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Happy Birthday Danny!

I don’t always wish band members Happy Birthday on here any more, but since I was sent a special photo by reader slaamri I have a nice photo of some signed merch to share.

From slaamri to Danny:

Happy birthday from France!

And I know the sentiment is expressed worldwide! Hopefully all those at the Tool show this evening will give him a solid rendition of Happy Birthday to You.

There’s also a few snaps of the great man from Blair on Facebook:

Tool Tour 2016 shirts and posters

For those Tool tour poster collectors out there, take note that the Toolband store has had a range of these appear online in the last few days. There seem to be more shirts than posters (probably because the posters sell faster) so keep checking back, you may find the one you want appear in the future.

One of the shirts you can buy at the moment is the nice Adi Granov piece from the Charlotte show:

Tool tour shirt by Ani Granov

Tool Xmas ornament for sale on Toolband

Xmas is here I guess, and as seems to be increasingly the case these days, there are some merchandise items available for purchase on Toolband. These include some Xmas ornaments, a lighter and some furry hat thing. If any of this stuff excites you, then head on over and spend some money.

Personally, I’d like to purchase:

  • A live Tool DVD
  • Some kind of Opiate re-recording
  • 10,000 Days vinyl
  • For that matter a reissue of most of Tool’s other vinyl, in particular Aenima
  • Some figurines from Tool videos
  • A coffee table book featuring live photos and other Tool related artworks
  • A Danny Carey drumming instruction (or just performance) DVD
  • Blu-ray HD versions of the Tool videos
  • 5.1 remasters of Tool’s albums
  • A version of Toolarmy where Tool fans get genuine pre-sales, and not just $500 VIP tickets.

For any of those things, I would happily open my wallet. For Xmas ornaments, I shall not.

Some stuff you can buy

Puscifer Signed Tour Posters on Ebay

Milla emailed me today to tell me that three of the signed tour posters are up on Ebay, each starting at $100.  According to the item notes:

There were 3 Puscifer shows this weekend, (Friday the 13th, Saturday the 14th, and today (Sunday the 15th). There were UNIQUE posters for each show that are ONLY BEING SOLD ON THEIR RESPECTIVE NIGHTS. (meaning that if you went on Friday the 13th, you could only get the Friday the 13th poster … you could NOT get the Saturday or Sunday poster unless you went back to the concert on those nights as well).

Regular Posters were $25.00 (unsigned), and there was a LIMITED number of AUTOGRAPHED SETS for $300.00 which included ALL 3 POSTERS, each signed by Maynard !!!!!!! The Merch booth told me that there were ONLY 20 OF THESE SETS AVALIABLE !!!!

Links are worth checking if only to see what they look like.

Adam and Alex Grey Collectors Set

For those of you who missed the Signed Salival Sale the other day, and still have US$200 burning a hole in your wallet, a Collectors Set available at the CoSM website is for you. Featuring copies of the Vicarious and Parabola DVD signed by Adam, as well as the Revolver Tool issue signed by both Adam and Alex.

Presumably limited so don’t miss out!

Signed Salival DVD’s Sold Out

To no ones surprise the Signed Salival DVD‘s sold on on Toolarmy for US$200 at around 4:00 PST in less than a minute.  Vuduchild (who was lucky enough to score one) sent me this pic which was posted on Toolarmy:

Signed Salival

Let the bitching about the price of an item you weren’t forced to buy commence…

Salival DVD’s

Blair posted an update for Toolarmy members desperate for the signed Salival DVD‘s today, mentioning that it’s unlikely to go on the market until after 3:00PM LA time, and that “MERCH” loves Italian, and will probably take the budget right down to the last penny. I take that to mean that he’s not planning to take our budgets to their last penny, more that it’ll be similar to the original price of the item (somewhere in the area of US$50 from memory).

For anyone trying to get a copy – good luck, I’d expect the web site to be extremely busy around that time, so be patient.  If you/re not serious about buying the merch at all, I’d suggest avoiding the site altogether. Personally I’d like one, but will be out at a Xmas part today, so probabyl won’t be around when the goods hit the store.  If anyone wants to buy me one for Xmas the feel free!

Autographed DC Splash Cymbal

US Radio station Rock 1065 are auctioning a splash cymbal autographed by all four Tool member with all money raised going to the Kids First Of The Carolinas charity.  If you’re in a giving mood, and want a piece of a signed drumkit, then check it out.

Signed Tool Cymbal for Rock 1065
Signed Tool Cymbal for Rock 1065



Net of Being Poster

I read a post on Toolarmy today from guelphtoolfan420 who noticed that the Net Of Being poster (presumably the same as the one sold on the previous US tour) is on sale for US$20 on the Tool website.

Update: This item is no longer for sale, presumably sold out.

Net of Being

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