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Tool Collector

A Tool site that’s been around for a while now, Tool Collector has had a change of URLs recently. The site, formerly can now be found at

For those that are interested, the webmaster Ryan keeps a record of all the Tool releases he’s collected over the years, with plenty of pictures to gawk at.  Well worth a visit for most Tool fans.

Bonnaroo 2007 Videos

Pigmyl0vecircus from Toolarmy shared with us today a couple of clips from Tool‘s Bonnaroo show last year.  They’re great quality and well worth checking out.  If anyone has a full copy of this video then I’d be very interested in hearing from them….

Tool – Special Guests Compilation

Scarletletterman from Toolarmy has put together a compilation ove live bootlegs with many of the guest musicians that have played with Tool over the years.  It seems pretty comprehensive to me, so grab a copy from Megaupload.  Big thumbs up!

Here’s a list of the tracks:

  1. Holiday in Cambodia – with Jello Biafra ex-The Dead Kennedys- 12.11.07
  2. Sober with Serj Tankian of System of A Down- 01.19.07
  3. Lateralus with Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine- Bonnaroo 2007
  4. Stranglehold with King Buzzo of the Melvins
  5. Sober with Kirk Hammett of Metallica- 08.18.06
  6. You Lied with King Buzzo
  7. Stinkfist with King Buzzo 08.26.98
  8. Demon Cleaner with Scott Reeder of Kyuss
  9. Third Eye with Vince DeFranco – 8.13.02
  10. 46 & 2 with Masa – 02.10.07
  11. Pushit with Aloke Dutta
  12. Spasm with King Buzzo 10-10-1999
  13. Opiate with Al-Sayed – 06.28.06
  14. Opiate with Layne Staley – Bremerton – 05.28.94
  15. Opiate with Layne Staley – Hawaii – 08.15.93
  16. Opiate with Tricky
  17. Opiate with Human Beat Box performers – 02.10.07
  18. Lateralus with Trey & Pat of King Crimson – 12.04.07
  19. Lateralus with Sebastian Thomson of Trans Am – 11.29.07
  20. Lateralus with Brann Dailor of Mastodon – 06.04.07
  21. Lateralus with Kinski – 05.26.07
  22. Lateralus with Melt Banana – 06.09.07
  23. Lateralus with Herman Lee of Dragonforce – 08.22.07
  24. Lateralus with Trey and Pat of King Crimson – 05.21.07
  25. Lateralus with Coady Willis of Big Business – 07.16.07
  26. Lateralus with Sebastian from Trans Am and Tim Alexander of Primus- 12.11.07
  27. Triad with John Stanier of Tomahawk/Battles/The Mark Of Cain 07.19.02
  28. Triad with Dave Lombardo of Fantômas/Slayer
  29. Triad with Tomas Haake of Meshuggah 11.16.02
  30. Triad with Mike Bordin of Faith No More- 05.25.02
  31. Bottom with Al-Sayed 07.21.94
  32. Bottom with Zach de la Rocha of Rage Against The Machine- 08.07.93

Holiday in Cambodia

Scarlettletterman from Toolarmy posted a Xmas present this morning – a bootleg of Jello Biafra and Tool performing Holiday in Cambodia.  Enjoy!

Iranian Tool Fansite

I’m always happy to share links with Tool sites from around the world, and this morning I was sent the details of an Iranian Tool website.  The site features a whole range of information, from news to lyrical translations.  Good work guys!

We think we have a tough time down here waiting for a Tool tour, but imagine being a Tool fan anywhere in the Middle East.  The likelihood of Tool ever touring this beautiful part of the world seem pretty remote in todays climate, but it would be nice to think that at some stage in the future they could make it over there. is a new website out there with several different Tool bootlegs from all the various era’s of the band.  Well worth checking out if you’re after some decent live recordings.  Thanks for Foamy for the tip.

For those missing out….

For those Austrians (and others) that are missing out on Tool tonight, here’s a clip from Youtube with Tom Morello playing Lateralus at the recent Bonnaroo show. Thanks to akiva95 from Toolarmy for the tip.

More Bonnaroo Pictures

Nocode4444 from Toolarmy tells us that his mate Ryan has posted some great Bonnaroo including several of Tool.  Head over to this site to see them (they’re a little way in) and comment on what you think of Adam’s pigtails!

Bonnaroo Pics

For those of you with 5 minutes to spare, there are some cool pics from Tool’s Bonnaroo set on  Includes a picture of Tom Morello rocking Adam’s Silverburst.

Tool @ Bonnaroo

Justin on K-Rock

Justin hosted K-Rock’s Hostile Takeover in NYC the other night, and you can hear what he had to say during the night over on their website.  Not sure how long it will be there though.  It wouldn’t work for me in Firefox either, had to resort to Internet Explorer.

Just a tip for Justin – don’t give up your day job!

Justin Hosting Hostile Takeover

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