to get some confirmation as to when.

For those that missed the last interview, here it is!

Puscifer DVD due in November

In a recent interview with Spin celebrating the streaming of the All Re-Mixed Up album, Maynard has revealed that a Puscifer DVD, titled What Is…, is due out on November 26th. The DVD will features live performances and skits. To read the short interview, and stream the album, visit the Spin website here.

Maynard discusses new album progress with Marc Maron

The Marc Maron interview with Maynard is now online, and surprisingly features some good news for Tool fans:

I’m gonna stop by the rehearsal space today in theory, I’ve been beating them up going please give me music. In theory they have a cd for me today so I can listen to some jams and we can get this thing going.

In other discussion:

  • Maynard seems quite aware that some fans think he hates Tool.
  • Tool having a frontman doesn’t make sense – he sees it more as a team.
  • He talks about growing up in michigan with his father, and various family relationships including mother and step-father.
  • Briefly discusses his autobiography.
  • Talks about his experiences in the military, and decision to not go to West Point.
  • Discusses various bands and art projects worked on in Michigan.
  • Doesn’t want to do a Joni Mitchell cover – “I’ve already got enough shit for doing covers”.
  • Discusses relationship with Bill Hicks.
  • Talks about making wines in Arizona.

Here’s the good news for those of you who don’t care about the non-Tool details.

Maynard to talk wine with Marc Maron

Found out a couple of days ago that Maynard will be discussing wine with comedian Marc Maron on his show WTF. Here’s a preview:

Don’t expect much Tool discussion (if any). Full interview out on the 19th of August.

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