Jakob unleash Sines

New Zealand instrumental post-rock band, and regular Tool touring buddies Jakob are preparing to release their long awaited new LP Sines in a couple of days. These guys joined Tool on tour Down Under in 2011 and then again for a show in NZ in 2013. Justin even joined them on-stage in a memorable set at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl. In a recent interview with Off The Tracks they talked about meeting Adam for the first time:

“we meet Tool. Which was, you know, huge. We’re all big fans of the band, we played that stuff in school and they were one of the bands to follow, you know. Jakob actually played Tool covers in school. So we’re playing on the bill with Isis, in L.A. at the Troubadour, it’s the last gig of the tour and we’re the first of three bands on the bill so we’ve got five minutes before we are due to play. And Adam [Jones] from Tool comes into the Green Room – which is this mezzanine where you can look down onto the bands Jakob 1that are playing – and he introduces himself. And then we’re offered to tour with Tool. We’re like ‘fuck yeah!’ – but our visa was due to run out right then. So we had to say no. Which was tough obviously, really gutting”.

You can pre-order the new album either on iTunes or via Bandcamp below:

Jakob confirmed as NZ support act

Looks like New Zealand post-rock act Jakob have been confirmed as the support act for Tool when they play their two shows in Auckland. For those who haven’t been paying attention, Jakob also supported Tool in Australia back in 2011. Not sure why they didn’t get the gig for the whole tour, I can only presume there was some kind of scheduling issue. Here’s a track of theirs for you to enjoy!

Generic “bands that have supported Tool” update

I’ve noticed a few interesting happenings in regards to bands that have supported Tool over the years, and today I shall compile them into one handy post for you all to enjoy.

Firstly, not only are the Melvins touring with Unsane, but it appears they are recording something.  A new album I guess.  Seems not all that long ago they released the last one, but I always welcome a new Melvins album!

Someone was bugging me about the Mastodon/Opeth tour the other day, and yes, they are touring together in the US.  Here are some dates:

  • 04/04 – Portland, ME – State Theater (M)
  • 04/05 – Boston, MA – Orpheum Theater (O)
  • 04/06 – Montreal, QC – Metropolis (O)
  • 04/07 – Toronto, ON – Sony Centre (O)
  • 04/09 – Philadelphia, PA – Electric Factory(M)
  • 04/10 – Wallingford, CT – The Dome (M)
  • 04/11 – New York, NY – Roseland Ballroom (M)
  • 04/13 – Chicago, IL – Riviera Theatre(M)
  • 04/14 – Grand Rapids, MI – The Intersection (M)
  • 04/15 – Pittsburgh, PA – Stage AE (M)
  • 04/16 – Knoxville, TN – TN Theater (O)
  • 04/18 – Oklahoma City, OK – Diamond Ballroom (M)
  • 04/19 – Dallas, TX – Palladium Ballroom (O)
  • 04/20 – San Antonio, TX – Back Stage Live (O)
  • 04/21 – Corpus Christi, TX – Concrete Street (O)
  • 04/23 – Denver, CO – Fillmore Auditorium (O)
  • 04/25 – Las Vegas, NV – House of Blues (M)
  • 04/26 – Los Angeles, CA – Gibson Amphitheatre (O)
  • 04/27 – Oakland, CA – Fox Theatre (O)
  • 04/28 – Reno, NV – Grand Sierra Resort (M)
  • 04/30 – Seattle, WA – The Paramount (O)
  • 05/01 – Vancouver, BC – Orpheum Theatre (O)
  • 05/03 – Edmonton, AB – Edmonton Events Center (O)
  • 05/04 – Calgary, AB – MacEwan Hall (M)
  • 05/05 – Saskatoon, SK – The Odeon (O)
  • 05/06 – Winnipeg, MB – Burton Cummings Theatre (O)
  • 05/09 – Washington, DC – The Fillmore (O)
  • 05/10 – Charlotte, NC – The Fillmore (M)
  • 05/11 – Myrtle Beach, SC – House of Blues (M)
  • 05/12 – Atlanta, GA – Masquerade Music Park (M)

They will be sharing the headlining slot, and the little O’s and M’s can help you determine who will be headlining on what night.  Aussies can look forward to some Mastodon shows later this month!

I did a quick Google search on some other support acts for you, and came up with the following:

  • Tweak Bird & Dalek don’t seem to be doing much.
  • Jakob have been recording (with Aaron Harris of ISIS I believe) and hope to have something out in April.
  • Speaking of ISIS, they may or may not have broken up, who really knows!  All I know is I accidentally trolled Aaron’s Facebook page thinking it was someone else!
  • As previously noted Meshuggah are doing a few tours, and are also putting an album out shorty.
  • Tomahawk are supposedly recording very soon (February is what I heard).

And that’s about all I could come up with.  Enjoy your weekend!

Update: Since you can’t keep a good thread down:

  • Wovenhand don’t seem to be doing much, but have a date in Denver in March
  • Melt Banana seems to be playing some shows in Japan, having toured the US last year.

Tool touring buddies update!

Seems as though it’s been a while since we updated the various goings on of some former Tool touring mates, so here goes!

Bong smoking pals Mastodon are currently recording their new album The Hunter, which is expected to be released later this year.  it has some pretty awesome artwork for the cover:

Expect a world-wife tour to follow.  The ‘Don are rumoured to be playing Soundwave in 2012, which is good news, however they really should do their own tour for a change…

Math-metal buddies Meshuggah are currently playing some gigs in Europe, however have been working on their followup to obZen.  In a recent interview with Marten by Studio Rock, he revealed the record company plans to release the album in March 2012, and the band will complete the recording once they finish their current tour.

Long haired chums The Melvins have just finished a short tour with Trevor Dunn on bass, and will be heading over to Europe later this year for some shows:

  • October 4, 2011 – Rome, Italy – Circolo degli Artisti
  • October 6, 2011 – Mezzago, Italy – Bloom
  • October 7, 2011 – Geneva, Switzerland – KAB Usine
  • October 8, 2011 – Zürich, Switzerland – Rote Fabrik
  • October 9, 2011 – Munich, Germany – Hansa 39
  • October 10, 2011 – Vienna, Austria – Arena
  • October 11, 2011 – Ljubljana, Croatia – Cvetlicarna Mediapark
  • October 12, 2011 – Zagreb, Croatia – Tvornica Kulture
  • October 13, 2011 – Prague, Czech Republic – Lucerna Music Bar
  • October 14, 2011 – Erfurt, Germany – Stadtgarten
  • October 15, 2011 – Wroclaw, Poland – Firlej
  • October 16, 2011 – Berlin, Germany – Volksbühne
  • October 17, 2011 – Copenhagen, Denmark – Lille Vega
  • October 18, 2011 – Grünerløkka, Oslo, Norway – Blå
  • October 23, 2011 – Stockholm, Sweden – Hornstull Strand Etablissement
  • October 24, 2011 – Malmo, Sweden – Debaser
  • October 26, 2011 – Haarlem, The Netherlands – Patronaat
  • October 27, 2011 – Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg – Kulturfabrik
  • October 28, 2011 – Schorndorf, Germany – Manufaktur
  • October 29, 2011 – Köln/Cologne, Germany – Gebäude 9 (Onkel’s Minifestival) (Date TBC)
  • October 30, 2011 – Kortrijk, Belgium – De Kreun (Sonic City Festival) (Date TBC)
  • October 31, 2011 – Paris, France – Glazart

The Melvins promised to return to Australia later this year also, but who knows if that will actually happen.  Buzz you’re breaking my heart!

In other no less important news:

  • Jakob are recording with Aaron Harris pretty soon
  • Volto! are playing two sets at the Baked Potato on Saturday night

Tool Tour Update

Not long now until Tool hit the road for the first time in 2011 (and hopefully the last time before recording!).  As we all know, Tool are playing the Big Day Out tour here in Australia in New Zealand, which also includes a couple of sideshows in Melbourne and Brisbane.  As an added bonus Tool will be playing a show in Hawaii the week before this tour.  Support band for the tour are Kiwi post-rockers Jakob, who play with Tool on the Aussie sideshow dates.  Not sure if these guys join them in Hawaii as well…

For those still considering checking out the band, tickets are still available for a range of these gigs.

The Hawaii show at the Neal S Blaisdell Arena still has tickets available via Ticketmaster.  There also seems to be a massive bunch of readers in attendance, so join the tropical party!

The Melbourne show at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl was sold out, but has recently had some further GA tickets released.  These are also available via the Aussie version of Ticketmaster.  Having said that, there are plenty of Fourtheye readers looking to sell tickets in the forum, so rather than using Ticketmaster, consider helping out one of your Fourtheye comrades first.  Prior to the Melbourne show there will be an official Fourtheye BBQ, details of which are still being nutted out here.

In Brisbane tickets were on sale for a while, but a quick check this morning shows that it’s now sold out!  As with the Melbourne show though there are Fourtheye readers with tickets to sell, so check out the tickets thread for details.

The remaining dates are all Big Day Out shows.  Of these the Gold Coast, Melbourne and 1st Sydney dates are sold out, with tickets available for the rest.  Get them from the usual ticketing outlets.  There are a few BDO tickets for sale in the ticketing thread, so make sure you check them out if you’re in the market.  Note that day 2 of the Sydney Big Day Out is now a 2 for 1 type deal, which is pretty good value if you ask me!

No word yet if there will be any special merchandise or posters for the tour.  Presumably there will be some kind of tour shirt available, but I know there are several Fourtheye readers keen to get their hands on an autographed poster should they become available…

Over the next couple of days I will be creating threads in this forum for each of the shows.  In order to retain the element of surprise for some Fourtheye readers (including myself) set lists from gigs will only be allowed to be posted in these threads.  Setlists posted outside of the official thread (including in blog comments) will not be looked upon kindly.

Danny makes Patton look short

Proving once more that exciting things happen when I go away – it appears that Danny jumps up on stage with Faith No More at their recent gig in LA.  Tool bad he didn’t get behind the drumkit:

Two of my favourite bands united – I wonder if Tool and Faith No More would ever really tour together…

In other news:

  • Blood Into Wine is on Netflix (everyone can stop sending me emails now…)
  • There’s a test pressing of The Melvins Bride Screamed Murder up on Ebay – proper vinyl to be release in January.
  • Sounds like tickets to the Tool gig in Melbourne in February are finally being sent out.  Thanks Ticketmaster!  Jakob are 100% confirmed as the support by the way (sideshows only).

Tool September Newsletter published

Blair published the September 2010 newsletter on Toolband this morning, which once again confirms that Tool are taking part in the Big Day Out tour.  It does mention that fans are hoping for some solo shows, but neither confirms nor denies that these will happen, so I guess we’ll have to wait a little longer on that.  Seems to me that they won’t be announced prior to Big Day Out tickets going on sale, so those of you in Sydney and Melbourne who want to see Tool this trip are probably going to have to grab tickets as soon as they go on sale, in case the Big Day Out sells out and there are no side shows announced.  Personally I’ll be grabbing tickets to the Adelaide BDO, and then heading over to a sideshow should they happen.

Once again mentioned the possibility of shows in Hawaii.  Sounds to me like this will almost definitely go ahead, though sources close to this fan site have no further information on this…

On the writing/recording front, the newsletter basically confirms what Justin mentioned in an interview yesterday: that the band are still writing and there’s no danger of them heading to the studio anytime soon.  I wouldn’t count on them recording anytime before March 2011.

Finally, he also confirmed that Aaron Harris from Isis will join Tool on the Big Day Out tour, presumably as some kind of sound technician.  Aaron seems to be really keen on getting into the recording business, and from what I’ve read has done some great work with Kiwi band Jakob, and I’m sure all of us here at Fourtheye wish him luck with all his post-Isis endeavours.

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