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Trey & Pat from KC join Tool, More Hamilton? Tool Hotline Update

According to Toolband/Army, Trey Gunn and Pat Mastelotto from King Crimson will be joining Tool on stage at the show in San Antonio, and then again in Corpus Christi. What a cool name for a town…..

Also, it’s being reported that there’s going to be a second show in Hamilton on the 25th of June. No confirmation of that date just yet. Thanks to Dreadedhead1 of Toolarmy for the tip.

Finally, it looks like The Tool Hotline has had an update. Aside from a minor visual update, they’ve finally fixed their RSS feed so that it no longer sucks! Good work!

Danny Drumskin on Trademe

Spongebob from Toolnavy pointed out that there is a Danny Carey drumskin from the New Zealand Big Day Out on Trade Me.  The current bidding price is $100 (New Zealand I presume).

Tool on Triple J

Tool Radio hosted by Justin Chancellor last Saturday can be streamed from the Triple J website.  Check it out if you missed the live broadcast.

NJM from reckons he heard on Triple J that there will be a Tool interview on Full Metal Racket tonight.  I can’t confirm this anywhere on the site, but if you want to tune in anyway, the show starts at 10pm tonight.

Sydney Entertainment Centre 2007 Partial Bootleg

2L from has posted a bootleg of the recent Tool show at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on the 24th of January, 2007.  The bootleg only contains the first four tracks (Stinkfist, 46&2, Jambi and Schism) but is of pretty high quality.  Here’s hoping the rest of the show is on the way.

Download it here.

Back from the Dead!

Well, I’m finally back home after the big Sydney Trip. I had planned on posting updates while I was down there, but a lack of time and a decent internet connection prevented me from doing so. Looks like several interesting things happened in the last few days:

  • Blair posted some US Tour dates on Toolband/Army
  • Danny confirmed that some of their shows are being recorded and that they plan to have them released as DVD’s.
  • Maynard is working with Lustmord in regards to Puscifer
  • Tool features prominently in a couple of Triple J polls, including number 3 in the listeners album of the year, and several songs in the Hottest 100, the highest being Vicarious at #22. And what the fuck is with Augie March being number 1? I’m almost ashamed to be an Australian….

Expect some more details shortly, as well as my thoughts on the two Tool shows I saw.

Edit: I should have also added, that due to flight cancellations/delays getting from Brisbane to Sydney, I wasn’t able to get to the meetup until around 6pm.  I did get too meet several Fourtheye and TA members in the time I was there though.

Australian Tool Competition

Sony Australia are holding a competition to win a Paiste Drum Cymbal signed by members of Tool (seems to be a common thing at the moment), Limited Edition Vinyl, a T-Shirt, a Poster and Tool’s current CD/DVD catalogue. All you have to do is enter a barcode from any Tool product and describe in 100 word or less what is your favorite Tool album and why.

Make sure it sucks so that my entry is the winner by default.

Signed DC Symbol on Ebay

Grumbunfunkle on Toolarmy posted today that he found this item for sale on Ebay.  It’s a Paiste cymbal autographed by Danny Carey when he visited Billy Hydes in Sydney.  Current bidding puts it at over $200 with still another six days left on the auction.  Better have deep pockets if you want this one….

Prison Sex Doll on eBay

It looks like one of the dolls used for the Prison Sex video is up for auction on eBay. The description reads:

Up for auction, this rarest of rare Tool collectables…. a doll model from Tool’s 1994 “Prison Sex” video, directed by Adam Jones. 100% authentic, this was a gift from Adam Jones. A very reluctant sale and major sacrifice, I’m very sad to have to let this go.

I’m unsure of what the model is made of. It has a partially hollow head and eye sockets and a partially hollow torso. It has a wire arm, which is poseable. It has a metal rod joining the head to the torso and a metal rod joining the torso to the pelvis/hips (which move slightly forward and back.) Gorgeously detailed, especially the face and hands. I believe that Adam made all of the models. I’m not sure if this model made it into the final cut of the video or not.

The face is painted in a white and grey mottled effect, with the crack under the right eye detailed in black. The torso and pelvis have little cracked details, with a few clay and paint marks scattered. There is a circular cut out on the right side of the back of the head (which is intentional.) There is also a crack that runs from the right side of the back of the head in a curve, approximately 2″ long. This in no way detracts from the look or integrity of the model and can be easily reinforced if you want. I can’t remember if the model was given to us this way or not. The model has been safely stored on a shelf for many a year.

Bidding starts at 250 Pounds (about AU$622 and US$483) and the auction goes for about 9 days. Check it out here.

Thanks to 11reflections for the tip

Videos from the Undertow Sessions

Joelsy on Toolarmy pointed out to me a couple of videos from Sylvia Massey, which were filmed during the Undertow sessions. Highlights include:

  • Henry Rollins recording his part for Bottom
  • Maynard sporting a very dodgy looking beard. He kinda looks like Les Claypool.
  • Some cool drumming from Danny
  • One of Adam’s Pigs
  • The guys shooting, beating the shit out and generally disassembling of an old piano. Using in Disgustipated I think.
  • Maynard giving us a guided tour of the recording studios platinum album collection via a megaphone. I think he was on something that day….
  • Motley Crue’s Devil Up Your Ass and Maynard shouting at the Devil
  • The folk band recording the intro to 4 Degrees Crawl Away

Some great footage there, and certainly nothing I’ve seen before. Apparently there’s more to come too. Here’s the links:

Signed Vinyl, Photos, Volto!, Isis

Greasy on Toolarmy today pointed out to us that there’s some more Signed Lateralus Vinyl on Ebay at the moment.  Bidding on this one starts at $300, and as I write this there have been no bids.  Here’s the link.

The Tool Hotline woke up from their deep slumber to post a couple of things.  Firstly there’s this gallery of photos from a recent show in France. Secondly they mention that Volto! are playing a couple of shows, on on December 29 at the Baked Potato, and the other at the Knitting Factory on January 13.  Check out the hotline since there’s a couple of photo’s of the guys linked there.

Finally, Blair on Toolband/Army tells us that Aaron Harris from Isis will be featured in the January 2007 issue of DRUM! magazine.  Blair hints that he may be talking about the Mandala drums.

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