Isis Wavering Radiant details released

The cover and tracklist for the new Isis album Wavering Radiant have been posted on Blabbermouth.  The album, which features Adam Jones on two tracks will be released on Ipecac on the 5th of May.

Isis - Wavering Radiant
Isis - Wavering Radiant

01. Hall Of The Dead
02. Ghost Key
03. Hand Of The Host
04. Wavering Radiant
05. Stone To Wake A Serpent
06. 20 Minutes / 40 Years
07. Threshold of Transformation

Maynard in Movies, Isis Album

Frostadamus tells me that Maynard is in two movies coming out this year. The first is The Other Side, where Maynard plays a series of roles (Hippie/Chauffeur/Pilot/Bartender/Butler/Bait Shop Clerk). The second is Crank 2: High Voltage where he plays an uncredited Dog Walker.

Isis have named their new album Wavering Radiant according to Blabbermouth.  This album, to be released on Ipecac Recordings on the 5th of May, will feature Adam Jones on two tracks.


Adam’s Birthday, Isis’ Gift

Happy Birthday to Adam, who turned 44 on the 15th of January. Also revealed on Toolband/Army is the fact that Adam will be the guest on the upcoming Isis album, not Maynard as speculated…

Not Maynard, Puscifer Update

James emailed Isis today about the video that may or may not feature Maynard, and their response was:

‘ Hey thanks a lot and thanks for watching. Nope, no song of ours in the background. I think you may be hearing a performance that was happening in the background at the festival where Mike rode the bull. ‘

Take care,

You failed again Ganjalf.

Frostradamus pointed out to me that a version of Lighten Up Francis from the D is for Dubby album is now streaming on  While there I noticed that there was this message in regards to the Las Vegas Puscifer shows:

Thank you all for the support on these Vegas shows. For those of you who missed out on tickets, we’re trying to shift a few things around and hopefully open up a few more seats in the balcony. And I believe we’ve reserved some “Special Package” tickets as well. You know. Weekend extravaganza. 3 nights in an actual Room, a bakers dozen of fresh somethings, a monogrammed roll of Palms Toilet paper, you’re picture with a rare camel, etc. Something or nothing at all like that.We’ll keep you updated. Again… Thank you all for the support.

Maynard on new Isis album?

Ganjalf told me today that he was checking out a new clip from Isis in the recording studio, and some of the music playing while showing some mechanical bull riding has a strangely familiar voice…

It does sound like Maynard.  Does anyone else recognise the music as something else?

December Tool Newsletter

Blair released the December Newsletter on Toolband today, and surprisingly it’s somewhat on topic.  For those who can’t be bothered reading it:

  • Nothing happening on the Tool front at the moment, but song writing will probably commence once the holiday season is over (with presumably Maynard joining them after the Puscifer shows).  Also, no decision has been made as to whether or not they might tour in 2009.  Personally, I couldn’t see a tour happening until after an album release.
  • The Tool websites (including Danny‘s) will most likely get an overhaul in 09.  Personally, I’ve speculated that a Toolarmy overhaul could be the “big thing” mentioned.
  • At least one member of Tool will be on the new Isis record, which is being recorded by Joe Baressi.

Also up on Toolband is a pic of Adam and Danny hanging with Mike Patton at a basketball game.  More photo’s can be found on Toolarmy for members.

Ipecac Records – UNKL Vinyl Figure Set

The Ipecac shop has the final remaining UNKL Figure sets for sale at the moment.  The set includes Tool favorites such as Isis, The Melvins, Tomahawk and Fantômas.  Get them before they’re all gone!

UNKL Figure Set
UNKL Figure Set

I’d love one for Christmas if anyone is feeling generous….

Lustmord [O T H E R]

According to a recent Toolband/Army post:

Sub-Chthonian revels … Transplutonian echoes… the din of the endomatrix? Available JULY 22, the latest album by LUSTMORD on Hydra Head Records. Featuring guest appearances by King Buzzo (Melvins), Aaron Turner (Isis) and some chap going by the name ADAM JONES


1. Testament
2. Element
3. Godeater
4. Dark Awakening
5. Ash
6. Of Eons
7. Prime [Aversion]
8. Er Ub Us


For those interested there is a limited shirt and hoodie available until July 17th with pre-orders.

June 2008 Newsletter

As promised, Blair released the June 2008 newsletter, and this time it contains some “details” of what’s up in the Tool world. Head over to Toolband/Army to read it, but here’s my summary.

Adam is:

  • working on some undisclosed entertainment industry related project? Guitar Hero perhaps?
  • also involved in the construction of some future band-related endeavor. Building a recording studio perhaps?
  • Spending time playing Halo 3 and watching Baseball games with Buzz

Danny is:

  • spending lots of time in his loft studio gearing up for some music-related enterprise. Writing new material? Pigmy Love Circus record?
  • performing with Volto!
  • writing a book with Blair
  • other stuff including driving his lamborghini, painting his house, etc.

Justin is:

  • building a new house
  • working on new Tool riffs
  • possibly working on another musical project
  • revamping Lobal Orning at some point

Maynard is:

  • working on wine and Puscifer as outlined on his Myspace site
  • hopefully looking after his vocal chords

Tool are:

  • working to complete a couple of new projects
  • one of these is very close to becoming a reality

So there you have it. No detail really, but we didn’t expect that.

More details on the Nightmare Before Christmas

Usquan from Toolarmy has posted these further details on the upcoming Nightmare Before Christmas festival, curated by Mike Patton & The Melvins. As expected, Ipecac bands feature quite heavily:

All Tomorrow’s Parties takes great pleasure in announcing that the next
curators for the Nightmare Before Christmas this December 2008 will be
Mike Patton and Melvins. Both are hugely influential, innovative and
vital productive forces, and we’re very very pleased to be able to
present performances from both as well as a fantastic bill of artists
picked by them. The event will take place December 5, 6 and 7 at
Butlins Holiday Camp in Minehead.

The line up so far looks like this:

Curated by Melvins

Neil Hamburger
Big Business

Curated by Mike Patton

Fantômas perform The Director’s Cut
The Locust

Pretty awesome lineup I reckon. The Fantômas set should be pretty cool.

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