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Autographed Video Sculpture

A loyal Fourtheye reader who would prefer to stay anonymous, today sent me a picture of his prized Adam Jones sculpture.  Looks like it was one of the props used in the Prison Sex video.  Enjoy it’s high resolution goodness by clicking on it!!

Last 10,000 Days show?

Both the Tool Hotline and a couple of reviews on Toolnavy are saying that Maynard announced at the last Las Vegas show that it would be the last one for the 10,000 Days tour.  Looks like we may not get another Tool tour down under after all, unless he was just talking about the US.

On a brighter note, here’s another one of those posters courtesy of CP:

Yet another poster

CorpsegrindeR sent in a picture of the signed Tool poster he picked up in San Francisco the other night:

Let me know when you start getting sick of seeing these…

Tool Posters

Brian sent me an email last night with a couple of links to some posters made available at the recent Tool show in LA. According to him, poster weren’t selling for $1000, but a mere $500. The $500 ones were snapped up pretty quick, and there were only 5 of them. Signed copies of the other poster was $80 and there were heaps of those. The first one has some of Adam’s art while the send one is plain:

Vicarious DVD on Toolarmy

The Vicarious DVD is available to order on Toolarmy for US$12.98 plus shipping.  I’ve already ordered mine from JB Hi-Fi, where it costs that much but in Australian dollars.  I’m sure there’s similar bargains to be found around the world.  Of course if you do order it from Toolarmy (and I would have if they hadn’t left it so late) then you may get a nice warm feeling knowing that a slightly higher percentage of the money is going to Tool, or to at least the guys that run TA.

Here’s the artwork displayed in the Bazaar:

Vicarious Cover

Customised Tour Poster

ckkenn from Toolarmy shared with us today a couple of pictures of a Tour Poster customised by Adam at the recent Everitt show.  Here they are for you viewing pleasure:

November Newsletter

Blair’s November Newsletter is now up on Toolband/Army, and talks about some of his adventures on the road with Tool.  He also talks about the soon to be release merchandise (more details in the soon to be posted December Newsletter apparently), and depending on how much you read into these things, some may be inclined to think that some kind of Salival reissue may be happening…

Autographed Guitar for Auction

Nuckfuts tells me that have a guitar autographed by all members of Tool available on their website.  All proceeds benefit Broward Best Buddies, whoever they are…

It’s not a Silverburst unfortunately.

Vicarious DVD, Aussie Tour…

Indridcold on Toolarmy posted this today. Not sure how legit it is, but is fucking hope it’s true…


– VICARIOUS – Extended 8 minute version
– The startlingly creative music video for Vicarious, the massive first single from 2006’s 10,000 days, is presented for the first time in this short form DVD.
– The DVD includes a documentary that takes you through the history of Adam Jones’ visual effects work, and the process and people involved in the creation of the all CGI video.
– Audio commentary on the DVD by comedian David Cross.
– A tour of Alex Grey’s COSM.

Unique tri-fold soft pack with stereoscopic lenses and CGI stereoscopic images from the Vicarious video.


Sounds pretty good to me. The contents of the DVD sound pretty much like I expected.

Tool Tour Posters

Blair posted a picture of the customised Tool posters on sale on the current US Tour. I wasn’t able to view the images with Firefox though, I could only see them in IE, so I’ve posted the image below for those who aren’t able to see it. It looks pretty cool, and Adam has done some pretty cool stuff to the original poster. Allegedly these posters cost US$400 each, with the plain signed ones being US$75. Better hit the bank up for another loan…

Adam’s Tool Posters

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