D is for Dubby

Oldesch on Toolarmy tells me that there is a new Puscifer remix album available on called D is for Dubby. This album contains nine tracks all remixed by Lustmord:

Dub remixes from “V is for Vagina” by the elusive O.G. Goth legend, LUSTMORD. Lot’s of Dub out there in the world. Some of it is actually done correctly. Lustmord is one of the few who do it right. Turn it up, settle in, and remember to Puff Puff Pass.

  1. Bone Dub
  2. Children of Dub
  3. DoZo Dub
  4. Dub v2.02
  5. Dub with Power
  6. Momma Dubbed part 1 and 2
  7. Sour Dub
  8. Trekka Dub
  9. Vagina (Version)

The album can be sampled and purchased electronically in the MP3 section of the Puscifer site.

Adam’s Doggie

Adam has posted a range of new photo’s on his Myspace page, ranging from puppy pics (an new white Great Dane by the looks of things), GTA4 hilarity and some artwork (from the Lustmord release?).  Check them out!

Adams Great Dane
Adam's Great Dane

Lustmord [O T H E R]

According to a recent Toolband/Army post:

Sub-Chthonian revels … Transplutonian echoes… the din of the endomatrix? Available JULY 22, the latest album by LUSTMORD on Hydra Head Records. Featuring guest appearances by King Buzzo (Melvins), Aaron Turner (Isis) and some chap going by the name ADAM JONES


1. Testament
2. Element
3. Godeater
4. Dark Awakening
5. Ash
6. Of Eons
7. Prime [Aversion]
8. Er Ub Us


For those interested there is a limited shirt and hoodie available until July 17th with pre-orders.

Lustmord – Other

According to a resent image posted on Adam‘s Myspace site, the latest Lustmord album was released on the 22nd of July (thanks UncleJackson), and features artwork by A. Jones, presumably Adam.

Lustmord - Other

Puscifer News

Received today via the Puscifer Mailing List:

News from the world of Puscifer…

New music is in the works, Maynard talking about where the collective is in the process:

“We’re starting to pull together some new pieces. Josh Eustis,  Lustmord, our visiting Irish Bass Player, Tanya  and I are indulging in some new ideas, old ideas, recipes, bad jokes, and the occasional 2 on 2 ball game. Not much to report quite yet, but soon.”

A behind the scenes clip from the making of the DoZo video:

Two of the latest items added to the Puscifer store (to see more click here):

* Pimp Puppy squeaky toy

* Striped Puscifer/Buzzsaw L.A. Tote Bag/Shoulder Purse. embroidered with a big white Puffy Puscifer.

Lastly, a new newsletter format including answers to your questions coming next issue along with a Puscifer widget.  If you have questions for anyone involved in Puscifer send to

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Available releases from Puscifer:

*  DoZo DVD – The continuing saga of Queen B

*  12″ vinyl  2 LP set. Double gate fold art on which to sort your shake. Contains 2 unreleased tracks.

* Remixes from Paul Barker, Danny Lohner, Dave “Rave” Ogilvie, Josh Eustis, Lustmord, Mat Mitchell, Richard Devine, Joey Jordison, Michael Patterson, Contradicktator, Aaron Turner, and 8mm.

* Limited edition cd single. Includes a super secret bonus track.

* The original release includes “Queen B,” “DoZo” and “Momma Sed.”

* Queen B in the hizzy. This DVD single includes bonus items as well as launching the video story of the Queen herself.

Maynard to feature on new Lustmord album

According to a recent post on Facebook, Maynard will be appearing on the forthcoming Lustmord album on the track Abbadon. Here’s an excerpt:

Don’t forget that Lustmord is playing in these parts in March 2013, provided the world doesn’t end shortly.

Lustmord to play Unsound Festival in Adelaide

I was flicking through the Adelaide Festival program this morning, and noticed that frequent Tool collaborator Lustmord will be playing a set in town for the Unsound Festival. This festival takes place over 3 nights in a couple of venues in Adelaide, and Lustmord will be performing with Demdike Stare, Pole and Ben Frost on Saturday the 16th of March at Her Majesty’s Theatre:

Low frequencies, dark ambient, post punk, black metal and noise; field recordings from caves, crypts and slaughterhouses; and an occult project fusing elements from cult soundtracks and fractured dub – things get dark and spooky on Unsound Adelaide’s last night of stunningly experimental electronic music. Hold tight as legendary sound artist Lustmord, occult project Demdike Stare with Unsound-commissioned work Concealed, featuring Zephyr Quartet, influential German glitch and dub-inspired deep electronic artist Pole and acclaimed musical surgeon Ben Frost take to the stage.

Other highlights of the festival include Adelaide Symphony Orchestra performing 2001: A Space Odyssey as well as the Kronos Quartet + Bryce Dessner performing JG Thirwell’s Manorexia.

Lustmord Songs of Gods and Demons

A recent post on Toolband this morning highlights the new release from Lustmord Songs of Gods and Demons that is now available from his website.  While Lustmord’s work is quite interesting, what’s even more interesting to Tool fans is this snippet:

The CD includes "The Blasted Plain", the companion piece to the music Lustmord did for the VICARIOUS DVD menu.

I don’t even remember the music/noise from the Vicarious DVD menu, so perhaps I’ll stick it in my drive later today and check it out…

Puscifer EP Released

Puscifer’s new EP "C" is for (Please Insert Sophomoric Genitalia Reference HERE) is now available for download from iTunes and Amazon.  According to a recent post on Toolband it’s digital only for now, but may come out on vinyl someday.  Also out is the previously released D is for Dubby featuring Lustmord remixes if V is for Vagina.

Have you had a chance to listen yet?  If so, feel free to post your reviews below!

Melvins European Tour, King Buzzo’s Top 10, Lustmord [O T H E R D U B]

The Melvins are doing a few shows in Europe late this year with Big Business and Porn.  Check them out if they’re in your neck of the woods:

November 24, 2009 Madrid, Spain – Penélope w/ Big Business, Porn
November 25, 2009 Barcelona, Spain – La[2] w/ Big Business, Porn
November 27, 2009 Conegliano, Italy – Zion Rock Club w/ Big Business, Porn
November 29, 2009 Athens, Greece – Unknown Palace w/ Big Business, Porn
December 1, 2009 Bologna, Italy – Estragon w/ Big Business, Porn
December 2, 2009 Segrate, Milan, Italy – Circolo Magnolia w/ Big Business, Porn
December 4, 2009 Munich, Germany – Feierwerk / Hansa 39 w/ Big Business, Porn
December 5, 2009 Schorndorf, Germany – Manufaktur w/ Big Business, Porn
December 6, 2009 Berlin, Germany – Maria am Ostbahnhof w/ Big Business, Porn
December 8, 2009 London, United Kingdom – Garage w/ Witch, Big Business, Porn
December 10, 2009 Kortrijk, Belgium – De Kreun w/ Big Business, Porn
December 11, 2009 – Minehead, United Kingdom – Butlins Holiday Resort – TEN YEARS OF ATP

In other Melvins stuff, King Buzzo has list of his favourite 10 albums, and why he likes them on

Finally, the remix version of Lustmord’s [O T H E R] album has been released.  Titled [O T H E R D U B] it features Adam Jones both on album playing guitar, and his art work graces the cover.  The album can be purchased here.

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