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More Smoke On The Horizon…

Adam has posted another photo with the tag #SmokeOnTheHorizon this time a shot of all four members of Tool in the newly refurbished Loft. Presumably they’re listing to some material for the new album, and Maynard is either starting his lyrical process, or is listening to the progress so far.

It’s hard to get too excited considering all the delays we’ve had, but it finally looks as though we have some solid progress in the songwriting department. Who knows, maybe they’ll even hit the studio before the year is out?

Jakob unleash Sines

New Zealand instrumental post-rock band, and regular Tool touring buddies Jakob are preparing to release their long awaited new LP Sines in a couple of days. These guys joined Tool on tour Down Under in 2011 and then again for a show in NZ in 2013. Justin even joined them on-stage in a memorable set at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl. In a recent interview with Off The Tracks they talked about meeting Adam for the first time:

“we meet Tool. Which was, you know, huge. We’re all big fans of the band, we played that stuff in school and they were one of the bands to follow, you know. Jakob actually played Tool covers in school. So we’re playing on the bill with Isis, in L.A. at the Troubadour, it’s the last gig of the tour and we’re the first of three bands on the bill so we’ve got five minutes before we are due to play. And Adam [Jones] from Tool comes into the Green Room – which is this mezzanine where you can look down onto the bands Jakob 1that are playing – and he introduces himself. And then we’re offered to tour with Tool. We’re like ‘fuck yeah!’ – but our visa was due to run out right then. So we had to say no. Which was tough obviously, really gutting”.

You can pre-order the new album either on iTunes or via Bandcamp below:

Tool June 2013 newsletter released

Blair posted the Tool 2013 newsletter, and it contains only a small amount of new Tool news. It does however contain a quiz of sorts. Feel free to post your answers in the comments below!

Beginning tomorrow, members of the band will be taking a weeklong break from their writing sessions so that Justin has a chance to recover from a minor arthroscopic procedure involving his knee. (TRUE OR FALSE?) Okay, now that you are up to date with what Tool is doing so far this summer – other than that the next pitch is going to be one hell of a curve ball (TRUE OR FALSE?), I thought it might be fun if the June newsletter contained of a test of sorts – a challenge for all the Tool aficionados out there to demonstrate their knowledge about the band.

Justin interviewed in Rolling Stone Australia Magazine

Justin was interviewed by Rolling Stones Robyn Doreian during the recent interview frenzy, and it’s just appeared on the shelves this month. Here’s a snippet:

“It’s never taken us this long,” he says. “If it’s not happening, then it’s just not happening. We will not put out something we are not satisfied with. We are a bit slower this time. We are older, we are different and our situations are different. We are just accepting of the fact that it’s going to take a lot more patience.”

He mentions it’s unlikely the album will be out in 2013. Justin also talks about maturing as a person, M.T.void and how he expects the coming tour to draw from old and newer material during a “sensory overload” spanning several hours. Over all a relatively short interview, but full of interesting snippets.

For those wanting a copy, I purchased mine for just over $5 via the Google Play store. Here’s a link, though I’m not sure if it will be available to non-Australians.

Thanks to Calfium Jay for the tip.

M.T.void available tomorrow

Finally! After what feels like years, Justin’s project M.T.void will be available for purchase via Toolband tomorrow:

HEADS UP! JUSTIN’s musical project (with PETER MOHAMED), “NOTHING’S MATTER” by MTVOID will be AVAILABLE FOR SALE in the STORE on TOOLBAND tomorrow (FEBRUARY 14). More details and a direct link once listed.

I’ll be purchasing – quite interested to see how this project pans out. Hopefully there’s vinyl!

Adam & Justin speak with Fasterlouder

Adam and Justin recently had a chat with Australian site Fasterlouder and answered some questions about a range of topics, including this:

Back when you started working on Lateralus Maynard was still busy with A Perfect Circle so you guys started working on the music without him and I was wondering whether you’ve ever been tempted to become an instrumental band?
AJ: People have different styles of working. It’s like painting: some people can do a painting in five minutes and other people take six months to do something and it’s just different styles of the individual people in this band and it works really well. We jam and make riffs and at some point he comes in and does what he does and we’re all really happy with that.

JT: And the answer is “no”.

It’s an excellent interview and I strongly recommend you all take a look. No new albums news, just in case you were expecting it!

Happy Birthday Justin

Living on a round planet, it can be tricky when to know to wish people happy birthday. However now that most of the world is November the 19th or more, it’s time to wish Justin a happy 41st birthday. Justin will no doubt be spending the day swigging beers in a tractor while Chelsea play in the background.

To celebrate, here’s the bass track from Parabola as yanked out of Guitar Hero: