Ettan on the forum let me know today that the Tool Drive Project has had a recent update. For those that don’t know, this project does a fantastic job of collecting, preserving and documenting Tool live recordings, and is a must visit for anyone interested in these things:

2019.03.19:  The site is live!  For those of you with rclone set up correctly, send us an email with a username for the site and we will get the ball rolling on setting up an account for you.  Poke around the site, which is now DB driven, searchable, more interactive, and far more comprehensive than the previous installment. This has been a long time coming, and thanks goes out to Taylor and Jon for moving the upgrade to the site.  It has been a needed improvement to the project for many years, and has finally come to fruition!  As will all new sites, please poke around and if you find any problems, let us know!

Congratulations to all the team members both past and present for getting this project happening!

Thanks to verapamil12 for the live shot!