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Signed Lateralus Vinyl on Ebay

My mate Lachrymotion from Toolarmy is reluctantly selling his copy of the Signed Lateralus on Ebay.  Current bidding puts it at US$89 but don’t be surprised if it goes for US$300+, especially considering it’s one that Adam has doodled on, rather than just a plain autograph.

Signed Lateralus been and gone!

Toolarmy has a post indicating that a limited quantity Signed Lateralus Vinyl was available earlier today.  Unfortunately for those of you reading this for the first time, they appear to be sold out.  No word on if any more of these will be made available at any point, though I’d suggest there wouldn’t be many more hidden away in the TA warehouse.

Signed Vinyl on Ebay

Mark emailed me today to let me know that he’s posted his Lateralus Signed Vinyl on Ebay. It looks to be in great condition, though it doesn’t feature a special signature by Adam like some lucky individuals managed to get. Bidding at the moment is at US$300 and seems to be shipping to the US only at this stage. Which is a shame, because given the strong Australian Dollar at the moment, it would be the idea time to pick up one of these……

Update: Just got an email back from Mark saying that he would ship to Australia, and that postage would be around $35-40 with insurance.  If you’re an Aussie and want to make a bid then I sugget you contact him via Ebay to confirm.

Signed Lateralus on Ebay

Looks like Tree from Toolarmy has his signed Lateralus vinyl up for sale on Ebay.  It’s on the UK site so is in pounds, and currently the bidding is at £250, that‘s around $586 Aussie dollars.

Back + Goodies

I’m back from rain-sodden Newcastle, only to wake up in rain-sodden Adelaide.  Seems like the rain follows me at the moment.

Any a couple of quick things for you today.  jhnygsh from Toolarmy has some autographed 13th Step vinyl for sale on Ebay at the moment.  Shipping only to the US, and bidding starts at US$250.  If you’re keen to get some signed vinyl that’s not Lateralus, then here’s your thing.

Signed 13th Step Vinyl

Finally, Moose tells me that a autographed and framed Lateralus poster is available on New Zealand’s Trademe.  It looks pretty cool, and is apparently 1 of only 10 signed during the Lateralus tour.  Danny obviously didn’t have his purple pen  for that session.

Signed Vinyl, Photos, Volto!, Isis

Greasy on Toolarmy today pointed out to us that there’s some more Signed Lateralus Vinyl on Ebay at the moment.  Bidding on this one starts at $300, and as I write this there have been no bids.  Here’s the link.

The Tool Hotline woke up from their deep slumber to post a couple of things.  Firstly there’s this gallery of photos from a recent show in France. Secondly they mention that Volto! are playing a couple of shows, on on December 29 at the Baked Potato, and the other at the Knitting Factory on January 13.  Check out the hotline since there’s a couple of photo’s of the guys linked there.

Finally, Blair on Toolband/Army tells us that Aaron Harris from Isis will be featured in the January 2007 issue of DRUM! magazine.  Blair hints that he may be talking about the Mandala drums.

Platinum Lateralus

Look what the postman dropped off today!

Click on them for big picture goodness!

Mastodon, Signed Lateralus Vinyl, Music

Mastodon talk briefly about the tour with Tool on the AOL Music News Blog.  They also talk about appearing on the Conan O’Brien show.  Here’s the link.

I received an email a few days ago from a TA member who is interested in obtaining a copy of the Signed Lateralus Vinyl.  They are obviously a little hesitant in purchasing over-priced, and potentially illegitimate items from Ebay.  Should anyone be wanting to part with their copy, send me and email me and I’ll put you in touch.

Those of you who like bad music, and equally bad recordings, should head over to the About Me page on the right, and you’ll find something I recorded some time ago….

Lateralus “Platinum” Plaques

Just in case the Signed Lateralus Vinyl hasn’t burnt a big enough hole in your wallet, there is now a Lateralus “Platinum” Plaque available for Toolarmy members which celebrates Lateralus selling 1,000,000 copies. They’re not cheap though, at US$206.00 (plus US$16 postage to Australia, around $288 all up in Australian dollars), you’d better hope your credit cards aren’t maxed out….

It’s a limited edition apparently, though how limited we aren’t told.  They are still available as of 11:13 AEST.

Happy Halloween, Daily Grail

There’s several new posts on Toolband/Army detailing a recent Halloween Hollywood tour conducted by Camella, Blair and co. It’s an interesting read, but if you’re looking for Tool news, go elsewhere. There’s also a couple of pictures up as well.

It was also revealed that some more Signed Lateralus Vinyl was released to celebrate Halloween. Not many were available apparently, and it seems as though they’re all gone. Well done if you managed to score one.

Finally, the latest issue of Sub Rosa magazine is out, and features an article talking about Blair‘s Crowley collection, and also talks about Danny‘s as well.

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