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Ipecac Store + Melvins Doll

Looks like Ipecac Recordings have opened an online store to sell stuff for their more popular bands. You can find a wide selection of shirts and stuff from all your favorites, including Tool tour mates Tomahawk, Fantomas, Isis and The Melvins. Some cool stuff there.

One thing you can purchase is this cool Melvins Doll. it could be yours for US$50!

Melvins Doll

The Melvins at The Troubadour

This Friday the 27th of July, the Melvins will be playing at The Troubadour in HollywoodTrevor Dunn from Fantomas will be taking care of bass playing this show, and they’re expecting to play the entire Lysol and Eggnog albums.  Blair tells us that some members of Tool might be there.  Adam playing with the guys perhaps?

Poll Results: Favorite Mike Patton Project?

Last weeks poll asked what was your favorite Mike Patton project?

Personally I’m a Tomahawk fan, but it came as no surprise to me to see that Faith No More won the poll.  Faith No More were pretty much a defining band for me as a teenager.  Without them, and particularly Angel Dust I probably would never got into Heavy Music at all, and would be stuck in the purgatory of Def Leppard and Bon Jovi.

Still, my love of The Jesus Lizard and Helmet make me love Tomahawk in a way only rivalled by Tool.

In reality tough, there are few Mike Patton projects I don’t like.  I’ve seen Mr Bungle live twice, and both times would be in my top 10 of live shows ever, especially the show from the California tour.

Here are the results:

  1. Faith No More 188 Votes
  2. Mr Bungle 70 Votes
  3. Fantomas 67 Votes
  4.  Tomahawk 58 Votes
  5. Red Hot Chilli Peppers 49 Votes
  6. Peeping Tom 18 Votes
  7. Lovage 8 Votes
  8. General Patton vs. The X-ecutioners 2 Votes
  9. Maldoror 1 Vote
  10. Various Solo Albums No Votes!

For the first time ever, one of the items received no votes!  I really didn’t thing the Mike Patton Solo stuff was that bad!

New poll coming soon!

Ipecac Stuff

A couple of bits of info for those of you who are Mike Patton fans.

Tour dates for Peeping Tom’s trip to Australia and New Zealand have been confirmed:

  • 16th June Auckland
  • 19th June Brisbane
  • 21st June Sydney
  • 22nd June Melbourne
  • 24th June Perth

Looks like South Australians (and South Islanders!) miss out again.  One less show for me to go too I suppose.  I like Peeping Tom, but not enough to travel interstate to see them.

For Tomahawk fans, a new and allegedly official Myspace page tells us that the new album “Anonymous”  will be released on the  19th of June.  Last I heard, this new album will contain several re-worked Native American songs.  Here’s the cover art:

New Poll: Favorite Mike Patton Project?

Since rumours of an upcoming Peeping Tom tour are being bandied around at the moment, I thought now might be a good chance to ask – what is your favorite Mike Patton project?

Poll Results: Who would you like to see guesting with Tool?

A pretty popular poll this week, though it may be due to me leaving it up a little longer than normal.  I asked who would you like to see as a guest during a Tool song, and aside from the suggestions I made, you readers suggest many other alternatives, some pretty good I though.  Personally I chose King Buzzo because all the bootlegs I’ve heard with him sound great.  Sometimes I think Tool would be even better with a second guitarist.

It was good to see someone other that I didn’t suggest win (Trent Reznor).  Personally I think he would be a great guest too.  I also reckon Les Claypool would be great fun as well, but I’m not quite sure how it would work in real life.

Anyway, here are the results:

  1. Trent Reznor 153 Votes
  2. Mike Patton 104 Votes
  3. Robert Fripp 63 Votes
  4. Zack De La Rocha 44 Votes
  5. Thom Yorke 40 Votes
  6. Tom Morello 33 Votes
  7. Henry Rollins, Aloke Dutta 32 Votes
  8. Les Claypool 30 Votes
  9. Jesus Christ 27 Votes
  10. Jimmy Page, Cedric from TMV 26 Votes
  11. Billy Howerdel, Tori Amos 24 Votes
  12. Chino Moreno 23 Votes
  13. No One 22 Votes
  14. King Buzzo 21 Votes
  15. Serj from SOAD 19 Votes
  16. Mikael Åkerfeldt from Opeth 16 Votes
  17. Brittney Spears 14 Votes
  18. Thomas Haake 12 Votes
  19. Kirk Hammett, Barry Manilow, Ken Andrews, Karen Matheson, Jonathon Davis, Vinne Paul, John Paul Jones and Shirley Manson all had less than 10 Votes

Of course we know that Jesus Christ plays with Tool every night….


Here are a few Tool and Non-Tool related news items I’ve noticed in the last few days:

  • Apparently Tool are playing on Wednesday, March 21st at the Tucson Convention Center in Tucson.  Thanks to Toolshed.
  • Tool changed their set for the Gold Coast BDO last night, dropping a newer song for an older one.  Thanks Matt!
  • Rage Against The Machine are apparently reforming and playing on the Coachella Music Festival.  This bill also allegedly contains a reformed Crowded House.
  • Peeping Tom are also playing Coachella (unlike the last two these guys ARE confirmed).  They are also planning on touring down under in 2007
  • Never let the truth get in the way of a good story…..

Final details on the Fourtheye Meetup coming out tomorrow.  See you all in a couple of days!

Hellboy’s Best of 2006

I know some people out there are interested in my opinion. If you’re not one of those, stop reading now. You won’t find (much) Tool information in this post.

Since I don’t listen to every single album out there, rather than try and compile a top ten list out of the probably 11 albums I’ve listen to this year, I’m just going to post a few mini-reviews on albums that have caught my attention this year. Here we go:

Tool – 10,000 Days

I’m sure it comes to no ones surprise that 10,000 Days is my favorite album of 2006. I mean it would be kinda pointless to run a Tool website and not love the band. Unlike some people though, I love 10,000 Days, and personally think it’s second only to Lateralus. “Sacrilege” I hear all you Aenima fans yelling, but that’s just how I feel about it. To me 10,000 Days is a consistently good album, which highlights the skill of the individuals within the band, and pretty much met all of the expectations I had about the album during all the hype before it was released.

Peeping Tom – Peeping Tom

After many years of speculation, Mike Patton’s Peeping Tom project finally came to fruition this year. I’ve been a Patton fan since getting into Faith No More in high school, and I have to say that I was somewhat disappointed by the record. I’m unashamedly a fan of heavy music, and I guess the fact that Peeping Tom was largely a hip-hop electronic type record didn’t quite work for me. But maybe not, I actually like the General Patton vs The Executioners album, yet there’s something about Peeping Tom that I just can’t quite get into. In the end, I don’t think it’s a terrible album, but I don’t think it’s an amazing one either.

Mastodon – Blood Mountain

Well this is one of those albums which pretty much everyone seems to be adding to their top 10s this year. Mastodon are a great band, there’s no doubting that they’re a talented bunch of musicians, and Blood Mountain was a great CD. I was a little disappointed though. I really liked Leviathan and Blood Mountain just didn’t quite stack up to it for me.

As Blood Runs Black – Allegiance

I stumbled across these guys on Myspace about a month ago now. I was looking at a so called “Deathcore” band who’s name escapes me at the moment, and came across these guys. After listening to their samples I decided that these guys kicked some serious ass. Nothing really special about this lot, no overly talented musicians, just balls to the wall metal, but not that old school Trivium type crap that seems to be popular these days. Well worth checking out if your tastes venture to the heavier end of the spectrum.

The Melvins – (A) Senile Animal

I never really got into The Melvins until pretty late in the game. I was always conscious that they were around during the 90s (Kurt Cobain didn’t let us forget about them). Their last few albums though have really made me sit up and take notice though, and (A) Senile Animal is pretty much the best of them. Employing the talents of Big Business, the Melvins took the unusual route of having two drummers. This really paid off in my opinion, and created a drum sound not quite like anything else I’ve heard. Here’s hoping for a Melvins tour (with Big Business) down under in 2007.

Isis – In The Absence of Truth

Isis have always been a little meh to me, and In the Absence of Truth seems to continue this downward spiral unfortunately. I much prefer heavy Isis, but this album just seems to soften them up a bit too much for my liking.

Dr Octagon – The Return of Dr. Octagon

Kool Keith is pretty much the best rapper going around these days, and The Return of Dr. Octagon is a great album, though probably not quite as good as the first. It does contain one of my favorite tracks this year with the funky Trees.

Body Count – Murder For Hire

Ah Body Count. No one can deny (not even Doors) that Copkiller is one of the great albums of all time. If you don’t own it or haven’t heard it, do yourself a favor and check it out now. Murder For Hire seems to be by the numbers metal album though. All the humour that made the Copkiller album so great seems to be non existant, and the production values sound like that it was recorded for $100 down at the local University Radio Station. Don’t waste any money on this on, BC is no longer in the house….

The Mars Volta – Amputechture

The Mars Volta seem to spurt out music at a pretty prolific rate. It seems like only the other day I was wondering why the fuck people thought Frances the Mute was any good. The Amputechture cam out, and while it was better, it still leaves me wondering why so many people worship the sun shining out of the TMVs assholes. It’s not a bad album, and a few of the songs have some great moments, but I just don’t have the patience these days to sit through all the drivel to get to the good bits.

Sparta – Threes

Sparta seem to contain all the good bits of At The Drive-In, and I’ve been a fan of theirs for a while. This new album is a little softer than before, but still has the same emo sounds that we all love to hate. I probably haven’t given this enough listens to really comment too much, but it seems quite good to me. I’ve really gotta get 10,000 Days out of the stereo a bit more to give these guys a shot.

So there, we go, that pretty sums up my year in new music listening. Feel free to agree or disagree with what I’ve said here. I value your opinions as much as I hope you value mine. Let me know what you think I’ve missed out on. Don’t both suggesting Thom Yorke though…

Triple J Hottest 100

Triple J are running their annual Hottest 100 again this year, and for the first time in 5 years Tool are eligable.  For those who don’t know what it is, Triple J is an annual online poll in which Triple J listeners vote for their favorite 10 tracks of the year.  Then, normally around Australia Day, Triple J play a countdown of the top 100 tracks.  Voting is open to anyone, just go to the website, pick your tracks and submit.  Jambi, Vicarious and The Pot are the available Tool tracks at the moment, but in theory you could add any track from 10,000 Days to your vote.

After a couple of ideas?  Personally I voted for a few tracks from Tool, Dr. Octagon, Mastodon, Peeping Tom and Tom Waits.  Feel free to let us know what else you have picked.

If you care about these kind of poll, make sure you vote.  Let’s see if we can avoid having some shitty Powderfinger related act or Jet winning this year….

While you’re at the Triple J site, you can also vote on your album of the year.  Unsurprisingly I picked 10,000 Days.  Make your vote count.

Ipecac New Year

Ipecac Recordings posted a message the other day outlining it’s plans for 2007.  Apparently we can expect releases from Tomahawk, The Melvins and Goon Moon (featuring Twiggy Ramierez).  There will also be a couple of DVD’s and “some big surprises”.  It’s also good to see that Unsane have signed up with Ipecac as well.  For those that haven’t heard them, they’re a hard rock band in the vain of Helmet, only heavier.  Well worth checking out.

Check out the Ipecac Website for more details.

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