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Paul D’Amour joins Ministry

Former Tool bass player Paul D’Amour has been announced as the new bass player for Industrial metal stalwarts Ministry. He’ll be joining them on their tour next month, and has also apparently joined them in the studio.

Al Jourgensen also tells an amusing anecdote related to Tool:

“I used to live with Timothy Leary, and he had given me these bottles of liquid LSD to bring on tour,” Jourgensen recalled. “I’d put two drops in my bottle of whiskey that I’d bring onstage. I’d drink about half the bottle during a show. So we were on Lollapalooza in ’92, I think it was San Francisco, and when we came offstage there were these two guys who were like, ‘Great show, dude!’ So I gave them my bottle of Bushmills, but I forgot that I had put LSD in it. So they drank it and they were tripping balls for, like, two or three days. They didn’t know what was going on and they were freaking out. They were ready to call suicidal hotlines. It turned out to be Paul and Maynard from Tool! … But he actually thanked me for that moment because he said it really got Tool going into being a psychedelic band.”

Ministry are best know for their iconic 90s albums such as Psalm 69 and The Mind is the Terrible Thing to Taste

Paul D’Amour speaks to Bass Player Magazine

Paul D’Amour speaks in the latest issue of Bass Player magazine, mostly discussing his work with Lesser Key, however he does touch on his time with Tool and his reasons for leaving:

How did your time in Tool affect you as a musician?
That experience changed my DNA. To go from 0 to 100 miles an hour in the span of a year was incredible. All of a sudden, we were playing in front of huge crowds, and we had a ton of success. It gave me a lot of confidence to do anything I wanted to.

Do you have any regrets about leaving Tool?
I wish it had been a better vehicle for me to create in, but it just wasn’t. Their creative process is excruciating and tedious, and I guess I never felt the desire to play a riff 500 times before I can confirm that it’s good; that’s why it takes them eight years to write an album. I always wanted to do other things, and it felt like I was too much in a box with that band. They’re set up where the bass player does the bass part and the guitar player does the guitar part and so on. I couldn’t be stuck in that paradigm—it’s too stifling. I’m not just a bass player; I’m a creator, I wanted to have a bigger role, and it just wasn’t happening in that situation. In the end, I knew leaving was the right decision.

Go and buy a copy if you want to read the whole thing! Thanks to coreyisonreddit for the tip!

Paul releases Lesser Key

Former Tool bass player Paul D’Amour released his the first album from his band Lesser Key on April 1 on Sumerian Records. You can stream the whole album officially via Youtube, and if and when you’re ready, buy the thing via Amazon.

“Freedom is a double-edged sword…we are inspired to create from the ugly as well as the beautiful.” The Los Angeles based rock group, LESSER KEY represents an exploration into personal and artistic freedom. The group consists of Andrew Zamudio, Brett Fanger, Justin Hanson and Paul D’Amour (founding Tool bassist)

For the video of their debut single, “Intercession,” the band collaborated with director Brian Butler who they first met at his performance of “The Bartzabel Working” (Butler, Kenneth Anger and James Franco’s adaptation of an Aleister Crowley ritual)

The group recently finished their debut EP with producer Sylvia Massy (System of a Down, Tool, Johnny Cash) seeing a street date on April 1st 2014 through Sumerian Records.

Sumerian Founder Ash Avildsen states:
“Lesser Key’s songwriting and passion for their craft immediately mesmerized me upon discovering them. Rock music needs a band like this right now: a hypnotic candle amidst neon lights.”

“It is exciting working with a label like Sumerian because they are willing to try new things. Most of the bands they choose to work with usually have a different flavor or progressive element to them that’s not typical of other bands. We are excited to add to the diversity of the roster with our artistry and music.”

Official Merch:

Here’s the track Intercession:

Paul D’Amour Custom Bass on Ebay

Sam messaged me this morning to let me know about this new Ebay item: a custom Ibanez Bass used by former Tool man Paul D’Amour. According to the description:

Designed per Paul’s specifications in the Ibanez custom shop.
Silver w/mirror pick guard, Maple neck, Badass bridge and humbucking pick-ups. (Body was damaged in the heat of battle but solidly repaired)

Auction includes case.

Was played on stage during some of Paul’s final shows with the band.
(can be signed by Paul on request)

It’s a nice looking bass, and the price is US$3,750.

Feersum Ennjin’s “The Fourth” featuring Danny

The new track by Feersum Ennjin called The Fourth have been released.  This track features Danny recording with former Tool bass played Paul D’Amour for the first time since Undertow.  Thanks to Revolver the track can now be previewed!

What do you guys think?  The new album can be pre-ordered on Amazon.

Danny records with Feersum Ennjin

Looks like in between playing with King Crimson, Volto! and writing Tool songs, Danny has found time to record a track with Feersum Ennjin called The Fourth.  Here’s the story from Facebook:

We’re moving the release date of "Feersum Ennjin" back to Nov. 22 so we can include a new song, "The Fourth." "The Fourth" was recorded very recently and reunited Paul with his former band mate, Danny Carey, for the first time since 1995’s Aenima.

Should be an interesting album, and I’ll definitely be giving it a listen!

Maynard & Paul Revolver Double Tag Team

In a Revolver double header today, we have news from both Maynard and former Tool bass player Paul D’Amour.

Firstly, Maynard talks briefly about the release of the new Puscifer album Conditions of My Parole (which should be out now!).  When asked about Tool he mentioned:

How many times a day does someone ask you about a new Tool record?
At least 20… Wait, what time is it? 22. Twenty-two times. For most people, where I started was there. Most people assume the success of anything I do is based on Tool, when they don’t realize that I was successful at things long before Tool. Tool didn’t get me in Westpoint, Tool didn’t get me distinguished graduate from basic training, Tool didn’t get me on the student council, and Tool didn’t get me my 12 varsity letters. But the public eye assumes that’s the thing I should be doing. I just hold my tongue and do what I do.

Read into that what you will (and I know you will!)…

Paul’s news involves a new track from his band Feersum Ennjin.  Keeping on the Tool theme:

For people who don’t know, why did you quit Tool in 1995?
Well…hmm, I guess sometimes things just run their course. New steel must be forged and battles fought.

Do you ever regret the decision?
I like to try and live in this moment, not in the past. However, I definitely miss that feeling when the power of those four people playing together was at its peak. There were some amazing moments when things were razor sharp and that wall of sound took over.

Here’s the song Fishing Ground for your listening pleasure:

APC, Feersum Ennjin, Puscifer EP

According to a post by wookubus from somewhere (presumably Toolarmy?):

Maynard James Keenan of Tool/Puscifer fame has been hinting in recent interviews that A Perfect Circle may reconvene next year to work on new material and presumably tour in support of it.

Not sure what to think of that.  Personally I’ll believe a significant APC reunion when I see it…

Christophe emailed me to mention that there are several Paul D’Amour bits and pieces floating around on the web these days.  Myspace has some unreleased Feersum Ennjin stuff there, and here’s a few Youtube links:

Finally, according to a recent Tweet from Maynard, Puscifer will be releasing an EP in early November.

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