M.T.void available tomorrow

Finally! After what feels like years, Justin’s project M.T.void will be available for purchase via Toolband tomorrow:

HEADS UP! JUSTIN’s musical project (with PETER MOHAMED), “NOTHING’S MATTER” by MTVOID will be AVAILABLE FOR SALE in the STORE on TOOLBAND tomorrow (FEBRUARY 14). More details and a direct link once listed.

I’ll be purchasing – quite interested to see how this project pans out. Hopefully there’s vinyl!

Tool January 2013 Newsletter released

Blair has crafted his January 2013 newsletter, and rather than esoteric ramblings, he lets us know about flaming dicks! And also some Tool stuff.

For those who don’t feel like reading it (you should, it’s relatively short) he basically tells us there was a minor songwriting setback due to a Vespa injury, there should be several interviews with band members appearing in the press in the coming days (not sure if these include the recent DC and MJK interviews), as well as three other things we should get news on before the new album is released. One I expect is some kind of tour (perhaps South American), the other is something out of left field Blair expects we won’t be able to guess, and the final one I’m presuming is The Pot (or something else?) video Adam has been working on.

Also mentioned was that M.T.void should see a release very soon, and that it would be available for purchase via the Toolband store, as well as the usual record selling outlets. Here’s hoping there’s vinyl.

Into the M.T.void

It’s hard to get answers these days about any kind of Tool related release, with The Pot videos, Volto! albums and M.T.void albums all on the horizon, it can be frustrating to hear about all these projects and then never know when they will see the light of day.

Luckily for us though we have an answer for one of these, with M.T.void today posting on Facebook an update on their album:

Justin is navigating the release himself 🙂 We’re aiming at january. 2013 looks like Void year?

Great news that this is finally happening, perhaps not so good if you subscribe to the rumour that Tool will be recording in January.

M.T.Void and Crystal Castles track emerge

The other day on the Children of Saturn radio show, Justin Chancellor played a few interesting tracks including two new M.T.Void tracks, as well as a remixed Crystal Castles track that he was involved with. 

Some thoughtful lad or ladette pushed play on their recording device and uploaded the track to Soundcloud for your listening pleasure:

Crystal Castles – Celestica (Remix by Justin Chancellor and Scott Kirkland) by fortysixand2 M.T.void – Unknown by fortysixand2 M.T.void – Toad by fortysixand2

Toad seems to feature some vocals by Justin, which is a pleasant surprise.  According to Twitter the M.T.Void album is expected to be released before the end of the year.

Let us know what you think of the tracks.

First M.T.void track officially released

M.T.void, a musical collaboration that features Justin and Peter Mohamed have finally released the first track Future from their coming album Nothing’s Matter.  Here it is:


Looking forward to the full album!

M.T.Void debuts on Polish Radio

According to a recent Facebook post, M.T.Void’s first track debuted on Polish Radio Channel 3 earlier this week.  According to comments some have heard the track, however I can’t find any streams online with the song.  Did anyone catch it?

For those that have forgotten, M.T.Void is a side project of Justin’s with Piotr Mohammed. You can find more info on Fourtheye here

M.T.Void release approaching

Justin sent us a message today via Toolband regarding Nothing’s Matter, the debut release from M.T.Void:

We are proud and excited to announce the imminent release of "Nothing’s Matter", the complete and concise work of "M.T.Void" – an experimental collaboration, of the sonic kind, between Justin Chancellor and Peter Mohamed. The logistics of making this available to you all have so far proved to be an obstacle. We are currently in the process of procuring a remedy… Our only business is making music, and businessmen are bad company for our record…

P.S. The staff at Guantanamo Bay Records really needs a space station vacation. xxx

Personally I liked what I heard from the snippets they’ve released so far, so am looking forward to the full album getting a release.

M.T.void Youtube Channel

M.T.void, the new band involving Justin have just created a Youtube channel, which contains a video from the mastering sessions with Bob Ludwig.  M.T.void can also be found on most of your social media networks, so those keen to keep up with these guys should do a little searching around.

Personally, I think it sounds quite promising, certainly the Polish vocals are quite unique to my ears.

Adam’s Comic, Justin’s Side Project & Happy Birthday’s

Just yesterday I was reading an article about a new X Files comic which happens to be a crossover with the 30 Days of Night series.  Then this morning I had it pointed out to me by a couple of readers that Adam is actually involved in this.  No details on what exactly he’s contributed, but I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.

Update: Looks like Adam is a co-writer, and some further details (including artwork which I presume isn’t Adam’s) can be found here.

There’s been talk of Justin being involved in a side project for a while now, and according to skum_fist this may be it.  The band in question is called M.T.void and would appear to be an experimental rock band.  More details and samples can be found there for those interested.

It seems as though I forgot to wish Maynard a happy birthday the other day, so here’s a belated one!  Today is also the birthday of everyone’s favorite lighting dude, as well as someone else pretty cool (no not Hitler).  Happy birthday Junior!

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