Momma Sed video

I read this in Maynard‘s Myspace post the other day, but for some reason thought nothing of it.  Thanks to Jake for pointing out to me that the Momma Sed video is now streaming on Myspace.  It seems to be a full version of the Sunglasses ad that we saw a month or so ago.

Momma Sed

AJ Pics

There are plenty of new pics up on Adam’s Myspace page, included many Tool related shots, both live and posing in various places, many of which I haven’t seen before.  Well worth checking out!!

Maynard Jubilee track on Myspace

Blue mailed me this evening to let me know that Jubilee‘s track I Don’t Have An Excuse featuring Maynard is on their Myspace site.

Adam’s Recon Armour

Turns out that that Adam, who loves Halo 3 and GTA4 on his Xbox according to his Myspace, has been blessed with a set of Recon Armour in Halo 3:

For those not familiar with Halo 3, this armour type can only be awared to players by Bungie, the games developers, normally for winning some kind of tournament, or just because they think you’re cool.

Adam’s Doggie

Adam has posted a range of new photo’s on his Myspace page, ranging from puppy pics (an new white Great Dane by the looks of things), GTA4 hilarity and some artwork (from the Lustmord release?).  Check them out!

Adams Great Dane
Adam's Great Dane

Lustmord – Other

According to a resent image posted on Adam‘s Myspace site, the latest Lustmord album was released on the 22nd of July (thanks UncleJackson), and features artwork by A. Jones, presumably Adam.

Lustmord - Other

Adam Jones Sculptures

jun2san tells us that Adam Jones has updated his Myspace page, with number of pictures of art he has done in the past, including some that seem to date back to college. He also adds the note:

FYI fellow surfers
___________________________ _ _ _
more added photos for my friends
cause i really do
love you
___________________________ _ _ _
fear nothing

Go to the Pics section to view them all.

Puscifer News

Received today via the Puscifer Mailing List:

News from the world of Puscifer…

New music is in the works, Maynard talking about where the collective is in the process:

“We’re starting to pull together some new pieces. Josh Eustis,  Lustmord, our visiting Irish Bass Player, Tanya  and I are indulging in some new ideas, old ideas, recipes, bad jokes, and the occasional 2 on 2 ball game. Not much to report quite yet, but soon.”

A behind the scenes clip from the making of the DoZo video:

Two of the latest items added to the Puscifer store (to see more click here):

* Pimp Puppy squeaky toy

* Striped Puscifer/Buzzsaw L.A. Tote Bag/Shoulder Purse. embroidered with a big white Puffy Puscifer.

Lastly, a new newsletter format including answers to your questions coming next issue along with a Puscifer widget.  If you have questions for anyone involved in Puscifer send to

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Available releases from Puscifer:

*  DoZo DVD – The continuing saga of Queen B

*  12″ vinyl  2 LP set. Double gate fold art on which to sort your shake. Contains 2 unreleased tracks.

* Remixes from Paul Barker, Danny Lohner, Dave “Rave” Ogilvie, Josh Eustis, Lustmord, Mat Mitchell, Richard Devine, Joey Jordison, Michael Patterson, Contradicktator, Aaron Turner, and 8mm.

* Limited edition cd single. Includes a super secret bonus track.

* The original release includes “Queen B,” “DoZo” and “Momma Sed.”

* Queen B in the hizzy. This DVD single includes bonus items as well as launching the video story of the Queen herself.

June 2008 Newsletter

As promised, Blair released the June 2008 newsletter, and this time it contains some “details” of what’s up in the Tool world. Head over to Toolband/Army to read it, but here’s my summary.

Adam is:

  • working on some undisclosed entertainment industry related project? Guitar Hero perhaps?
  • also involved in the construction of some future band-related endeavor. Building a recording studio perhaps?
  • Spending time playing Halo 3 and watching Baseball games with Buzz

Danny is:

  • spending lots of time in his loft studio gearing up for some music-related enterprise. Writing new material? Pigmy Love Circus record?
  • performing with Volto!
  • writing a book with Blair
  • other stuff including driving his lamborghini, painting his house, etc.

Justin is:

  • building a new house
  • working on new Tool riffs
  • possibly working on another musical project
  • revamping Lobal Orning at some point

Maynard is:

  • working on wine and Puscifer as outlined on his Myspace site
  • hopefully looking after his vocal chords

Tool are:

  • working to complete a couple of new projects
  • one of these is very close to becoming a reality

So there you have it. No detail really, but we didn’t expect that.

Wings Anniversary & and message from Maynard

Posted recently on Toolband/Army and Maynard’s Myspace site:

“Today Marks the 5 year anniversary of Judith Marie’s surrender to a 29
year struggle against time and gravity. Take a moment to count your
blessings. Remind yourself that life is short. (In Judith’s case, long
and painful.) Take a deep breath and allow the petty stuff to
disintegrate into dust and blow away. It’s all gonna work out. Judith’s
last wishes were that her final resting place be near me. So I brought
her ashes to my home in Arizona and spread her across the South East
facing slope so every morning she could watch the sunrise with me. Like
the Phoenix rising from the ashes, her new wings are these estate
vines. And like her, these vines are tenacious, vigorous, stubborn, and
the fruit is sexy and complex. I’m going to name this wine “Nagual del
Judith, Judith’s Cabernet Sauvignon.” Now she gets finally to travel
around the world, meet new and interesting people, and be around lots
and lots of great food. Pure Heaven.” – MJK

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