Chet Zar – Dystopia

Frequent Tool collaborator Chet Zar has a new Kickstarter campaign happening, this time for a new project called Dystopia. The focus of the project seems to be the publication of a new book DY5TOPIA: A Field Guide to the Dark Universe of Chet Zar:

Why Support?

Written by: Mike Correll

Have you ever encountered a painting so intriguing, that you wanted to know what lay outside the confines of the frame? Enter Chet Zar, the prolific “Painter of Dark” who captures what seem to be snapshots of monsters from another world. Each has its own personality and sense of humanity, while the brief glimpses he allows us into their surroundings are both unsettling, and awe inspiring!

What You’re Supporting…

What if you could help create a book that probes into this unknown realm, a book filled with both old and new Chet Zar monsters? This is your opportunity to enter the bizarre landscapes that Chet has channeled with his sketches, sculptures and paintings. You will be guided through the peculiar geography, culture, and creatures that inhabit a place not far removed from our own: DY5TOPIA. You will see close-up sketches of accoutrements, landscapes and dwellings, and read about how this Dark Universe works.

The campaign looks like it’s off to a strong start and isn’t far off getting half way. If you enjoy Chet’s art, then there is a range of reward options for supporting the project.

Sketch from Chet Zar's Dystopia

The Colossus of Destiny Kickstarter

The guys making the Melvins documentary The Colossus of Destiny have started Kickstarter project in order to get the movie over the line. There are a bunch of Melvins related rewards including copies of the movie, shirts, posters and even an Executive Producer role. Head on over to the site to take a look.

Here’s another trailer for the film featuring many celebrities:

Suns of the Tundra Kickstarter

After Justin left Peach to join Tool, and the remaining members of the band went on to form Suns Of The Tundra. Their latest album Bones of Brave Ships is ready for release this April, and the band are looking for some Kickstarter funds to get a deluxe gatefold sleeve double-vinyl version to the market.

It looks like a nice package, and the music sounds great, so if vinyl is your thing and these guys interest you, the get on board and send some funds their way.

Thanks to Moridin for the tip!

Adam donates doodled Tool posters to Clive Barker Kickstarter

It appears Adam is a big fan of Clive Barker‘s work, and when Clive recently used Kickstarter to fund a new project of his, Adam was on hand to help out:

Adam is a collector of Clive’s work- and even better, an incredibly nice guy. He’s a rare blend of talent, brilliance, enthusiasm, and gentle insight, and hearing him talk about art reveals why his own success as an artist isn’t an accident.

Adam is a massive creative force himself, and in addition to his musical talents is a gifted artist in multiple mediums.

These tour posters were illustrated and designed by Adam, and to make them even more special they were autographed by all four band members.

And is if that wasn’t enough, Adam took some time yesterday to draw on each poster to make it something absolutely unique to this campaign to raise funds for archiving and sharing Clive’s inspirational artwork.

The four posters are available as single tiers on the Kickstarter project, each one having it’s own price starting at $700 with a special double poster going for $1500. At time of writing none of these have yet sold.

Update: It appears that they have all sold!

Chet Zar’s Ego Death hits Kickstarter

Long time Tool collaborator Chet Zar has a new project in the works – a solo art show of new paintings called Ego Death. He is hoping to fund this show using popular crowd-sourcing site Kickstarter.

From his own description:

In the wee morning hours on the first day of 2013 I got an idea for the title of my next solo show of original paintings: EGO DEATH. Ego Death is a term for a mystical experience where the ego temporarily loses its grip over our consciousness. It is that moment when the veil is lifted, you leave all of your internal baggage behind and have that crystal clear vision of the way things REALLY are.

The EGO DEATH title came with another great idea: What if I presented the show like a funeral? You know, decorate the gallery like a traditional Gothic funeral―with Lillies, wreaths, a hearse and even a coffin―a funeral for our collective ego..

The concept really got my mind going! Not only was this a visually exciting idea, it also said something that I have been wanting to say with my artwork for years: perhaps it is finally time to lay the ego to rest. Maybe the same ego that was instrumental in bringing us to this stage in human evolution has outlived its usefulness, and has become the problem. What better way to symbolically lay the ego to rest than a mock funeral?

I have long been toying with the idea that my paintings are, and have always been, representations of our collective ego. Maybe this is why I have not only been painting monsters but I have been painting monsters with pathos.The paintings are portraits of ourselves, the parts of us that we are often afraid to look at. The parts of us that are vulnerable and wounded. They are the parts of us that are in pain.

Snazzy pic below. Chet is asking for $55k, which is not an insignificant figure. If you fancy taking part in the process, you can pledge some money on the Kickstarter page. Depending on how deep your pockets are you could walk away with a range of samples Chet’s work.

The Heart Eater-18x24

Mandala Synapse looking for a kick

Posted on Toolband today was a link to Vince De Franco‘s latest project, the Mandala Synapse. I’m no expert, but it looks like a gizmo that allows you to connect a range of musical devices (mainly percussion) to a PC with low latency.

Vince is looking for people to fund the device using the popular Kickstarter service. By pledging certain amounts, you can get a range of goodies, from stickets, t-shirts, signed Danny Carey drum sticks and even the device itself. Sadly, unlike Josh Freese they’re not offering a drive in Danny’s Lamborghini on mushrooms reward.

Here’s a video which hopefully explains the project better than me:

If this sounds like a good idea, then get on board and pledge some money.

Chet Zar & Steve Niles in TOME Kickstarter

I spotted today on Twitter Chet Zar plugging a Kickstarter project entitled TOME which is apparently come kind of comic related project. Not only is Chet involved in the project, but so is fellow Adam collaborator Steve Niles (of 30 Days of Night fame). According to the blurb this years theme is Vampires, so if comics and vampires are your thing, then check it out!


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