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Poll Results: If Tool’s new album released was the same as the last NIN album, which version would you purchase?

Last month some time, I asked in light of the recent Nine Inch Nails release, what level of purchase would you use on the next Tool CD?

The results were pretty close, with the majority of people indicating they’d purchase the $300 exclusive version, and the $75 enhanced and $10 CD versions not far behind.

Somewhat surprising (to me) was the fact that only a few people indicated they’d purchase a digital only copy.  I guess this is because Tool are well know for their fancy artwork, and hence physical copies of the album would have great appeal. Personally, if Tool didn’t provide the same level of artwork on their next CD as they have on the last few, I’d purchase the digital only copy.

In regards to the NIN release model, while overall I think it’s a good model, the one package I question is the $75 enhanced edition.  To me, the extras don’t really add up to an extra $65 over the ‘normal’ version.  However, I expect this would be the copy that NIN would make the most profit from.

But one thing came to mind when I read of NIN’s release model, and that was that I actually hold little attachment to my actual CD collection.  I’ve argued with some people on various forums that I no longer feel the need to purchase CD’s, and that I’d rather purchase things digitally.  This is especially true of albums that have “standard” artwork.  While I can appreciate the work on the Aenima, Lateralus and 10,000 Days releases, what benefit is there of actually owning the Undertow CD?

Further to that, I somewhat came to the conclusion that to me, CD’s are almost dead as a release format.  In fact I’d rather own a copy of albums on vinyl, where the artwork can generaly be much better appreciated.  If Adam & the rest of Tool were to dedicate their artistic efforts towards a vinyl sized sleeve/box, I believe they could release some awesome shit.  Imagine 10,000 Days with much larger stereoscopic images.

Maybe they could go further than that.  Perhaps they could do away with releasing the music in a physical format at all, and just sell the accompanying artwork.  Lateralus or Aenima as a hardback edition for you coffee table perhaps?  Included with purchase are the rights to download FLAC encoded tracks?

I may never purchase another CD again.  To be honest the number of times I’ve listened to a CD in some kind of CD player in the last 5 years I could count on one hand.  From this point forward I’m committed to purchasing digital only copies of recordings, and only investing in physical copies where the artwork dictates.

Let me know what you all think…

New Poll: If Tool’s new album released was the same as the last NIN album, which version would you purchase?

In light of Nine Inch Nails recent release Ghosts, this time I ask if Tool release their next album using the same model, which version would you purchase.

For those who don’t know, the options are:

  1. Free download of part of the album
  2. $5 for a digital only copy of the entire album
  3. $10 for the standard CD
  4. $75 deluxe edition featuring a Blu-Ray disc with extras
  5. $300 Ultra-Deluxe edition, numbered and signed vinyl limited to 2500

Poll Results: What is your favorite Tool album?

The last poll asked what is you favorite Tool album? This time, rather than asking about all those decoy albums such as Lateralus and 10,000 Days, I decided to ask you about the real thing!

Turns out Bethlehem Abortion Clinic has a place in many of your hearts, while many fans wish they could have been holidaying in Greece when the Live! at the Acropolis show was recorded.

  1. Bethlehem Abortion Clinic 63 Votes
  2. Just Up That Dirt Road: Tool Live! at the Acropolis 41 Votes
  3. The Other White Meat 23 Votes
  4. Crapsteaks Smothered in Dictators 19 Votes
  5. Spring Boner 19 Votes
  6. The Christmas Album 17 Votes
  7. I Smell Urine 16 Votes
  8. Gay Rodeo 16 Votes
  9. Iced Pee 14 Votes
  10. Three Fat Brown Fingers 13 Votes
  11. Two Wieners for Daddy 12 Votes
  12. Tetanus for Breakfast 9 Votes
  13. Brown Magic and Big Appetites: Music from the Movie Soundtrack Jelly Donut 6 Votes
  14. Nurse Ketimella’s Kit’chen 5 Votes
  15. Mungey the Clown 2 Votes
  16. Bad Breath 1 Vote

New Poll: What is your favorite Tool album?

This week I ask the question to end all questions – what is your favorite Tool album?

Poll Results: Which Tool album has the best sound?

The last poll asked which Tool album you think has the best sound. Not surprisingly Lateralus took the winners place, with 10,000 Days running a distant second. Unsurprisingly, not a single person selected Opiate!

Personally, I think 10,000 Days has a much better sound that Lateralus, which I feel is sometimes a little to clean and crisp. Personally I prefer the dirtier sounds of 10,000 Days and Aenima to Lateralus, though I’d happily pick Lateralus to be the best Tool album overall.

Here are the results:

  1. Lateralus 234 Votes
  2. 10,000 Days 120 Votes
  3. Aenima 77 Votes
  4. Undertow 15 Votes
  5. Optiate 0 Votes

Update: By the way, this was the 1000th post.  Congrats to me!

New Poll: Which Tool album has the best sound?

This weeks poll asks which Tool album do you think sounds the best? Don’t just pick your favorite album, think about the sound let us know which Tool album tingles your ear drums…

Poll Results: Who are you most excited about seeing at the Big Day Out?

Last week I asked who, apart from RATM are you looking forward to seeing the most at the 2008 Big Day Out.  I was a little surprised to see Bjork on top of that list.  I’m looking forward to seeing her, but picked Battles as my #1 choice.

Some other silly people voted for Silverchair.  To see how far they’ve fallen 9though personally I don’t really think they ever got up in the first place) check out this video.

Personally I’m planning on checking out Anti-Flag, Regurgitator, Enter Shikari (I forgot to stick them on the poll!), Battles, Grinspoon, maybe The Nightwatchmen, Karnivool (who I also forgot to put on the list) and/or UNKLE, Bjork and Rage Against the Machine.  I’ll be going to the Adelaide BDO this Friday, any Fourtheye readers going that want to have a beer can feel free to contact me and we’ll see what we can do.

A whole heap of you said you’d only turn up 5 minutes before Rage Against the Machine.  While I don’t deny that’s a reflection of the quality of the bands selected for this years BDO, I’m very much of the attitude that you shouldn’t write off any band until you’ve heard them live.  I think it’s kinda sad that people would buy tickets to a festival and then not go and check out other acts.  Sometimes the biggest surprises come from bands you’ve never heard of, or never given a chance.  This has happened to me more times than I can remember.

Anyway, enough ranting, here’s the list!

  1. I plan to rock up 5 minutes before RATM go on…. 56 Votes
  2. Bjork 46 Votes
  3. Silverchair 30 Votes
  4. Battles 23 Votes
  5. The Arcade Fire 18 Votes
  6. UNKLE 14 Votes
  7. The Nightwatchmen 12 Votes
  8. Grinspoon 3 Votes
  9. Carl Cox, Spoon, Anti-Flag and Regurgitator 2 Votes
  10. Billy Bragg 0 Votes!

New Poll: Who are you most excited about seeing at the Big Day Out?

The next Poll is about who you’re looking forward to seeing at the Big Day Out. For the purposes of this poll I’ve removed Rage Against The Machine, since I expect them to be the highlight for most Fourtheye readers in attendance, and therfore would dominate this poll.

Not going to the Big Day Out? No problems, just vote for the band you like the most from the list.

Edit: Don’t vote for Silverchair – they suck!

Poll Results: How do you rate the Vicarious video?

It’s been almost a month since I started this poll, so I guess a change is in order! Anyway, it appears there are quite mixed feelings about the Vicarious video. Lots of you think it’s the best, or better than most, but there’s also a quite large amount that consider it to be worst than most.

Personally, i like the video, though it doesn’t rank above Parabola or Aenima, both of which I consider to be my favorites. If I had to pick a favorite video, I’d have to say Parabola. I love the Parabol section more than the rest, but the CGI at the end is really cool. Jello Biafra‘s commentry also crack me up every time….

  1. Better than most 264 votes
  2. The best yet 113 votes
  3. Worse than most 112 votes
  4. Haven’t watched it 69 votes
  5. CGI sucks 30 votes
  6. The worst 27 votes

Fourtheye Survey

Happy New Year everyone!

The 2007 Fourtheye Survey I promised is now up. It should take you around 5 minutes and asks a range of questions. The survey covers a range of areas, from Tool, Fourtheye, as well as some of you own tastes and habits.

No information that can be used to identify you is kept, nor will the results be shared with any kind of corporate scumbags unless the cheque has at least 6 zeros to the left of the decimal point.

The Survey will close in about 2 weeks (I’ll give you some warning) and then shortly after that I’ll begin posting some of the more interesting results.  If you have any other questions of feedback on the survey, let me know…

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