Puscifer Update

According to a recent post on Maynard‘s Myspace site, the Queen B DVD will be available on Tuesday, and is a limited edition so don’t delay in ordering it (presumably from the Puscifer website?).  No word as to what’s on the DVD apart from the Queen B video, but it’s safe to say there’s probably no live Tool tracks.  Meats Meier is continuing work on the Dozo video, and according to the post is coming along well.  Also mentioned is that Lustmord is working on some Dub remixes that will probably be released on Vinyl and/or on iTunes.  Finally there are a couple more unreleased tracks being completed, and these are expected to appear on the V is for Vagina vinyl release.

Cuntry Boner #1 Dance Single?

According to Maynard‘s Myspace Blog:

Get this. Are you sitting down? Not sure how this happened, but I’m not complaining. Cuntry Boner just showed up at number 1 on the Billboard Dance Singles Chart and number 10 on the Billboard Singles Chart. Not kidding. Almost as funny as Jethro Tull winning a Grammy for Best METAL Performance. Hopefully it won’t go down. El Oh El.

Ashes Divide released in March 08

Blabbermouth reports that Billy Howerdel, guitar player for A Perfect Circle will be releasing his solo project Ashes Divide in March 2008.  The album will be release on the Island Records label.  According to the post Howerdel played all parts on the record except for the drums which were done by Josh Freese.

The first track Enemies can be heard on the Myspace site.  Sounds like APC minus Maynard to me…

Puscifer Updates

Maynard posted a Puscifer Update on his Myspace site today.  Not much we don’t already know, but here’s the list:

  • Meats Meier is doing a Dozo video
  • A Queen B DVD is in production
  • There’s a Suicide Girls interview available
  • There will be interviews and/or reviews in the December issues of Spin and Rolling Stone
  • V is for Vagina will be available in vinyl, possibly as soon as 6 weeks.

From Maynard’s Blog

From Maynard‘s Myspace page:

Good news

1 on the Billboard INDIE chart.
25 on the Billboard top 200

No Major label budget.
No Major label $300,000 Bus bench/poster/billboard marketing campaign.
No overpriced full page ad in every silly magazine ever printed
No Promotions Dept Payola hand jobs.
No shove it down your throat anything.

just 100% street level, viral, word of mouth support.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

By the way… Some Friends of mine in the Garment industry sent out a flyer advertising the release. They received dozens of Complaints from Mothers who were offended by the word Vagina. Ironic, isn’t it? Without a vagina they wouldn’t BE mothers.

Currently listening :
Songs About Fucking
By Big Black
Release date: By 28 October, 1992

Congratulations to Maynard and his promo team for their success.

Great album he’s listening to by the way…


I’ve been back up in Queensland this week, so things have been a little slow on updates for Fourtheye. Things should return to normal next week. Here’s a couple of items that have come across my desk:

For those that have missed the various comments, there is an interview of Maynard done by Patton Oswalt. Check it out here.

Ryan tells me that he’s selling his Signed Lateralus Vinyl on eBay. Bids started at $0 so it’s quite cheap at the moment. Don’t expect it to remain that way though!!  EDIT: Link has been changed to a relisted auction!

Finally, Blair has posted on Toolband/Army about the recently discovered Salival Vinyl. He assures us it is a bootleg and in now way officially sanctioned by the band. Buyers beware! He also mentions that there are no plans for 10,000 Days vinyl, but if and when he hears there there are, he will post it.

Adam’s Myspace

It looks like Adam has updated some stuff on his Myspace site.  Nothing too exciting, just a couple of pics of his work.  He also apparently had this to say:

Hello Friends
____________________________________ _ _ _
I get lots of messages asking me to please update my page content.
I have been super busy lately – touring, dealing with fires(*future Blog), fighting the good fight and fearing nothing.
But right now – I am finishing our epic Vicarious video here in Santa Monica ca.
(FYI) It should be in the stores on DVD december 18th.
i put a few photos up for now of some older fx artwork in my ‘ART’ folder under Pics.
And i will try to add more sooner than soon.
____________________________________ _ _ _
thanx for all the support
Big love

Thanks to j0hnygu3st on Toolarmy for the tip.

Second Puscifer Video

In order to prove that it doesn’t neccessarily take two years to create a music video, Meats Meier‘s Myspace page is reporting that he’s working on a second Puscifer video.  He describes it by saying ‘ This one is going to be extra challenging for me, but a lot of fun!’.  Thanks to mrmanback for the tip.

Thanks to badkittygothgirl for posting the link to this picture.

Video 2

US Open Acts?

I’m asked pretty frequently if I know who the opening act for the coming US tour is.  The straight answer is that I don’t know, as far as I’m aware there hasn’t been official confirmation of any support act(s) as yet.

However, in the last couple of days there have been a few rumours lying around.  The first was that Serj Tankian from System of a Down would play a few shows with them.  For those who don’t remember, Serj joined Tool on stage in January at the Big Day Out show in Auckland.  He’s also just released his solo album Elect the Dead.  Based on his current activity, I’d say this rumour has some strength to it.

The other rumour flying around at the moment is that experimental rock band Trans Am will be supporting, and according  to the Casper Events Center website they’re booked in to support Tool for at least the show on the 23rd of November.  I haven’t heard much from these guys, but after checking out their Myspace site, it would appear they’re not to far removed from the band Battles.

Myspace Puscifer Update

Maynard gave us a Puscifer update on his Myspace site today:

Tim Alexander and I just did an interview with Bodhi from XM. We took him bowling. The prick got 5 strikes in a row and made us all look pretty impotent. “Seriously! I’ve never bowled in my life. Honest guys!” Hopefully his battered corpse will never be found. No body, no murder.
We’ve listed several of the stores across the country that are having midnight sales here…
Some are offering bonus items for the first several people in line. Not sure which yet, but we’ll list them when we know. Or you can pre-order on or at in the “Eyes and Ears” section.

Not long now…

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