Rumour: Lollapalooza 2009

According to Mitch123 on Toolarmy, there is some speculation that Tool might be headlining this years Lollapalooza Festival.  Not a shred of evidence to back this up as far as I can see, so don’t go booking your plan tickets just yet…

A Perfect Circle Argentina sideshow with Tomahawk

Was browsing through Facebook this morning and notice a post from Billy saying that A Perfect Circle will be playing a show in Argentina with Tomahawk while they visit South America for Lollapalooza. The show will be at the Malvinas Argentinas Indoor Stadium on April 2nd, and tickets go on sale December 15th. Sounds like a great show!

Tool too manly for Lilith Fair

An excellent article called An Oral History of the First Lollapalooza arrived in my inbox today, and while reading it I stumbled across this interesting quote from Lollapalooza co-founder and former Tool manager Ted Gardner:

GARDNER: It wasn’t like, "It’s a girl band, so put them on." A lot of people threw that accusation around. When I was managing Tool, I rang the agent for Lilith Fair and submitted Tool, and they said, "No, it’s all women." And I said, "Well, isn’t that sexist?"

The article isn’t really about Tool at all, but is quite interesting none the less, and features a range of quotes from the artists involved in the first Lollapalooza tour including Henry Rollins (Rollins Band), Richard Patrick (NIN/Filter), Vernon Reid (Living Colour), Perry Farrell (Janes Addiction), Gibby Haynes (Butthole Surfers) and more. 

A Perfect Circle playing Lollapalooza

As I predicted a little while back, A Perfect Circle were today announced as part of the Lollapalooza lineup for 2011.  A Perfect Circle seem to be one of the second tier acts, and other bands joining them on the three day festival include Foo Fighters, Ween, Muse, Deftones, Death From Above 1979 and The Cars.  Overall it seems like a quite reasonable lineup, and much lighter on shitty metal than other festivals they’re playing.

According to the website, the only tickets left are 3-Day passes, so I hope you had the foresight to get an earlybird ticket if APC are legitimately the only band you fancy on the lineup…

Danny Comments on the Tour

According to a recent article on Blabbermouth:

TOOL drummer Danny Carey told The Pulse of Radio that unlike some groups, the members of the band still travel together on the road. “We pretty much all travel together,” he said. “We kind of have to, you know, just for the logistics of everything going down. The schedule gets pretty tight, especially at the beginning of the tour, ’cause there are lots of interviews and, you know, soundchecks. Everything’s pretty scheduled out. We’re on a bus pretty much all the time in Europe. In America it varies. Sometimes we fly, sometimes we bus it.”

I also mentions that Lollapalooza is the last scheduled show.  Not sure how much I read into that comment, I think they’re talking in regards to the dates provided so far – I expect there will be further shows after that festival gig.

Lollapalooza Confirmed!

In what will come as a surprise to very few, Tool have been officially confirmed as part of the Lollapalooza lineup.  Other acts that I like on the bill include Janes Addiction, Beastie Boys, Lou Reed and Dan Deacon.  The Festival spans several nights in August at  Grant Park in Chicago.  Sounds like a great gig!

Lollapalooza Confirmed?

Blair made a cryptic post on Toolarmy today:

Anyone besides Buzz, Junior and I see that blistering line drive of a foul ball the other night at Dodger Stadium that damn near postponed a certain tour? Easier just to buy one of the damn things. Speaking of baseball (which I love), in planning my… vacation, while in Chi-Town the second week in August (when the weather’s nice), I was hoping to see the Cubs at Wrigley Field (having never been there). A little research would have been nice. Turns out that during that time the Cubs will be on the road – in Colorado, facing our friend Glendon Rusch and the Rockies. So, no Wrigley Field. Oh well, anyone know where I can get a good dog in Chicago. One with a little attitude? I’ve got an extra twenty that I’m saving for the occasion.

Some people read this to be a metaphor in regards to some upcoming Tool dates, including the much rumoured Lollapalooza.  The official lineup is announced tomorrow apparently so we’ll know soon enough.

Tool Summer Tour confirmed

Blair has confirmed on Toolband/Army that Tool will be touring this summer. Presumably the US only, Tool break from recent trends and decide to tour prior to the release of the new album.

I’m sure many of you have heard of an upcoming summer tour. Although I can’t announce any specific dates yet (as the bulk of the dates haven’t been confirmed), once they are finalized and official, we’ll be sure to announce them on the site. So… be on the lookout for these dates to be posted soon, and get ready for live Tool this summer. (Now I understand what that elemental was referring to in the February newsletter)

Personally, this has caught me by surprise.  I wouldn’t be expecting an extensive tour, probably just a dozen or so dates in the major capitals.  I guess this also means Lollapalooza is more or less confirmed.

Tool to headline Lollapalooza

There are now some very strong rumours that Tool will be headlining this years Lollapalooza festival:

The Killers and Tool are expected to fill out the headlining slots for the fifth annual Lollapalooza festival Aug. 7-9 in Grant Park.

Multiple industry sources confirmed over the weekend at the South by Southwest Music Conference in Austin, Texas, that the two bands will join headliners previously reported by the Tribune: the Beastie Boys, Depeche Mode and Jane’s Addiction, plus Kings of Leon.

I will wait for an official confirmation from either the festival organisers or Toolband before really believing this, but these rumours are the strongest indication yet.

Thanks to the dozen or so of you who emailed me this morning to let me know.

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