Maynard in Black Belt Magazine

A new article featuring Maynard and Tool Head of Security Todd Fox is in September’s issue of Black Belt Magazine.  It features them both talking about their martial arts training, as well as techniques associated with security and crowd control at Tool shows.

Thanks to Rick for the tip!


Maynard responds to a fans request for an autograph
Maynard responds to a fans request for an autograph

Tool Revolver Magazine Down Under

A couple of people have mentioned to me that the Tool edition of Revolver magazine is now available (or available to order) in Australia.  I’m yet to see one, but keep your eyes peeled!

Tool Revolver Issue

Lespaul462 from Toolarmy shared with us the cover of the coming issue of Revolver featuring Tool.  The magazine is out May 6th for those of you in the US.  Who knows when it will be released in Australia, but in my experiences Borders is usually a good place to go to get imported magazines.  Thanks to Nathan for the tip.Tool Revolver Issue

Tool in Revolver

According to Adrian on Toolarmy, a special issue of Revolver will be dedicated to Tool (Blair wasn’t bullshitting!). The issue, out on the 6th of May will contain interviews, unseen pictures, sketches, video storyboards from Adam, and other stuff most likely related to Tool.

No idea on whether it talks about Tool recording again, but should be worth the read.

Maynard talks to Spin

Shinji has given me the link to a great interview with Maynard by Spin Magazine.  Maynard talks in depth about his music, in particular Puscifer, and about his life in general.  He also comments that Tool will be sticking around, while A Perfect Circle are dead.

One of the best and informative interviews I’ve read with Maynard, so make sure you check it out.

Relix Interview Online

A little while ago an interview with Tool was done by the Relix Magazine.  Those of you with good memories will remember the cricket themed photo shoot.  For those of you tightarses who didn’t buy the magazine, it’s now available online for free at their website.

Maynard Interviews

Maynard spoke with Boston’s WBCN this morning and the interview can be found hereMaynard talks about Run Ronnie Run, Bill Hicks and stand up, fans abusing support acts, working in the vineyard, unusual items in the Puscifer store, Panic Room, A Perfect Circle, Puscifer, recording with the RATM guys and releasing music for free.  Quite a good interview and well worth checking out.  Oh and it’s pronounced Pussifer apparently.

Maynard is also taking over XM 48 Squizz  tomorrow.  He’ll be playing some Puscifer tracks and the post on Blabbermouth suggests “Maynard has something up his sleeve other than just introducing songs”.  If anyone has a link for this interivew (I can’t be bothered looking right now) then let me know, or post it below.

Tool in Relix Magazine

Blair tells us that Tool are in the latest issue of Relix Magazine.  I’ve never heard of this publication before, nor seen it in Australia, so good luck finding it.  You can order an issue online though if you like.

No idea what the interview contains, but the cover of the magazine shows Tool getting in the mood for the upcoming Aussie Cricket Season.

Tool Opens Up – Metal Edge Interview

Last night I was in town and was taking a look through the magazine racks in Borders when I found the latest copy of Metal Edge magazine, the one containing the interview by Bryan Reeseman mentioned in yesterday’s post.  Despite the outrageous markup on the magazine due to it being an import, I forked over my hard earned cash so i coudl share some of it with my Fourtheye readers.  Someone better buy me a beer at the BDO next year…

Anyway I’m not going to post scans of the article, since that would violate copyright, but I’m going to post a couple of excerpts I found interesting, and also post the magazine cover.  The photo shoot for the mag has a astronaut/space theme, with all of the guys dressed in space suits.  As usual Camella has done a great job with the photos.

Do you guys play practical jokes on each other?

MK: We haven’t lately.

DC: It’s been a while.

AJ: That’s not true.  There was the kick drum face.  We were in New Orleans, and Dan wanted to go see this drummer play.  He’s played with Prince and Madonna, and now he’s on tour with his own rock band.  We went down, and it was kind of a forty-ish crowd, very meat market.  The guy was great.  He’s a really good drummer, but he’s like 300 pounds and has a picture of himself….

DC: Airbrushed.

AJ: ….with sunglasses on his kick drum.  So we thought “Man, that’s so stupid.” So we got two pictures of Dan, and at the next show we put them on his kick drum heads.

DC: I had never even seen them.  I had no idea.  I went through the whole show, and then a couple of people emailed me: “That’s cool, man, showing your pictures [on there].”

JC: Normally we fuck with our support band a little bit as well, towards the end [of the tour].

Funny how the talk about a forty-ish crowd at the show.  Do they forget how old they are?

Do you guys shop at Justin’s bookstore?

MK: It’s a bit of a drive.

AJ: I tried but it was closed [laughter]

JC: A lot of people say that.

DC: “Be back in five minutes”

On Maynard‘s taste in movies:

 AJ: ….I really love going to the theater.

DC: It’s always cool to see a movie on the big screen.

Unless it sucks

DC: I don’t care.

AJ: Ask Maynard.  He saw The Crow.  Twice.  Talk about a practical joke.  “Dude you’ve got to see The Crow.  It blew my mind!”  And we all went.

MK: I’m in the back, watching them all go, “You’re a fucking asshole!  This movie is fucking horrible!” “Ha ha ha! Want some popcorn?”

AJ: We kept waiting for that moment for it to get good.

MK: They got me back.  The fucking dickhead got me back.

AJ: I got you a couple of times.

MK: He told me to check out Billy Madison because it was really funny, so I rented it.  “You’re a fucking asshole.”

Overall it’s a great interview, though more of an insight into the members of Tool and their personalities and tastes, rather than them talking about Tool and their music.  If you see a copy, I’d recommend buying it and reading the whole thing.

Metal Edge Cover

Tool interview in Metal Edge

According to a post on Blabbermouth, there will be seven page Tool interview in the September issue of Metal Edge. It’s the longest interview in the Tool’s history, and celebrates it’s relaunch. The interviewer Bryan Reesman speaks to all four members about their own personal interests, and presumably Tool as well! Here’s an excerpt:

Q: You don’t seem to mind if you rile up the media.

Carey: A lot of times we don’t even have to do it. It just does it itself. All these rumors… We’ve all died in car wrecks by now.

Keenan: Howard Stern has been keeping me out of his studio for years. I’m not even in New York, and he’s talking about how I’m in the lobby, wanting to come up to talk to him, and he says, “Get that guy outta here!” And I’m in L.A.

Jones: It also reflects – at least from my perspective – how sensationalized the media is that you can f**k back with that. You can do your own little spin on stuff back to the media.

Chancellor: It kind of protects the music as well. It’s like a distraction. People can think about all this rubbish, and in the meantime we can concentrate on doing music. It’s like a smoke screen.

Jones: It’s so funny that people say that the TOOL guys are difficult. We’re not difficult. We’re just not going to put up with the journalistic dogma of “build you up, chop you down.” There are a lot of journalists who don’t [care]. They’re just trying to get their next paycheck, and they’ll spin it any way the magazine wants them to spin it.

Thanks to lifer1975 on Toolarmy for the tip.

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